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3 GUEST SPEAKER – TITLE IX AND VAWA Maria Beckman - Director EO/AA

4 RECORDS – OPS HIRES AND TERMINATIONS Abbee Camen – Records Manager

5 Did You Know? Currently, UCF has 10,959 employees on payroll. 6,206 (approximately 57%) are OPS employees. OPS employees make up a significant portion of our workforce at UCF.

6 Late Hire Statistics Late OPS HiresLate Line HiresTotal Hire ePAFs 08/16/13-01/16/14701205069 13.83%.39% 01/17/14-06/19/1430563003 10.16%.20% Represents Data Collected from 08/16/2013-06/19/2014

7 Potential Fines and Penalties Per ICE’s (Immigration and Custom Reform) website,, if a company has between 10-19% I-9 errors, they will be charged $275 per error. As the percentage of I-9 errors go up, so does the amount per error. If we continue with the number of late hires, within 5 years, the amount that we could owe to ICE would be OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

8 Justification Form for Late Hires Effective 10/15/2014, any Hire ePAFs that are submitted 30 days after their hire effective date, a Late Hire ePAF Justification Form, nForm.pdf, will need to be completed with signatures by both the employee’s supervisor and department head. nForm.pdf The form must be attached to the ePAF.

9 Departmental Group Rate Report Departmental Group Rate Report will be modified to include a field for the last pay period the OPS employee received a paycheck. An email will be sent out once the report has been been modified. Once the report is modified, ePAF Originators will also have access to this report. (Main Menu-HR Custom-HR Report- Payroll-Dept Group Rate Report). It can be downloaded into Excel (CSV format). Run it on a monthly basis to submit terminations for those who haven’t been paid in over 30 days. It will be a great tool to use to find the last PPE that employee worked to submit termination ePAFs with correct termination effective dates.

10 Last Day Requirement Removed Human Resources has removed the requirement that line employees must work at least ½ day on their last day.


12 HR UPDATE AND OPEN Q&A Marvin Pyles – CHRO & Associate VP Human Resources

13 BENEFITS – OPEN ENROLLMENT Samuel Ensenat – Benefits Team

14 Open Enrollment Reminders  Open Enrollment begins on Monday, October 20 and ends on Friday, November 7 at 6:00 p.m. EST.  Open Enrollment packages will be mailed by People First to eligible employees mid-October.  OPS Employees must meet specific eligibility requirements and will receive an Open Enrollment package in the mail if they are determined to be eligible for coverage. Continued…

15  If employees do not make any changes during Open Enrollment, all benefits shown on their People First Benefits Statement will remain in effect for all of 2015 (with exceptions of Qualified Status Changes).  If employees have any questions regarding eligibility or how to enroll, they can contact the People First Service Center: (866) 663-4735.  Our goal this year is to have 100% online enrollment!  Employees can enroll on the People First website:

16 Benefit Changes for 2015  Pharmacy Benefits Manager  90-Day Maintenance at Retail  Vision Plan  Supplemental Plan Premiums  HSA Contribution Limits

17 Pharmacy Benefits Manager  CVS/Caremark  Contact Information:  (User accounts can be created as of 1/1/15)  (Plan Information)  (888) 766-5490 (24/7 Access)  Welcome letters will be mailed to participants  Employees should review the Preferred Drug List & Maintenance Drug List with their doctors to determine any impact to current medications being taken  CSV/Caremark will begin working with Express Scripts to transfer eligible mail-order prescriptions

18 90-Day Maintenance at Retail  HMO and PPO plan members will be able to fill a 90-day maintenance prescription at a participating retail pharmacy beginning 1/1/15 for the same mail order co-pay.

19 Vision Plan  New contract awarded to Humana  One vision plan for 2015: Exam + Materials  The Materials Only Plan ends 12/31/14  Notices will be sent to current Materials Only Plan participants  Employees must enroll during Open Enrollment for Vision coverage

20 Supplemental Plan Premiums  Dental Insurance  Assurant Freedom Advance  CIGNA Prepaid  Humana Network Plus  Humana Preferred  Humana Exam + Materials Vision  CIGNA Hospitalization *Only a few cents per tier.

21 HSA Contribution Limits *Includes the State Contribution


23 MILLICENT DOWNER Health Care Compliance


25 ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT MEASUREMENT PERIOD – OEMP ENDS OCTOBER 2, 2014  Measurement conducted by People First, the state’s plan administrator  Measures eligibility for Ongoing Employees Employees hired prior to 4/1/2013 or outside of their New Hire Measurement Period or 1 st year of hire (Based on People First hire date) Employees still within their New Hire Measurement Period - NHMP (12 month period beginning the 1 st of the month following hire date are measured for the first time at the end of the NHMP) and then during the OEMP every year thereafter Remember: New employees hired to work 30 hour or more per week are immediately eligible to enroll in coverage – coverage can start 1 st day of 3 rd month following hired date (i.e. Hired in 10/7/14, benefits can begin 12/1/14)

26 ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT MEASUREMENT PERIOD – OEMP ENDS OCTOBER 2, 2014 (CON’T) To be eligible employees must be measured by People First to have worked an average of 30 hours or more per week during the one-year measurement period beginning Oct. 3, 2013 through Oct, 2, 2014. Teaching adjuncts must teach at minimum 10 credits every semester (equivalent of 30 hours per week) to maintain eligibility Earliest coverage can begin is January 1, 2015

27 MEASUREMENT  Once the OEMP concludes on 10/2/14, People First will conduct three measurement cycles prior to the start of Open Enrollment to determine if an Ongoing Employee will be eligible for 2015 plan year  Measurement cycle dates: 10/4/14, 10/11/14, 10/18/14  Eligibility Determination Employees that average 30 hours or more per week at the end of the last measurement cycle will be determined to be eligible for benefits coverage for 2015. People First will send an enrollment packet detailing benefits options by October 15 th. Employee must make benefits elections during Open Enrollment Important to note: Employees who were eligible for 2014 and are currently enrolled in coverage will maintain their current benefit coverage in 2015 unless they make benefit changes during Open Enrollment Employees that do not meet the required average 30 hours per week at the end of the last measurement cycle will not be determined to be eligible for benefits coverage for 2015. Benefits will terminate effective 12/31/14. People First will mail COBRA packets in the first few weeks of November.

28 NEW STATE ACA REPORTING REQUIREMENTS EFFECTIVE FOR 2015 PLAN YEAR  People First has recently announced changes to reporting requirements and eligibility criteria that will be effective for the 2015 plan year. These changes are in response to clarification to the federal legislation released by the IRS this year.

29 WORK-STUDY STUDENTS  The IRS issued clarification on ACA Employer-shared provision regarding work-study students. The new guidance excludes hours of service performed by students in positions subsidized through federal or state work from the determination of ACA eligibility. UCF discontinued reporting work-study students with funding departments ending in “0601” and “0602” with the start of the fall 2014 semester (approx. 300 students identified) People First has removed these students from their record-keeping system These students will not be measured for eligibility for the 2015 plan year

30  In compliance with ACA, People First requires that hours (missed from regular work schedule) for OPS employees serving jury duty must be captured and reported to People First to prevent a negative impact to eligibility determination. JURY DUTY REPORTING FOR OPS EMPLOYEES Please note: Time away from normal work schedule for jury duty remains unpaid time off.

31  Also, in compliance with ACA, People First requires that a FMLA or military leave for OPS employees must be captured and reported to People First to prevent a negative impact to eligibility determination. FMLA & MILITARY REPORTING FOR OPS EMPLOYEES Please note: Time away from normal work schedule for FMLA or military leave remains unpaid time off. The department will continue to be responsible for the employer-portion of health insurance premiums for the duration of the military leave for eligible enrolled OPS employees.

32  More information on these new business process will be forthcoming. In the interim, the listing below details what each of us can do to ensure our university remains compliant! OPS Employees  The process begins here!  OPS employees must submit the appropriate documentation to their HR Liaison within their department in order to receive credit for time away from their normal work schedule  Types of documentation required:  For jury duty - jury duty Certificate of Attendance issued from the county in which jury duty is served  Form FMLA - a medical or parental leave request form and a Certification of HealthCare Provider  For military leave - official military leave orders for military leave  Please note: Time away from normal work schedule for jury duty, FMLA and military leave remains unpaid time off for OPS employees. HR Liaison  Receive required documentation from OPS employee  Verify that the time off impacted the employees normal work schedule  Forward the documentation received from the employee and the employee’s normal work schedule to HR Human Resources  For jury duty, HR determine how many hours the employee will receive credit for and report those hours to the state. JURY DUTY AND FMLA /MILITARY REPORTING (CON’T)

33 NEW RULES FOR 2015  Effective for the 2015 plan year new break in service and eligibility rules take effect. These changes will impact All employees.

34 BREAK IN SERVICE RULES  Break in service that allows a Line or OPS employee to be treated like a new hire > 26 weeks for employees of academic institutions Impacts ALL employees including career-service (line) employees, where previously a break in service was considered after only 30 days of payroll Benefits-eligible university employees rehired or transferring from another state university within 26 weeks are not considered new employees in terms of benefits enrollments by the state If an employee was previously enrolled in benefits prior to the break in service those benefits will be reinstated upon their rehire without a QSC event to cancel or change benefits Please note: Employees transferring from another non-university state agency within 13 weeks will have their previous benefits reinstated.

35 NEW ELIGIBILITY RULES  People First has advised that All salaried or OPS appointments will be considered when determining the employee’s measurement period and stability period (the period of 12 consecutive months starting from the first day of enrollment in health insurance) If no 13/26 week break in service, measurement period determined based on initial start date in a position, regardless of type. Stability period based on whether employee is in the new hire measurement period or the open enrollment measurement period.

36 NEW ELIGIBILITY RULES (CON’T)  Example of greatest impact: Dept. hires 9 month faculty member on 8/8/14. The faculty member leaves the faculty position and transitions to a part-time adjunct position on 8/18/15 teaching 6 credits (calculated at 18 hours per week). Currently, the employees benefits would end on 9/30/15. People First would consider 8/18/15 as the “hire date” of the adjunct position and since the employee would be part-time the employee would not be initially eligible as an adjunct to continue benefits or elect benefits With the new rules, People First will still consider 8/8/14 as the employee’s hire date (from the original 9 MO hire) and since the employee was enrolled in benefits the benefits would remain active and transition over to the adjunct record for the remainder of the calendar year or stability period. The employee would also be measured during the OEMP ending 10/2/15 to determine eligibility for the 2016 plan year Important to note: The department that hired the employee as an adjunct would be responsible to employer health insurance premiums for the employee’s stability period even if the employee was hired part-time.

37 INFORMATION SESSIONS  The changes announced by the state require us to re-evaluate the initial business processes that we put in place when we implemented OPS healthcare last year. Accordingly, HR will be issuing detailed communications on the changes and the impact to our processes. In the interim, we will be hosting information sessions this week to discuss these changes in greater detail an illicit feedback from the university community. Schedule is below: Seating is limited so please register to confirm your attendance via Employee Self Service on the myUCF portal - ACA/OPS Healthcare Information Session – Course Number OPS01  Wednesday, October 8, 2014 2:00 – 3:30 PM Student Union –Key West 218AB Session - 0004  Friday, October 10, 2014 10:00 – 11:30 AM HR – Training Room 105 Session 0005

38 Thank You! ?

39 RECRUITMENT – CONTINGENT HIRES Patsy Popelas – Recruitment Manager

40 Why offer a Contingent Hire? Effort to expedite current process Allow departments to hire while the background checks are being processed Urgent need to fill quickly, name change, resident of several states, etc. Department’s responsibility to ensure a contingent hire does not contradict any federal or state requirements under certain legislation, grants or contracts

41 Where to select a Contingent Hire USPS and A&P  Approval Notification field on the on-line hiring document tab in PeopleAdmin  If contingent hire option is not selected, each hire will be processed as a regular hire

42 Where to select a Contingent Hire All Other Positions  Select the checkbox on the upper right side of the new Faculty Affirmation/Affirmation Form  If contingent hire option is not selected, each hire will be processed as a regular hire

43 Any Questions?

44 ANNOUNCEMENTS – SICK LEAVE POOL ENROLLMENT Ben Anderson – Leave Administration Manager

45 WRAP-UP HR Team



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