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National Junior Honor Society Officer Election Rachel Chan Vice president.

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1 National Junior Honor Society Officer Election Rachel Chan Vice president

2 Hello! My name is Rachel Chan. I’m on the seventh grade GREEN team. I’m excited to be running for vice president of Center Grove Middle School Central’s National Junior Honor Society.

3 Why Do I Want To Run? I greatly enjoy being a leader and want to contribute to the NJHS at Center Grove. I will organize projects to benefit others around us. I will promote projects that enable members of NJHS to make a positive impact on our community and country.

4 What Are My Strengths As a Leader? I make an effort to be role model for others. I strive to be a kind, hardworking, and supportive friend to others. I have leadership experience as a member of Student Council at North Grove

5 GOALS As vice president for NJHS, there are several goals that I want achieved by all members of the society: Promote consistent academic excellence among all participants Exemplify leadership individually among peers Participate whole-heartedly in service projects Represent someone that has a positive impact upon their surroundings Develop ethical traits that signify a strong character

6 Service As members of NJHS, a top priority of our organization is to serve our community.

7 WHAT SERVICE PROJECTS AM I THINKING ABOUT FOR THE FUTURE? Cleaning up trash and litter around Center Grove Reaching out to the elderly population (projects that benefit nursing homes) Helping and/or donating to local food pantries and shelters Raising money for organizations that address significant problems in foreign countries

8 Clean Up Center Grove This project would include: – Picking up litter around our schools and parks – Recycling at local recycling centers – Donating money to environmental foundations and organizations Reach Out to the Elderly This project would include: – Raising money to support nursing homes – Visiting and entertaining elderly people who live at nursing homes

9 Raising Money for Foreign Countries This project would include: – Food drives – Donation of money – Supporting a family and/or families – Helping at a food pantry Minimizing Poverty in Our Community This project would include: – Donation of money to organizations that address problems in foreign countries such as Hunger Orphans living conditions Water conditions

10 I’m eager and enthusiastic to begin a successful year in the National Junior Honor Society!

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