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Peoples of the Book The Story of Three Monotheistic Religions.

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1 Peoples of the Book The Story of Three Monotheistic Religions

2 The Three “Abrahamic” Faiths: JudaismChristianityIslam

3 Beginnings of Judaism

4 Abraham’s Geneaology ABRAHAM SARAH HAGAR Isaac Esau Jacob 12 Tribes of Israel Ishmael 12 Arabian Tribes

5 Abraham’s Journey from Ur

6 Abraham’s Journeys

7 Yahweh’s “Covenant” With His People Yahweh’s “Covenant” With His People The Torah: The First Five Books of the Hebrew Bible

8 Ancient Palestine

9 Noah

10 Moses

11 The Exodus

12 Route of the Exodus

13 Moses & the Ten Commandments A new “covenant” with Yahweh

14 Mount Sinai

15 King David’s Empire

16 Solomon’s Kingdom Solomon’s Kingdom

17 Jerusalem: Reading the Torah

18 Symbols of Jewish Culture

19 Beginnings of Christianity Beginnings of Christianity

20 Herod the Great’s Kingdom


22 The Beginnings of Christianity in Bethlehem

23 Jesus’ Mission Crucifixion Baptism Healing the Sick

24 St. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles

25 The Spread of Christianity

26 Symbols of Christian Culture

27 Beginnings of Islam: Submission to the Will of God

28  Muslims worship the same God as Jews and Christians. The Arabic word for God is Allah. Remember that Islam traces its roots back to Abraham – the same Abraham of the Bible.

29 The Prophetic Tradition Adam Noah Abraham Moses Jesus Muhammad

30 The Origins of the Qur’an Muhammad received his 1 ST revelation from the angel Gabriel in a Cave in Hira in 610. 622  Muhammad flees Mecca for Medina. * Marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar (1 A.H.)

31 The Qur’an  Muslims believe it contains the word of God.  “In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful.”  It is written in Arabic.

32 The Five Pillars of Islam

33 1. The Shahada The declaration of faith: There is no god but God, And Muhammad is His Messenger [or Prophet]. There is no god but God, And Muhammad is His Messenger [or Prophet].

34 2. The Salat  The mandatory prayers performed 5 times a day: - dawn - noon - late afternoon - sunset - before going to bed  Wash before praying.  Face Mecca and use a prayer rug.

35 2. The Salat * The call to prayer by the muezzin in the minaret. * Pray in the mosque on Friday.

36 3. The Zakat *Muslims believe that all things belong to God. *Almsgiving (charitable donations). *About 3% of their income.

37 4. The Sawm  Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.  Considered a method of self- purification.  No eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan.

38 5. The Hajj  The pilgrimage to Mecca.  Must be done at least once in a Muslim’s lifetime.  2-3 million Muslims make the pilgrimage every year.

39 Symbols of Islam

40 Muslims and Christians in the World Today Muslims and Christians in the World Today

41 Countries with the Largest Muslim Population 1.Indonesia183,000,0006.Iran62,000,000 2.Pakistan134,000,0007.Egypt59,000,000 3.India121,000,0008.Nigeria53,000,000 4.Bangladesh114,000,0009.Algeria31,000,000 5.Turkey66,000,00010.Morocco29,000,000 * Arabs make up only 20% of the total Muslim population of the world.

42 Muslims in America

43 Christianity – 2 billion today



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