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Leaders in Pharmacy 1. Lexie Turner, PharmD. Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs Phi Delta Chi.

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1 Leaders in Pharmacy 1

2 Lexie Turner, PharmD. Grand Vice President for Collegiate Affairs Phi Delta Chi

3  Describe the Values of the organization  Describe membership incentives  Provide links to media  Time for Q & A  Describe the history of Phi Delta Chi  Describe organizational structure  Explain the Fraternity’s Mission Objectives

4 History  Founded November 2, 1883 at the University of Michigan  75 chapters and over 50,000 members Nation wide

5 Bond, Frazee Gardner, Godfrey, Hoffman, Waggoner, Hopper, Lemon, Rogers, Thurston, Hueber Founders

6 Organizational Structure  National Office  Executive Director  Treasurer  Executive Council  Executive Director  Grand Officers  Foundation Chair  Foundation  Board & Chairperson  Grand President  Grand Past President  Grand Council  Executive Council  Collegiate Chapters  Alumni Chapters  Brothers

7 Regions

8 Foundation  Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute PLEI  Founded 1996  Federal tax identification number is 58-2296988  MISSION: to develops leaders among student pharmacists and pharmacists by conducting programs to improve leadership skills, to strengthen our Profession, and thereby advance the public health. PLEI takes a special interest in supporting and advancing the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity’s mission of developing pharmacy’s future leaders. 

9 Mission of Phi Delta Chi  To develop leaders that will advance the profession of pharmacy.  To promote scholastic, professional, and social growth in its Brothers.  To provide quality services to our patients, thereby advancing public health and strengthening ourselves as health professionals.

10 Values  Service  Leader Development  Brotherhood

11 Service  Service and philanthropy are cornerstones of our Fraternity. We are actively involved in our communities by striving to fulfill the needs of society through volunteerism, philanthropic endeavors, and patient care.  Collegiate Brothers develop knowledge and skills for service and leadership. In turn, these individuals are positioned to permeate the pharmacy profession and community as emerging leaders.

12  Phi Delta Chi adopted St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital as its national philanthropic partner in 1995 St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital  Prescription for Hope Campaign Philanthropy

13  Phi Delta Chi places importance on the growth of individuals and the collective Brotherhood through social, personal, and leadership opportunities, beginning with fraternal education and continuing throughout our professional careers. Leader Development

14 Leadership Opportunities  Chapter  Nine Offices  Five Committees  Faculty Advisor  Region  Collegiate Affairs  Alumni Affairs  Correspondent  Facilitator  National  Six Grand Offices  Project Director  Executive Director  Facilitator  Colony Coordinator  Committees  Foundation  Board Member  Educator

15 Working in cooperation with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute, Phi Delta Chi is the only professional pharmacy fraternity to offer a week dedicated to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of its Brothers. Leader Development Seminar LDS

16 Brotherhood  Our Ritual and traditions stand as proof of an unconditional union with our Brothers.  Our sense of Brotherhood goes beyond the collegiate level, we remain Brothers for Life  Brothers maintain communications and assist each other across the nation and throughout our careers.

17 Grand Councils

18 Retreats

19 Regional Conferences

20 Founder’s Day Celebrations

21 Pharmacy Convention & Receptions

22 Membership Incentive  Scholarships through PLEI and our Achievement Award Program  Leadership  Scholastics  Brotherhood  Publication  Training and education programs to improve therapeutic, leadership, and management skills of pharmacy students and pharmacists.  Communication programs and publications to link all Brothers.  National, regional, and local programs to foster Brotherhood and camaraderie

23 Ask Yourself:  Do I want to have an impact in the community, the school of pharmacy, and the profession?  Do I want to participate in national trips and network Brothers from all across the country?  Do I want to develop myself socially and professionally?  Do I want to be a Leader in Pharmacy?

24 Links  Phi Delta Chi Website Phi Delta Chi Website  I AM PHI DELTA CHI I AM PHI DELTA CHI  Official Phi Delta Chi Facebook Page

25 Leaders in Pharmacy 25

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