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Chicago Inclusive Culture Committee Islam: The Muslim Faith.

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1 Chicago Inclusive Culture Committee Islam: The Muslim Faith

2 Facts and Figures Largest Muslim country –Indonesia (approx. 170 million) Largest non-Muslim country –India (approx. 100 million) Ethnic breakdown –82% Non-Arab –18% Arabs

3 Muslim Population India/Pakistan/Bangladesh250-300 Million Africa200 Million Arab countries180 Million Southeast Asia170 Million Iran50 Million Central Asia50 Million China50 Million Europe 20 Million North America6 Million South America3 Million Australia1 Million Worldwideover 1 Billion

4 Islam in the U.S. African American42.0% South Asian24.4% Arab12.4% African5.2% Iranian3.6% Turk2.4% Caucasian American1.6% Undetermined5.6%

5 Early Muslims in the US Evidences of Pre-Columbian Islamic civilization in the New World. Slaves (1/5 during 18th/19th century) Since 1875, Muslims have immigrated to the US for various reasons. Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb

6 Islam: “Peace through submission to God” Muslim: “One who submits to God.” What is Islam?

7 Islamic Values Monotheism and commitment to one God Education and Literacy Modesty and Chastity Honesty, Trustworthiness, Humility Family as a basic unit of society Consultation and Consensus Purity of intent and action

8 Belief and Principles God (Allah) Angels Revealed Books Revealed Messengers Day of Judgement Pre-destination

9 Belief in God Tawheed (Monotheism) Neither begets nor begotten

10 Belief in Angels Gabriel (Archangel) Isra’il (Angel of Death)

11 Revealed Books Torah (Moses) Zaboor (David) Injeel (Jesus) Qu’ran (Mohammed)

12 Revealed Prophets Adam Noah Abraham Isaac Moses Solomon David John the Baptist Jesus Zacharias Elisha Elias Mohammed

13 Day of Judgement Belief in Hereafter Accountability of how you lived your life Balance of both good and bad deeds

14 The Abrahamic Faiths Similarities –Monotheism –Day of Judgment –Almsgiving –Angels –Prophets –Books Differences –Fasting –Salat –Prophet—Muhammad –Books—Qur’an –Prohibited things: pork alcohol gambling extramarital relations

15 5 Pillars of Islam Shahadah Salat (Prayer) Zakat (Charity) Sawm (Fast) Hajj (Pilgrimage)

16 Shahadah (Declaration of Faith) Believe in no God but one God, and Muhammed (PBUH) is His last messenger.

17 Salat (Prayer) Worship 5 times a day »pre-dawn »noon »mid-afternoon »after sunset »night Qibla (Facing Mecca) Adhan (Call to prayers)

18 Zakat (Charity) Eligible Muslims pay alms, an annual basis that helps to “purify” their wealth. Funds collected are distributed to the poor, orphans, and needy in society. Zakah consists of giving 2.5% of one’s accumulated wealth. Even a smile is charity

19 Sawm (Fasting) Cannot eat from sunrise to sunset Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan Fasting helps Muslims: –build will-power –feel compassion –purify body –strengthen their community relations

20 Hajj (Pilgrimage) Once in a lifetime Commemorates the trials of Abraham and his family About 2-3 million people perform the Hajj annually

21 Islamic Holidays Eid ul- Fitr (end of Ramadan) Eid ul- Adha (10th day of the month of Hajj)

22 Further References zenithco/ http://www.islam-

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