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SPONGE 1.Besides being active, what is another way of being physically healthy? 2.Can you think of a different way to be healthy besides being physically.

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1 SPONGE 1.Besides being active, what is another way of being physically healthy? 2.Can you think of a different way to be healthy besides being physically healthy? Wellness, Day 1

2 Wellness Section 1 The Wellness Wheel and Addiction

3 Total Health Many people think of being physically fit when they hear the term “health” but there are many dimensions to health. Total Health means being healthy in all 6 areas of health: –Mental Health –Environmental Health –Social Health –Spiritual Health –Physical Health –Emotional Health

4 Mental Health –Mental Health means cooperating in creative, interesting intellectual activities to better your mind. –Mentally healthy people: Keep an open mind Are curious Are active thinkers Can think critically Ask questions Find solutions

5 Environmental Health –Environmental Health means being aware of your surroundings and making them better to improve your health. –Your environment isn’t just nature and the earth; it is everything around you, from your room to your house, to your town, etc. –Environmentally healthy people: Protect themselves from hazardous surroundings Clean their spaces Explore their surroundings Avoid extreme noise Don’t litter

6 Social Health –Social Health means developing good relationships and expressing yourself appropriately to others. –Socially healthy people: Are able to express themselves without hurting people’s feelings Don’t lash out at people Make lasting friendships Try to enjoy their family Contribute to the community Feel like they belong Join clubs or sports Speak openly and honestly

7 Spiritual Health –Spiritual Health means finding meaning and purpose in life beyond yourself. –A spiritually healthy person is not necessarily religious. –Spiritually healthy people: Develop faith in something beyond themselves Foster compassion for humanity Are inspired to do great things Want to give to others Have a lower rate of depression Recover more quickly than others Have a longer life expectancy

8 Physical Health –Physical Health means keeping a healthy body by eating well and exercising. –Most physically healthy people do not look like professional athletes or models. –Physically healthy people: Are aware of the symptoms of illness Avoid unhealthy habits Have regular check-ups Prevent injuries Make exercise a habit Typically live longer Usually are more content with life

9 Emotional Health –Emotionally healthy people deal with their emotions and feel positive about who they are. –This does not mean always being happy, but being able to express yourself in positive ways. –Emotionally healthy people: Have a positive self-image Deal with feelings constructively Develop optimism Work to behave well Don’t bottle feelings up

10 Wellness Wellness means actively making choices and decisions that promote good health. –What choices could be made about your… Mental health? Environmental health? Social health? Spiritual health? Physical health? Emotional health?

11 Factors that Affect Your Wellness There are many factors in your life that affect your health. The most important are: –Behavior (choices and attitudes) –Heredity –Environment –Available health care

12 Heredity –Heredity is the passing on of traits from parents to their children. –Heredity can be a huge factor in your physical features such as weight, height, hair color, skin color, etc. –You can also be given traits that influence your health. Can you think of an example? –For example lets count who… Can roll their tongue Has a widow’s peak Has double jointed fingers Has attached ear lobes Has dimples

13 Environment Environment is the sum total of your surroundings. Your environment includes your school, friend and other stuff around you. How does your environment affect your health if… –Y–Your friends are in sports and clubs –Y–Your parents buy a lot of junk food –Y–Your brother or sister gets into drugs –T–The heat doesn’t work in your house –T–The air in your town is smoggy

14 Health Care –Where you live and how you are able to find help determines the type of health care you can get. –If you don’t live near a large city: It may be harder to find a good doctor You may not have the right facilities to help you Where do people around here go when they are severely hurt? –If you don’t have enough money or insurance Hospitals are supposed to help in emergencies even you even if you can’t afford their services. You may not get the best treatment without these resources.

15 Behavior We often form habits that play a huge part in our health. Can you think of one? We have control over our behavior, so this is one area where you can improve your health: –Notice which of your habits are unhealthy –Realize that you face dozens of decisions everyday that could improve your health –Notice how your attitude affects your health –Develop an Internal Locus of Control (the belief that your actions decide your experiences.)

16 The Wellness Wheel This is a tool used to determine your total health. Answer the questions on the questionnaire – Be honest with yourself! Once done, average your score and fill out each “pie” to see which areas of health you are good in and which you need to work on. After you have finished the wheel answer the questions below.

17 Example 4 = Yes, always or usually 3 = Often 2 = Sometimes, maybe 1 = Occasionally, rarely 0 = No, never or hardly ever

18 4 3 2 1 0 Question I believe my body is in good physical condition. I participate in moderate physical activities at least twice a week. I participate in a vigorous sporting activity at least once a week. I stand and walk with good posture, not slumped over. I feel I am at a healthy weight. I think my diet is balanced and wholesome. I am aware that I feel different when I eat different foods and chose foods that help me feel good. I drink 3 or fewer sodas and energy drinks per week. I get 8 hours of sleep at night. I have plenty of energy.

19 Do the Math ____ = Total points ÷ 0100 (number of statements answered) = ____ Average score Then fill out the pie piece!

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