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FVHS Athletics FVHS Frosh Athletics Leadership Orientation.

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1 FVHS Athletics FVHS Frosh Athletics Leadership Orientation

2 FVHS Athletics I. AD’s:Ms. Lawler- Indoor Sports and Aquatics Mr. Eggert- Outdoor Sports II. Why We Are Here: to discuss with you the expectations we have for all FVHS frosh student – athletes in the areas of: - character - honesty - integrity - academic performance - leadership III. To whom much is given, much is expected: With Great Power comes great responsibilityWith Great Power comes great responsibility Intro:

3 FVHS Athletics The mission of FVHS Athletics is to provide student-athletes the opportunity to compete successfully in a high school program which is an integral part of their educational experience.Through well-designed athletic programs promoting community and school pride, FVHS Athletics will provide equitable participation opportunities for student-athletes to develop their leadership potential, grounded in the principles of ethics, integrity, hard work and moral character. Each program will accomplish this mission by developing within each student-athlete a sense of personal satisfaction earned through their contribution towards their team’s success. The FVHS athlete will feel valued, supported, and encouraged through their participation in Baron Athletics, and in so doing will build a life-long love of sport and the maintenance of a healthy life style beyond their years at FVHS. The Mission of FVHS Athletics:

4 FVHS Athletics Avoids"imposter syndrome." Inevitably, there will come a time in your high school career when you feel as if you're walking around with a sign on your back that says, "Dumb Jock." You may feel you don't belong in the same class as the "regular" students, either because of your lack of self-confidence or poor treatment by those who (for whatever reason) don't like athletics. Step out of your comfort zone: Make an effort to cultivate friends outside your small circle of teammates and coaches. Isn't a punch line. We all know him, we've all seen him, and we all know how much of pain he is... that guy. And trust us, every team has one. You don't want to be the player who causes your teammates daily grief. Be on time (in the athletic world, being on time means being early). Be prepared, whether it's practice, class, or study hall. If you are perceived as responsible and reliable from the start, when you are late or you do make a mistake (and you will), you will have created a margin for error. Prepares his mind for academic work: Read. Athletes know the value of physical preparation for competition. The harder you work on the track, in the weight room, and on the field, the more competitive your game. The same principle applies to your academic work. Come ready to compete. Read, read, and then read some more. Reading is a discipline, like running. A Baron 4 Life:

5 FVHS Athletics A Baron 4 Life: Bad LeadersGood Leaders Develop themselves to say “Look at Me” Develop themselves to say “come with me” ForgetFollow through and follow up Stay the sameAre always growing Manipulatemotivate Hold grudgesForgive Give ordersGive direction Give blame and take creditTake responsibility and give credit Make excusesProduce results Talk more than listenListen more than talk Cut cornersWon’t compromise their character by cutting corners

6 FVHS Athletics A Baron 4 Life: Bad LeadersGood Leaders Want their wayWant the best way Turn their backGet your back Waste your timeUtilize your time Tolerate mediocrityExpect excellence Are selfishAre servants Become followersDevelop good leaders Deflateelevate

7 FVHS Athletics Participation in Athletics- We are a jock school because this is what jocks do: Source: “Smart Jock: an Objective Look at Today’s HS Athlete. Joey Walters, EdD.:

8 FVHS Athletics Sexual Harassment- what is it? 1) Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. 2) this is illegal in the workplace and at school; it can result in suspension, arrest or removal from a team. Your normal life is over. 3) if you need help, go to your coach, our ADs or Mr. Lamar

9 FVHS Athletics Bottom Line- treat everyone with respect; recognize that group behavior is sometimes different than individual behavior. Be cautious with Social Media- what you say on Facebook and Twitter can be used against you– it is dated, printable documentation of your behavior. You represent yourselves, your families, your team and your school; Like it or not, you are our future leaders on campus, role models for every athlete and non-athlete in your class; there must be integrity in everything you do, on and off campus. Remember: “The logo never comes off” 24 – 7 – 365 You are the face of the franchise

10 FVHS Athletics I. Think beyond your primary sport- become a dual sport athlete II. Recognition of top frosh each sport season (fall/winter/spring) who best exemplify the traits and characteristics we are discussing today Last Points:

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