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Why are we all here? What traits exemplify a us? What does it mean to be on this team?

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2 Why are we all here? What traits exemplify a us? What does it mean to be on this team?

3 Commitment Trust Support Commitment Trust Support Motivation Consistency Effort Motivation Consistency Effort UNITY DRIVE Honor Respect Sacrifice Honor Respect Sacrifice INTEGRITY

4 We will be disciplined in everything we do. From how we dress, how we act, how we practice and how we play. We do things a certain way for a specific reason. This is why we are successful and why we will continue to have success. Discipline begins when we get up in the morning and eat a good breakfast. Continues as we attend class and practice. Followed by finishing up homework and getting good rest for the next day. Not being able to uphold our team pillars of Unity, Drive and Class will result in loss of playing time and possible dismissal from the team. “Discipline is an all the time thing.” – Dan Chemotti, Head Coach Richmond University (2012 Loyola Assistant)

5 You will be early; on time means you are late! Student handbook section IX: Students are to be in attendance by 2 nd period to participate in practices & games. Practice begins at 4:30p- Prep, 5:30p-JV/V -> you will join your teammates to walk out to the practice field at precisely 5:00p. From 5:00-5:30p we stretch as a team and do early work We are always prepared for practices, games, film and meetings; that means we have our notebooks and a writing utensil for meetings/film & we are always fully equipped by rule (mouth-guards). Late = loss of practice & game time = fall behind = loss of more game time

6 As we know there are more important things than lacrosse; family, academics, faith. These are the only reasons to miss a practice, meeting or film and must be communicated to the coaching staff in person at least 2 days before, unless there is an emergency. Is homework, project or lab a reason to miss team events? All student-athletes are held accountable to balance academics and athletics and to excel in both! Any absences other than for family, academics or faith are considered unexcused. You have 2 unexcused absences, 3 rd results in a two game suspension.

7 During all team activities we are expected to present ourselves in a certain way. Why? It is a demonstration of unity and reverence. How we look and feel sets a precedent for how we practice and play; it represents how we want others to see us and get us in the right frame of mind for the task at hand. GAME - Helmet, gloves, cleats – White - Team issued jersey, shorts, socks -Shooter/t-shirts, arm-guards, etc. – N,W, G. - No hats, no jewelry PRACTICE - Team issued reversible & shorts - Navy or white socks (non-game) -Sweats & sweat shirts to be worn in cold - No hats, no jewelry FILM/MEETINGS/TRAVEL - Team issued shooter/t-shirt & shorts - White/navy socks (non-game) -Tennis/athletic shoes - No hats, no jewelry IN SCHOOL - GAME DAY - Dress shirt & tie -Dress pants & shoes(khakis are acceptable) - No hats, no jewelry

8 As coaches & players we are all expected to be prepared mentally, physically, and logistically for all meetings, film, sessions, practices and games and other team events. This means we come with the right mind set, in the right physical condition & with the needed gear and materials. 1.Did I eat healthy today? Did I hydrate enough? Did I get enough rest? 2.Is my uniform, gear and apparel ready for the next game/practice? 3.Are my game stick and back-up ready to go? 4.I need to see Angie before we get on the bus, how much time do I need? 5.When do I have 15 minutes for wall ball today? 6.When was the last time I went over our clears in the playbook? Ask Yourself... Preparation can alter the ability to learn drills and dictate the outcome of games. We have to take pride in our preparation—we will be rewarded for it.

9 Camp Friendship – Annandale, Mn Some things we did last year included: Ropes challenge course Team building activities Problem solving Communication WE ARE A FAMILY – This has led to many of our successes! -We trust in each other -We support each other -We have high expectations of each other -We push each other to succeed

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