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To find your assignments, your homework, and your needed supplies quickly and easily. To make sure you are well prepared for all of your classes. So that your important assignments and homework do not get lost or damaged.

3 What is a Binder Check? The weekly binder check includes three main components: 1. Binder Contents 2. Falcon Planner (ECHO Method) 3. Backpack and Binder

4 BINDER CONTENTS… 3 ring binder Zipper pouch Two or more pencils
Two or more pens scissors Colored pencils/markers Glue stick Highlighter Falcon planner Loose-leaf paper (about 25 sheets) A minimum of six labeled tab subject dividers Silent reading book

5 The ECHO Method…

6 Enter It Enter the assignment in the planner.
Be certain to include the details and the due date. Write none if there is nothing due in that class for the day Take your time and do it right!

7 Check it off Check it off in the planner when you finish it.
Put it in the correct section of your binder inside the three rings

8 Highlight Highlight the assignment in your planner when it has been checked/turned in

9 Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah, celebrate your success!

10 BACKPACK AND BINDER 8/8 =they are organized, in good condition, and free of any loose papers/supplies (a random person could go into their backpack/binder and find something right away!) 6/8=they are somewhat organized, there maybe a few things hanging around in the bottom of the backpack or papers not in the three ring of the binder 3/8= they are not organized, there are papers/supplies scattered all over the place (it looked like a bomb went off in there)

11 Organization is one of the most important parts of AVID
***Organization is one of the most important parts of AVID. We wanted to share this with you because we feel that everyone can benefit from having an organized binder!


13 What is a Goal? A goal is a specific, desired, attainable, and measurable accomplishment for which effort is made in order to achieve.

14 Why is it Important to set Goals?
Goals can provide a roadmap to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Goals can help you focus on what is important. Goals can be a source of motivation to work harder.

15 GPA Goal- Plan- Action- What you plan to accomplish
Something significant and ambitious Plan- The path you will take to reach your goal Must include specific details Action- The outline of the actual steps that you will take to make your plan a reality

16 Types of Goals Short-Range Mid-Range Long-Range
Accomplish in day, week, month Mid-Range Accomplish in approximately 1-6 months Long-Range Accomplish over the course of 6 months and beyond!

17 Examples of short-range goals
I will get at least a “B” on my Social Studies Ch. 3 Test next week. I will get an “A” on my On-demand Narrative test. I will get 30/30 points on my Binder Check this week.

18 Examples of mid-range goals
I will get at least a “B” in math this trimester. I will do at least 7 hours of Community Service. I will improve my batting average in baseball. I will get at least a 85% in my Pre-Algebra class.

19 Examples of long-range goals
I will get into University of _______. I will be a drummer in a successful band. I will make enough money to live a comfortable, affluent life. I will make my high school ________ team. I will get a 3.0 GPA by the end of 2nd Trimester. I will get a well-paying job. I will have 3 A’s on my next report card.

20 THANK YOU! We really appreciate you all listening to our presentation!
We will be leaving copies of the Binder Check Form and Goal Setting Outline with your teacher to use. Thank you! 


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