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MARCH 10,2014 Scholarships. Assoc. of Raza Educators for Undocumented High School Students Due March 14, 2014 Each year the Assoc. of Raza Educators awards.

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1 MARCH 10,2014 Scholarships

2 Assoc. of Raza Educators for Undocumented High School Students Due March 14, 2014 Each year the Assoc. of Raza Educators awards educational scholarships to undocumented high school and college students Criteria:  Must be an undocumented high school student Applications available online at

3 UCLA Summer Writer’s Workshop for High School Students Due March 14, 2014 UCLA Writing Programs help college-bound students address specific writing tasks – such as the personal essay – that are required in the application process Applications available online at erview.htm erview.htm Contact: UCLA’s Writing Programs Dept (310) 206- 1145

4 Hispanic National Bar Foundation Future Latino Leaders Law Camp Due March 15, 2014 HNBF is currently accepting applications to their 2014 Law Camp for high school students who are interested in law and legal careers Law Camp is held in Washington, DC from July 12- 20, 2014 and is FREE Criteria:  Rising sophomore through senior (current 9 th -11 th graders)  Latino/a Applications available at Contact Alba Lucero Villa at

5 Speak Life Scholarship Due March 15, 2014 Criteria:  Graduating African American high school senior in Spring 2014  Intent to enroll in a 2-year or 4-year accredited college or university  Minimum 2.8 GPA Application available in the Counseling Center

6 Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California Due March 15, 2014 Criteria:  For High School Seniors of Portuguese descent and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  Maintained a 3.50 Total Weighted G.P.A. for grades 9-12 and a graduating senior of a California High School.  Applicants must have participated in at least 3 extra-curricular activiities Download application at or in counseling

7 Cabrillo Civic Clubs of CA Due March 15, 2014 Criteria:  Graduating High school senior of Portuguese descent, high academic achievement 3.5 GPA or higher, participate in at least 3 extra curricular activities, 3 letters of recommendations Download application from website: or stop by Counseling Center Questions email:

8 Italian Catholic Federation College Scholarship Due March 15, 2014 Criteria:  3.2 GPA  Roman Catholic  Italian descent  Family member is a member of Italian Catholic Federation Application available at Questions call: 1-888-423-1924

9 Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority Beauty Through Diversity Scholarship Due March 16, 2014 Criteria:  Be a current female high school student  Have a minimum 3.0 GPA  Demonstrate leadership qualities, service to the community, and scholastic excellence  Plan to attend an accredited 4-year university Applications available in the counseling center

10 Change a Life Foundation Due March 20, 2014 Criteria:  Enrolling in a 4-year  Minimum 3.5 GPA  Minimum SAT of 1500 or ACT of 21  Must be enrolled in and/or have passed AP courses  US citizen or Permanent Legal Resident  Extracurricular activities  Minimum 40 hours community service 9 th -12 th grade Applications available online at http://changealife.org Contact: Email Stacey Giffen at

11 EWISP Scholarship Due March 21, 2014 Offers college scholarships to top high school seniors who plan to pursue a four-year degree in any business or professional field of study. One scholarship of $5,000 dollars. All awards are disbursed to the student’s college. Application available online at Due by March 21 at 5:00pm

12 San Diego Education Fund Future Educators Due March 24, 2014 Criteria:  High school senior, US citizen, good citizenship and academic grades, demonstrate community involvement, participation in extracurricular activities, pursue a college course of study leading to a teaching credential and commit to seek employment as a teacher with SDUSD for at least 3 years, must attend a college in SD County Applications available in Counseling Center Questions: Mary Castleberry

13 San Diego Downtown Lions Scholarship Due March 24, 2014 Scholarships of $1,200 will be awarded to each graduating senior who will be attending an undergraduate college or vocational school of their choice. Criteria:  Must be a U.S. citizen(or legal resident)of the U.S.  Seeking individuals who have demonstrated a desire to serve their communities and will continue to have a spirit of community service.  Scholarships will be awarded based on scholarship, financial need and demonstrated community service Application in Counseling Center

14 San Diego Education Fund Virginia Mashin Mathematics, Jack & Virginia Mashin, STEM Scholarship Due March 24, 2014 Criteria:  STEM: a student who will major in science, technology, engineering or math and attend college in SD county  High academic achievement, demonstrate financial need, US citizen, participation in both school & community activities Application available in Counseling Center Questions: Mary Catleberry or

15 California Retired Teachers Association Due March 26, 2014 $1,500 Scholarship Criteria:  SDUSD graduating Senior  Outstanding academic achievement 3.2 GPA or higher  Leadership qualities, participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer or work experience  Planning to attend a 4 year university Applications available in Counseling Center or online at

16 Assoc. of African American Educators (AAAE) Due March 28, 2014 Several different scholarships – all $500  Academic achievement  Financial need  Attending historically Black college/university  Aspiring teacher/educator  Aspiring lawyer  Influential parents Criteria:  Graduating senior in high school  African American Applications available at or visit the counseling

17 Jessie Klicka Foundation Due March 30, 2014 (postmarked) Awarding a 4-year scholarship worth $2,000 per year Applications available at s.aspx Be sure to use the 2014 application form Contact Katharine Klicka at 760-822-3434 or email at

18 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Due March 31, 2014 (postmarked) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., San Diego Alumnae Chapter recognizes and honors students who are committed to academic excellence, positive leadership, and community service Criteria: African American high school senior Resident of San Diego County Applications available online at

19 National Association of Women in Construction Due March 31, 2014 $1,000 scholarship Criteria: Have a parent employed in the San Diego construction industry OR A female student pursuing a college degree in a construction related profession, such as architecture, engineering, and/or construction management Applications available online at

20 Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation Scholarship Program Due March 31, 2014 $1,500 scholarship Criteria: U.S. citizen Plans to attend a 4-year college or university as a full- time student Plans to major in an engineering or scientific field Applications available at Contact Sandy Simonsen at

21 San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic 2014 High School Merit Scholarship Due March 31, 2014 Criteria:  Female high school senior graduating from a San Diego County high school  Attending any four-year college or university in the United States or Canada which hosts NPC member sororities (SDSU, UCSD, USD, and CSU San Marcos are included) Application available online at or in the Counseling

22 California Alarm Association Due March 31 $40,000 in funds to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel in the State of California Criteria:  At least 15 years of age and not older than 20  Must be accepted for admission to an accredited college or university  Must have a father, mother or legal guardian who is a full-time active duty employee, and not on disability. The parent or guardian must be a member of law enforcement agency or a full-time paid or volunteer member of a fire department located in California Applications available in Counseling Center

23 Point Loma Credit Union Due April 1, 2014 $2,500 Scholarship Criteria:  High school senior  Academic performance  Extracurricular activities  Essay  Member of credit union Application available online at

24 Spence Reese Scholarship Boys & Girls Club of SD County Due April 1, 2014 Four (4) $16,000 scholarships Criteria: Male high school student “Top grades and test scores” Financial need Applications available online at s.aspx

25 2014 Stephen Effron Scholarship Due April 10, 2014 ONLY AVAILABLE TO HOOVER HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Up to $2,000 for 2 years Criteria:  Attending full time at a community college or trade/vocational accredited program in Fall 2014  Demonstrated financial need  Involvement in school activities and community service  Good academic standing at Hoover High School Applications available in the Counseling Center

26 2014 MTS & Coca-Cola Laptop Scholarship Due April 11, 2014 Apply by early application deadline (March 14) and you could win an iPad, iTunes gift card, or Regional Monthly Pass Criteria:  Entrants must reside in San Diego County, be in 12 th grade, and graduating in June 2014. 40 High School students with the best judged essays will win a laptop!! Pick up Application in Counseling or go to

27 Agriculture and Conservation Scholarships Due April 11, 2014 Five scholarships of $1,000 each will be directly awarded by the RCD Scholarship Committee to students pursuing further education in the fields of resource conservation or agriculture. Criteria:  Applicants may be entering community college or a 4 year university.  Pursuing a degree in the fields of resource conservation or agriculture Application can be downloaded from

28 Hispanic American Commitment to Education at Resources(HACER) Scholarship Due April 15, 2014 Ronald McDonald House Charities will honor 10 graduating seniors by awarding each $2,000 in funds for the 2014-2015 school year. Criteria:  Students must show academic excellence, demonstrate financial need and have at least one parent of Hispanic descent.  Must be furthering their education at a two-four year college Applications available at or pick up in counseling

29 Taiwanese-American Foundation of San Diego Due April 15, 2014 Four (4) $1,000 scholarships Criteria: Entering college in the fall 3.2 GPA Applications available online at s.aspx Contact Gene Houng at (858) 560-8884

30 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Due April 18, 2014 For African American men who exemplify the greatest potential for achievement and leadership Criteria: 3.0 GPA Documentation of GPA by official transcript or letter of verification signed by a school administrator One (1) letter of recommendation from a school staff or faculty member One (1) letter of recommendation from a person in the community A 1-page personal statement that highlights the applicant’s views on current issues that important to him/her which outlines their motivation to seek a higher education Mail above mentioned criteria to: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, c/o Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 740822, San Diego, CA 92174 Contact Aaron Bruce at

31 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Epsilon Xi Omega Scholarship Due April 18, 2014 (postmarked) Criteria: African American 3.0 GPA Planning on attending a 4-year college or university Applications available online at ips.aspx

32 2014 Student-View Scholarship Program Due April 20, 2014 Awards of $500, $1,000, and $4,000 Awards given by random drawing Criteria:  Plan to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or university  Complete a 15-20 minute online survey about colleges in your area Survey online at Contact 724-903-0439 or

33 Henry Williams Scholarship Fund Due April 30, 2014 $500 available to students attending 2-year $1,000 available to students attending 4-year Scholarships awarded annually; students may reapply Criteria:  Planning to attend a college or vocational program to earn an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree  Resident of SD County  Minimum 2.5 GPA  Active member of a church Applications available in the Counseling Center

34 San Diego ~ Edinburgh Sister City Society Due May 1, 2014 $500 scholarship paid directly to winner  Winner agrees to spend money only at the accredited university/college of attendance for tuition/books Criteria:  College-bound (4-year or 2-year) pursuing a degree  3.0 GPA  Must be of Scottish ancestry Applications available in the counseling center or by requesting an electronic copy from Kim Parks at Contact Chrissy McPherren Ambler at (858)337-4533

35 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarships San Diego Indian American Society Due May 8, 2014 A minimum of ten (10) $40,000 scholarships will be awarded Open to ALL San Diego high school graduates MUST BE NOMINATED BY A TEACHER OR COUNSELOR Only 2 nominations per school Criteria: Academic excellence (3.8 GPA) Community involvement Statement of purpose for college An original essay on “nonviolent means for conflict resolution” Recommendations by teachers Financial need and educational background of parents Applications available at Contact Dr. Madhavan – 619-698-5058 Contact Dr. Rao – 858-822-1943 Contact Mr. Seshan – 858-405-3353

36 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (San Diego Center for Systems Biology) Due May 13, 2014 Criteria:  Students planning to attend UCSD or SDSU in the Fall 2014, have a GPA of 3.5 or higher  Students interested in physics, Engineering, bioengineering, computer science, biological sciences  Students interested in research Ten week program from June 15 – August 30 $3,500 stipend Apply via Email: More information: or

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