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What I’ve Learned  Computers  Word  Excel  Access  PowerPoint.

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3 What I’ve Learned  Computers  Word  Excel  Access  PowerPoint

4 Computers  Hardware Motherboards Memory  Software XXX

5 Computers  Operating Systems Windows Linux  Peripherals Keyboard Mouse Printer

6 Word  Formatting Paragraphs  Setting Tab Stops  Using Print Preview  Changing Font Size

7 Word Embedded Work

8 Excel  Setting Table Styles  Entering Data  Creating Charts  Change Tracking

9 Excel Embedded Work

10 Access  Creating Relationships  Writing Queries  Saving Tables

11 Access Embedded Work

12 PowerPoint  Creating Slides  Formatting Slides  Arranging Slides  Formatting Text

13 Panhellenic Council  The National Panhellenic Conference provides support and guidance for its 26 member inter/national sororities/women’s fraternities and serves as the national voice on contemporary issues of sorority life  The Panhellenic Council at IUS consists of 3 of those 26 groups.

14 Panhellenic Council Alpha Phi  Founded in 1872 at Syracuse University  Zeta Epsilon Chapter founded at IUS 1972  In 1946, Alpha Phi adopted Cardiac Care and Research as their international philanthropy.

15 Panhellenic Council Phi Sigma Sigma  Founded in 1913 at Hunter College  Epsilon Chi chapter founded at IUS in 1990  In 1971, Phi Sigma Sigma adopted the National Kidney Foundation as their International philanthropy

16 Panhellenic Council Sigma Kappa  Founded in 1874 at Colby College  IUS Chapter is Zeta Alpha  Gerontology (the study of aging), with a focus on Alzheimer's disease research and programs directed at improving the lives of older citizens is Sigma Kappa’s International philanthropy.

17 Panhellenic Council  Fraternities Exist Because They: Provide a good democratic social experience. Give value beyond college years. Create, through their ideals, an ever- widening circle of service beyond the membership. Develop the individual's potential through leadership opportunities and group effort. Fill the need of belonging.

18 Panhellenic Council  The Panhellenic Council serves to encourage communication between the different sororities and to improve the Greek community as a whole. It exists to provide a support system for all chapters on campus, and help them work together to better serve the campus and community. This is accomplished through the leadership of the Panhellenic Officers. Each officer is in charge of overseeing another part of the Council, which keep us in a healthy checks-and-balances relationship. The Panhellenic Council is also the coordinating body for formal recruitment.

19 Panhellenic Council  Panhellenic Groups are bound to follow the Unanimous Agreements  Since 1902, the member groups of NPC have unanimously agreed to pursue certain procedures and ethics, which lead to orderly and ethical conduct. Additionally, each Inter/National President signs the Unanimous Agreements indicating that every alumna and collegiate member will abide by and honor the Unanimous Agreements. These agreements must be incorporated into College and Alumnae Panhellenic procedures and are binding upon all chapters of NPC member groups.

20 Panhellenic Council Local Philosophies  Alpha Phi Sorority  The purpose of this social sorority is to develop members who cherish and exemplify the highest ideals of scholarship, leadership, cooperation and responsibility to college, the Fraternity and society as a whole  Phi Sigma Sigma  The object of this sorority is to maintain an outgoing, friendly, and spirited attitude toward the university community, fellow sisters, and to promote high scholastic, social and cultural pursuit among our members. Phi Sigma Sigma also is very active in national and local philanthropies.  Sigma Kappa Sorority  The purpose of this social sorority shall be to unite its members in a bond of sincere friendship for the development of character and the promotion of social, cultural, and intellectual pursuits, and to make a constructive contribution to the university community.

21 Panhellenic Council Recruitment Information Formal Recruitment is held in September Questions: Call Campus Life! 812.941.2316

22 Panhellenic Council from the IUS website Top Six Reasons to Join A Sorority at IUS 6. The sorority office is the perfect place to surf the Internet, eat your lunch, sleep on the couch, or talk to friends in the hour-long break you have between classes. 5. To get involved and meet a lot of incredible people you would otherwise never meet if you fell into the Car-Class-Car routine. 4. Leadership,scholarship and networking opportunities! 3. Not only will you make new friends but you will have sisters that you can call upon at any time and make an everlasting bond with great women. 2. You will never have a dull moment when you are Greek! Parties, mixers, philanthropy work and conventions… you will always have something to do and you will be making great memories at the same time! 1. To meet your best friend!

23 About Me  I love animals.  I have 2 Beagles and a black cat at home  I have 3 goldfish at work  My parents have 2 dogs and a cat that came from me, and 2 cats that they took in on their own.

24 More About Me  I am majoring in Organization Leadership and Supervision at Purdue in New Albany  I am a Project Manager for a telecommunications consulting firm in Louisville, KY

25 Even More About Me  My favorite book is “Zami: A New Spelling of my Name” by Audre Lorde  I like the Atlanta Braves Baseball team

26 Me and The Muppets  I LOVE THE MUPPETS  Swedish Chef is my favorite

27 Ohio State Football  Ohio State is my favorite college football team.  I love all of the traditions like Script Ohio

28 Me and Beagles My first beagle, Brenna. That’s me sitting on the counter

29 Me and Beagles Brenna

30 Me and Beagles My wife and I with our beagle, Bogey and his brother Cesar.

31 Me and Beagles The first time Bogey went swimming!

32 Fin  April Coffman  

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