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A Workshop For Laurel Highlands Council.  Welcome  Recharter terminology  Key points for 2012-13  Unit Recharter Plan  Using Internet Rechartering.

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1 A Workshop For Laurel Highlands Council

2  Welcome  Recharter terminology  Key points for 2012-13  Unit Recharter Plan  Using Internet Rechartering to update your unit roster  Wrap-up

3 Thank you for being here!

4 Let’s be sure we’re all on the same page for some terms we will use to talk about recharter

5 To save time, we will use the following terms without further explanation:  UNIT – a Pack, Troop, Team, or Crew  CHARTERED ORGANIZATION – organization desiring use BSA programs to serve youth  CHARTER AGREEMENT – agreement between BSA and a chartered organization that allows it to use a BSA program  UNIT LEADER – top direct contact leader – Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, Advisor, Skipper

6  Issued by BSA after a charter agreement is executed with a chartered organization  Creates one unit using a specific BSA program (e.g., a Cub Scout pack) owned by the chartered organization  Renewal process at the end of the initial term is called “recharter”

7 Important things everyone – first timer or Baden-Powell’s first cousin – needs to know

8  Applications  Deadlines  Fees  Recharter Requirements  Youth Member Requirements  Adult Leader Requirements  Adult Training Requirement  Internet Rechartering  Social Security Number entry  Paperwork requirements  Journey to Excellence

9  Missing or incorrect applications were a top cause for rejected recharters in 2011-12  If a youth or adult is not listed on the current unit roster, an original application MUST be on file to add him/her at recharter ◦ Hint: use Internet Advancement to obtain current roster  All blanks on the application must be filled in  All signatures must be in ink – no photocopies!  Adult applications must include criminal background authorization form and proof of YPT completed within last 24 months of application effective date (supply photocopy of training card)

10  Last year, about 25% of all recharters were late!  Late recharters waste a lot of volunteer time and staff time that cannot be used to provide Scouting program to youth.  All recharters are due by the 15 th of the month during which they expire Set a good example to your unit’s youth! If adults don’t respect rules, what message does that send to our youth?

11  BSA membership fee remains at $15 in 2012-13 ◦ No BSA membership fee charged for Executive Officer / Institution Head, Tiger Cub Adult Partner and ScoutParent unless also registered in another position  Boys Life does not change  The Laurel Highlands Council charges $1 per CS and $1.50 for BS and Venturers to defray cost of accident insurance ◦ Charged once per person, regardless of number of registered positions ◦ Not charged to Exec. Officer and ScoutParents unless registered in another position in the unit ◦ Not charged to LDS unit because the Church self-insures  Unit Charter Fee is $40 for each unit

12 In order to recharter, a unit must have:  A chartered organization  An active Scouting program  At least minimum number of adult leaders  At least minimum number of youth members If any requirement is not met, you must fix it before the unit can be rechartered.

13  A unit must have at least five youth members ◦ Exception: LDS units must have at least three youth members  At least two youth members must pay BSA registration fees in the unit (“primary” members”)  Approval of the Scout Executive is required- ◦ If the unit has fewer than 5 youth members ◦ If the unit has more than 100 youth members ◦ If the unit has fewer than 5 “primary” youth members  To avoid approval delays, we recommend that all units have at least 5 “primary” youth members

14  Every unit must have ◦ 1 Executive Officer (C.O. head) ◦ 1 Chartered Organization Representative ◦ 1 Committee Chair ◦ 2 or more Committee Members at least 21 years of age ◦ 1 unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc.)  Every Cub Scout pack must have at least one Den Leader (DL, TL, or WL)

15  The above requirements are absolute minimums. Units should strive to have as many leaders as possible to share the work of running the unit.  Units should have assistant leaders for unit leader and all Den Leaders to strengthen “two- deep” leadership and to allow activities to proceed if the leader is unavailable.  All unit leaders and assistants and Den Leaders and assistants should be trained for their positions within 6 months to help them deliver the best possible program to the youth.

16  Generally, an adult can hold only one registered leader position in each unit ◦ Example: a Cubmaster cannot be a Den Leader ◦ Example: a Comm. Member cannot be a Den Leader  These are the only exceptions: ◦ Exec. Officer also can be Chartered Org. Rep., AND either Comm. Chair or Comm. Member AND ScoutParent Unit Coordinator ◦ Chartered Org. Rep. also can be either Comm. Chair or Comm. Member AND ScoutParent Unit Coordinator ◦ Comm. Chair OR Comm. Member also can be ScoutParent Unit Coordinator  Remember, MORE LEADERS involved means less work for each leader – try to have one person for each position!

17  Keep these rules in mind and DON’T LET INTERNET RECHARTERING CONFUSE YOU  I. R. allows six positions for adults! Why? ◦ Exec. Officer could have four registered positions – EO, COR, CC (or CM), and SPC ◦ I.R. also includes two non-registered positions – Tiger Cub Adult Partner and ScoutParent – in its position list ◦ So, an Exec. Officer could have six positions in I.R.  During validation in Stages 2 and 3, I.R. will show errors if you register an adult in too many positions

18  Every adult leader must have completed Youth Protection Training within 2 years prior to the effective date of the new charter ◦ Effective date is the day after the current charter expires in most cases ◦ All new applicants must complete YPT within 30 days after application is turned in ◦ YPT must be appropriate for the Scouting program  For renewing members, check MyScouting’s “Training Validation” for each member

19  Use MyScouting’s Training Validation to check any adult’s YPT training date  Internet Rechartering now shows YPT status of all adults currently on the roster

20  When updating adult members record, please ensure that all have valid e-mail addresses

21  Each adult must provide a Social Security #; used for criminal background check  Unit cannot enter SSNs or keep copy of “Local Council Copy” that shows SSN  Council staff must enter SSN from application

22 The following paperwork is required when turning in your recharter:  Updated recharter roster signed by chartered organization executive officer and unit leader ◦ TURN IN ALL PAGES PRINTED OUT BY INTERNET RECHARTERING! ◦ COMPLETE OVERFLOW PAGES ONLY FOR MANUAL RECHARTER  Completed applications for all youth and adults added to the roster  Accident Insurance Information Form  Payment payable to LHC-BSA

23  Replaces Centennial Quality Award  Requirements are evaluated based on the unit’s recharter date  Unit can qualify at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels by meeting established goals  One form to turn in at recharter time instead of two used in CQU  Form available in recharter packet or at

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