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Meet and Greet.

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1 Meet and Greet


3 Welcome and Meeting Guidelines
Beth Scheitzach – AD & Training Manager Welcome and Meeting Guidelines

4 Foreign National Employment & Taxation
Jason Kennedy, Assistant Director International Services Center Foreign National Employment & Taxation

5 Abbee Camen, Records Manager

6 Terminations Run your Departmental Group Rate Report (Main Menu-HR Custom-HR Report-Payroll-Dept Group Rate Report) to view the list of employees who haven’t been paid since PPE 12/18/2014 or prior. Submit termination ePAFs for those employees if time will not be keyed for them by PPE 01/29/2015 If a termination ePAF isn’t submitted or time isn’t keyed by PPE 01/29/2015, the employees will be terminated by Human Resources the week of 02/02/2015. If you would like to request an exemption from the termination process for a specific employee, please and provide justification for the exemption no later than 01/30/2015. This slide was presented previously For those new attendees…

7 Student to Non-Student (OPS Hourly or Adjunct)
If an active student employee has graduated or is no longer in an UCF degree seeking program and will continue to work for your department, an ePAF with the SSA-1945 Form, needs to be submitted to change them to non-student status. The effective date of the ePAF needs to be at the beginning of a pay period. If a background check hasn’t been completed, the affirmation form must be submitted to to initiate the background check process within 30 days.

8 USPS and Non-Unit A&P Annual Performance Appraisals
Due by February 15th The appraisal period cannot be greater than a year. Normally would be from 01/01/ /31/2014. Verify the overall rating is consistent with the individual performance factor ratings. Please ensure all applicable signatures have been obtained (employee, supervisor, department head) prior to submitting to HR. If supervisor and department head is the same individual, input the word “same” in the other signature field. If employee is unable or unwilling to sign the form, please indicate that in the employee’s signature field. Please review the Performance Appraisal FAQs,

9 PeopleSoft Split: Summer Processing
The PeopleSoft split is tentatively scheduled for April 20th. Summer ePAF/Contract deadlines will be later than in previous years. DO NOT SUBMIT EPAFS FOR SUMMER SEMESTER UNTIL AFTER THE PEOPLESOFT SPLIT HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Any ePAFs that are in the workflow queue as of 04/17/15 that haven’t been fully executed by HR-Records will have to be withdrawn by HR and then resubmitted by the department on April 20th. More details to follow in the upcoming months.

10 H1B Employment Training Workshop
Facilitated by Aaron Blumberg, immigration attorney with Fragomen Law Firm. Wednesday, January 21st from 9:30am-11:00am. Due to demand, the training has been moved from the HR Training Room to the Morgridge International Reading Center, on campus, to allow more participants to attend. Notification will be sent out to participants.

11 Break

12 Developing Emergency Response Plan using LMS Canvas
Anita Gabbard & Sue Bauer, Center for Distributed Learning Developing Emergency Response Plan using LMS Canvas

13 Ben Anderson, Leave Manager
Leave Administration



16 Military Leave for OPS Employees
Employee requests leave from supervisor and provides orders. Supervisor or Dept. Representative completes form and attaches orders/documentation. Supervisor or Dept. Rep. sends form to or fax

17 Military Leave for OPS Employees
HR-Leave reviews request, resolves questions, and sends leave designation letter. HR-Records processes leave and return from leave in PeopleSoft. HR-Payroll reviews the PeopleSoft timesheet when payroll runs for accuracy.

18 Ashley Longoria, Benefits Manager
Benefits Section

19 Legal Spouse Benefits Marriage is considered a Qualifying Status Change (QSC) event, which permits employees to make changes to their benefits outside of the open enrollment period Employee marriages legally recognized in Florida as of January 6, 2015 will have a QSC event window between Tuesday, January 6 through Friday, March 6, 2015 to enroll in a family plan -If someone already has a marriage license outside of Florida and does not enroll in the QSC window, they will have to wait until OE to enroll.

20 To make changes to health benefits, employees must:
Call the People First Service Service center hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. *The service center will be closed on January 19, 2015 Supply the names, birth dates and Social Security numbers for the legal spouse and any eligible dependent children to be covered Certify that the spouse and children meet eligibility requirements -Can enroll online after January 20

21 Additional Information
Applies to marriages outside of Florida Future QSC Events Domestic Partnership Health Insurance Stipend

22 Questions

23 Patsy Popelas – Recruitment Manager

24 Agenda Department numbers for background check charges
Review contingent hire process

In order for the costs for background checks to be invoiced to the correct area it is important to put the correct department account on the Hiring Documents Department numbers cannot be used Payroll department numbers – 5th digit from left is ‘2’ (i.e ) Sponsored projects numbers - 5th digit from left is ‘6’ or ‘7’ or ‘8’ (i.e , & )

26 Contingent Hire Reminders
Expedites current hiring process Allows department to hire while the background checks are being processed Urgent need to fill quickly, name change, resident of several states, etc. Department’s responsibility to ensure a contingent hire does not contradict any federal or state requirements under certain legislation, grants or contracts If the candidate has a current background check on file, select “Regular Hire” – if you are unsure whether there is one on file, please check with your Point of Contact

27 Where to select a Contingent Hire
USPS and A&P Approval Notification field on the on-line hiring document tab in PeopleAdmin If contingent hire option is not selected, each hire will be processed as a regular hire

28 Where to select a Contingent Hire
All Other Positions Select the checkbox on the upper right side of the new Faculty Affirmation/Affirmation Form If contingent hire option is not selected, each hire will be processed as a regular hire

29 Any Questions?

30 Back to College Committee Updates
Patty Farris, OD&Training Coordinator Back to College Committee Updates

31 Back to College Committee
6 active committee members from across the campus

32 Committee directive Develop and implement a project for LEP program for SueAnn Mann Meet a need from HR Liaisons from recent survey

33 Committee highlights We are in the process of determining the overall program goals. 3 tracks will be developed to inform folks on going back for AA BA/BS Graduate and post-graduate work

34 Cont. The committee is going to target March as a program development completion date. In person sessions will be set to answer questions regarding applications, financing, and more. Additional topics will be covered generally- Goal setting and time management are among those topics

35 Questions or feedback Please send it to me or SueAnn Mann Thanks!

36 Patty Farris Q&A Wrap-up

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