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Tropical Africa and Asia,

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1 Tropical Africa and Asia, 1200-1500
John Ermer AP World History Miami Beach Senior High

2 The Tropics Muslim world stretched from Spain to India and to southeast Asia, and southern Eurasia to Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia share religious and geographic similarities Arabic, Islam, tropical weather, monsoons Ibn-Battuta travels through Muslim world Tropical climates present difficulties, and many different cultures emerge throughout the tropics Hunting and gathering Biological changes among population (Pygmys) Animal domestication Water control & irrigation Delhi Sultinate ( ) canal system/dry season Mineral wealth

3 Monsoons


5 Tropical Islam Mali (Bilad al-sudan) Sultanate of Delhi (India)
Founded by Africans who earlier converted to Islam Mostly learned of Islam through trade, not force Islam appealed to poor (alms) and leaders (military, admin) Grew rich through Sub-Saharan trade/gold Sundiata leads Malinke people to victory, founds Mali Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca, gold & edu. Mansa Suleiman & Ibn-Battuta’s travels Sultanate of Delhi (India) Turkish Muslims easily defeat small Indian states Eventually recognized as official by caliph, pacified Some sultans tolerant, most used terror to control land Muslim infighting and Hindu challenges end Delhi Sultanate Bahmani Empire (Muslim) Vijayanager Empire (Hindu)

6 Ibn Battuta

7 Timbuktu

8 African Christianity Early Christian communities established in N. Africa c. 350: Kingdom of Axum converts to Christianity Ethiopian kingdom, Bible translated Solomonic dynasty claims ties to David and Solomon Ethiopia remains Christian island, surrounded by Islam Ethiopian Christianity takes on unique qualities

9 Indian Ocean 1200: Indian Ocean=world’s richest trade zone
Western trade made on dhows (Indian ships) Eastern trade made on junks (Chinese ships) Swahili Africa & Zimbabwe (Sawahil al-sudan) Arab and Iranian merchants establish trade on Swahili Coast looking for gold Trading towns and economies emerge on east coast Gold came from Great Zimbabwe Inland kingdom on plateau south of Zambezi River Declined due to ecological disaster Aden Rich and tolerant trading post in South Arabia The Malabar Coast and Gujarat Grows rich from exporting cotton and indigo West Large textile manufacturing center Malacca Main port city between Indian Ocean & South China Sea Cosmopolitan city


11 Cultural Changes Growth of noble and slave populations
Swahili mosques combine local materials with Middle Eastern architectural styles Hindu architecture influences mosque designs Islam spreads literacy in Africa & Asia Urdu Persian influenced Hindi literature Arabic speaking Quarnic schools in Timbuktu Status of Hindu women rise, but harems abound Tropical women produce most of the farm work Converting to Islam gave women more rights Not all Arab social norms followed Islam, some non-Arab Muslim women had more rights than Arab women


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