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Learning Clicks Campus Alberta Advanced Education & Technology Government of Alberta.

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1 Learning Clicks Campus Alberta Advanced Education & Technology Government of Alberta

2 Welcome! Learning Clicks is part of Campus Alberta – an online resource to help make access to entering into post-secondary easier, faster and smoother.

3 Outcomes Identify the difference between scholarships, busaries, grants and loans Who can apply for what? Where can I find scholarships or bursaries? How do I apply? Tips on standing out

4 What is a scholarship A scholarship is a monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in a specific area of study or discipline (athletics, music, volunteerism, etc.) Also based on life experience (overcoming challenges, obstacles, struggles and succeeding) Range from $500 - $10 000 or “full” scholarship No need to pay back

5 What is a bursary? A bursary is a monetary grant based primarily on financial need Can include emergencies, but also includes students who need help to pay tuition or books or offset living costs No need to pay back

6 What is a grant? Grants are sources of student funding that do not have to be paid back Funding for students who demonstrate financial need Offered by both the provincial and federal governments Eligibility requirements are different for individual grants No need to pay back

7 What is a student loan? A student loan is funding for students that is intended to supplement your financial resources to pay for education costs MUST PAY BACK (certain time limit – start paying within 1 year of finishing your post-secondary education) A student loan is a formal financial agreement between you and: the provincial government the federal government a lending institution, such as a bank a combination of all three

8 Who can apply for a scholarship? Depending on the requirements of the scholarship, if you meet the criteria (eg., athlete, a student entering into engineering or an Aboriginal student) you can apply for specific scholarships Examples of scholarships: Aboriginal Veteran’s Scholarship Trustfund (for science) Alberta’s Athlete Association Anna and John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship (teaching)

9 Who can apply for a busary? Depending on your background (some bursaries are for low-income, single parents, middle income, etc) Examples of bursaries are: Aboriginal Health Career Bursaries Alberta Association of Library Technicians Alberta Association of Agricultural Fieldman Bursary

10 Who is able to apply for a grant? If you are an independent student, you are considered to be a resident of Alberta if in Alberta for 12 straight months and were not a full-time post-secondary student, or you attend a school in Alberta and never lived in any Canadian province for 12 months in a row If you are a dependent student, you are considered to be a resident of Alberta if your parent(s) live in Alberta Prove financial need Be enrolled as a full-time student Maintain academic progress Examples of Grants: Federal Provincial

11 Who can apply for a loan? Canadian citizens, permanent residents, protected persons (refugees) Be a resident and live in Alberta Prove financial need Be enrolled as a full-time student (must be enrolled in at least 60% of a full time course load or 40% if you are a person with a disability) Maintain passing grades Pass a credit check Examples of loan types: Federal Provincial

12 Where can I find information? Attend a Post-secondary Planning Session with a Learning Clicks Ambassador – they will walk you through the website, the CD Rom and demonstrate what applications look like Visit sec.html

13 How do I apply? Arrange to meet with a Student Advisor at your school or at the University, College or Trade School you plan to attend Do you meet the requirements outlined on the application? Complete the appropriate scholarship application form (keep a copy) Apply well before the application deadline Mail your application before the deadline (a late application may not be accepted) Keep extra letters of recommendation and transcripts handy (it will save you time when applying for more than one award) Follow-up with award sponsor before the deadline to make sure your application was received If essay is requested – write it

14 Standing out Prepare your budget and keep extra copies (saves time) Develop your own personal vision statement and include it in your cover letter – always do a cover letter Volunteer! Get letters of recommendations from teachers, work and volunteer supervisor Take lunch and learn workshops or leadership training Go the extra mile to stand out – join a marathon to help raise money for cancer, MS, or diabetes Be active in your community Always send a thank you card!


16 Thank you! For more information: Cindy Deschenes, Learning Clicks Ambassador Phone: (587) 999-2109 e-mail: Adult back to school Parent coaching Scholarship applications Post-secondary applications (Udergrad/Grad) Post-secondary information Grade 5/6 post-secondary information Occupations Information booths

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