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Self-directed Support- the National Picture Dee Fraser Providers & Personalisation.

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1 Self-directed Support- the National Picture Dee Fraser Providers & Personalisation

2 Today…

3 Legislation The Social Care (Self- directed Support) (Scotland) Act, 2013 The Self-directed Support (Direct Payments) Regulations, 2013 Statutory guidance for the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act Best practice guides The SDS Act and regulations (what must be done) The Statutory guidance (how it is to be done) Best practice guides (ideas/approaches to getting it done)

4 Commencement 1 st April 2014 for people new to social work People already in the system- when a package is reviewed

5 Update- Regulations Individuals to employ a family member to provide support Residential Care: Only group now ineligible to receive Direct Payments (DP) Residential Care pilots Professional discretion (risk to the person/previously terminated DP)

6 Guidance and guides 2014 Statutory guidance Practitioner guide (social workers/ social work managers) User guide (people who use/will use support) Carer guide (unpaid carers) 2015 Provider guide voluntary and private sector providers

7 Further guidance?? “Try it out” vs. “just tell me what to do” What do you think is needed? Propose Guardianship Operation of Option 2 Children and Families

8 Other opportunities SDS Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill National Care Standards Review Human Rights Approaches Case law?

9 Local Authorities Very patchy Other priorities e.g. Health and Social Care Integration Commissioning and procurement Option 2 Risk sharing Co-production

10 Providers Mixed Waiting for the LA to decide Option 2! Hourly rates Workforce worries Business uncertainty Principles and values Good driver for change

11 What’s the key? E + P = C Expertise Partnership Creation Bring what we know and the best we have to offer Working together as equals, celebrating each other’s expertise With the objective of producing something By Augusto D. Mello in partnership with Look Ahead Housing and Care

12 Real personalisation It is the way we work when we work best… Expect complexity- resist standardisation Experiment: try something! Remember there is never going to be ‘one way’ to do SDS

13 Thankyou!

14 Image and quote credits Provider/LA staff mind map Wordle : the larger the word the more time participants cited it. Augusto D Mello Co-production Equation from a presentation by Andrew van Doorn (HACT) 2014 New Life From A Seed © 2013 No Place Like Home/Housing Support Enabling Unit Providers sign the Act © 2013 Matt Gregorig Photography/P&P Starbucks personalisation- P&P Choice advert ©2007 Private Eye All other images iStockphoto

15 P&P is a four year policy and practice change programme supporting providers to prepare for, and showcase good practice in the journey to Self- directed Support. Policy-Information-Events-Practice Exchange-Facilitation- Personalisation leads- Change projects- Action Learning- Research- Capacity building Contact us @PPProgramme Dee Fraser, Programme Manager Catherine Garrod, Programme Officer Kenny Pentland, Programme Officer

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