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W ELCOME TO B ACK TO S CHOOL N IGHT ! While you are waiting for the presentation to begin, please take the time to do the following: Write your child a.

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1 W ELCOME TO B ACK TO S CHOOL N IGHT ! While you are waiting for the presentation to begin, please take the time to do the following: Write your child a note on the index card. Please leave it on his/her desk for tomorrow. Complete the Student Info card. Complete Volunteer Form

2 A LL A BOUT M E ! CSUSM –Degree in Social Studies with a major in History and minors in Economics and Psychology and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 7 years in the Education Field. Most recently 4 th grade at Knob Hill Wife and Mother with 3 children of my own; 3, 8, and 15. A resident of San Marcos Philosophy: Growth Mindset

3 D AILY S CHEDULE Check HW/Morning Review8:45 - 9:00 Reading Groups9:00 - 10:30 Word Work/Vocab.10:30 – 10:45 Reading Comprehension10:45-11;15 Recess11:15 – 11:35 Math Instruction11:35 – 1:00 Lunch1:00 – 1:45 Writing 1:45 – 2:25 Writing/Science/S. Studies2:25 – 3:05 Library will be on Thursday afternoons. Books are due Thursday morning. PE Days are Tuesday/Friday after recess- remind your kiddos to wear their tennis shoes! Our most important part of the day is our morning instruction. Please just be mindful of this when your making doctors appointments, etc.

4 C OMMUNICATION All communication will be sent home in the Wednesday Envelope. Please return it every Thursday. I will try to update my Website bi-weekly. If you ever have questions, please e-mail me.

5 We want our students to be: o Critical thinkers- critique others’ thinking and question the world around them. o Communicators- share their ideas, and also express their agreeance and disagreeance on an issue or topic in a knowledgeable, educated, and respectful fashion. o Collaborators- working independently many times is easier than working with others. We want students to be able to complete tasks with their peers by working efficiently and effectively together. o Creative thinkers- solve problems, however they see fit. Solve problems in a variety of ways using multiple strategies. Approach situations from different angles, and do not give up when the ONE strategy they tried did not work.

6 Switch in philosophy  inch wide and a mile deep. Teaching for conceptual understanding,. Steering away from naked number problems, and moving toward problems in context which can be solved through a number of approaches. The ultimate goal hasn’t changed, we still want students to recognize patterns and be fluent in using algorithms, etc. But rather than give them a formula and require them to memorize it, we want students to explore with numbers and try to come up with their own strategies by using what they already know. At Home Ask students to explain their thinking to you. Refer to the classroom website for resources and tools. Use the websites provided for more practice, and as a guide through the common core shift. What does Common Core Math look like? Knob Hill Parents Math Night October 7 th @ Mission Hill High School

7 C OMMON C ORE M ATH More in depth, analyzing, and investigation Explain and justify thinking verbally and through writing New National Standards An “inch wide and a mile deep” Assessments include real world examples More about perseverance and true understanding than memorization of a formula Place Value to 100,000,000 Addition/Subtraction of Large Numbers Variables Order of Operations Double-Digit Multiplication Long Division Fractions and Decimals Geometric shapes

8 C OMMON CORE E LA Accountable Talk- Common Core Focus on fiction Examplaes Main Idea and Details Drawing Inferences and Making Judgments Supporting with Evidence Character analysis Making Connections Focus on informational text Mirrors fictional text 50% of time spent/ Social Studies and Science Writing Personal narrative (fiction) Informational Persuasive

9 S CIENCE / S OCIAL S TUDIES Science Electricity Magentism Ecosystems Rocks and Minerals Landforms History of California Geography/Regions Native Americans of CA Missions Gold Rush CA Statehood

10 H OMEWORK o Homework is given Monday-Thursday, without exceptions. o ELA homework will be focus on short reading passages with common core questions for comprehension o Math practice worksheets. o I am not a believer of giving a lot of homework. I believe the purpose is to keep them practicing whatever skills we are currently working on in class, not to keep them “busy”. o Homework should be meaningful. o Helpful links for extra practice on my website.

11 G RADING Unit tests will be sent home to be reviewed by parent and child. 90-100% 4 75-89% 3 60-74% 2 Below 59% 1 This grading scale will be used for all subjects.

12 Chromebooks We have a class set of chromebooks! Throughout the course of the year, students will work daily on their chromebooks, completing any of the following tasks:  Research on a given topic. This is typically related to our social studies and science content standards. This research is gathered and compiled for an informational paper or a project of some sort.  Powerpoint presentations- these may be individual or group tasks.  Typing papers on google docs. All SMUSD students now have a Gmail account that is managed through the district. This allows them to collaborate with one another on projects, and communicate with me almost instantaneously.

13 C LASSROOM E XPECTATIONS 1) Be Respectful to others 2) Be a Problem Solver 3) Make Good Decisions

14 P OSITIVE BEHAVIOR AND I NCENTIVES Individual : Praise Class Dojo Shout Out Cards when students go above and beyond Character Education Signatures (students can sign a poster reflecting a character trait when they exemplify the trait) Positive Notes Home Small Group: Table Points towards lunch bunch or class tickets Community : Class Points (earn time for art, popcorn, games, etc.)

15  It is a way students are rewarded for making good choices, solving their problem, staying on task, exhibiting the character trait in our “Journey to Success” character program, etc.  It runs for a week, and then I reset the points at the end of school on Friday.  If students have 85% or above positive points, then they get to choose from the treasure the end of the day on Friday.  Students can also loose points for not following directions, making poor choices, etc.

16 C ONSEQUENCES FOR BAD CHOICES Individual: Verbal Warning Writing Reflection Chips removed/ Loss of recess Sign S.T.A.R. book (Stop, Think, Act, Renew) Removal from classroom to buddy room Phone call home/note home/email Sent to office Small Group: Verbal Warning Separation of group Table Points opportunities lost/loss of points Community: Verbal Warning Class Points opportunities lost/loss of points

17 V OLUNTEERS, D ONATIONS, AND F IELD TRIPS I hope to have volunteers every week If interested, please fill out the volunteer interest forms. As for donations, our class would appreciate Xerox Paper (We can never have enough!) Glue Sticks Crayola Markers Clorox Wipes Gallon Size Ziploc Bags Books for Class Library (Non-Fiction) Hand Sanitizer Dry Erase Markers Dry Eraser or sock to erase student's whiteboard Gift cards to staples, target, walmart Printer Cartridges Field Trips/Activities San Luis Rey Mission GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Splash Van Gold Rush Experience

18 H ERE ’ S TO A G REAT Y EAR ! Questions? 760-290-2080 Room 8

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