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Dimensions of Health.

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1 Dimensions of Health

2 Definition of Wellness:
State of well-being in which all of the components of health: physical, mental/emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual are in balance.

3 Mental/Emotional Health
Free from mental illness Feels good about themselves Able to meet the demands of life Able to deal with feelings in a positive, constructive manner A person with mental/emotional health is generally happy, as opposed to depressed

4 Intellectual Health Ability to learn and use information to enhance one’s quality of life A person with intellectual health is an informed person, as opposed to ignorant

5 Physical Health Free from physical illnesses that affect the body systems. Good physical fitness and a body that can function effectively to meet the demands of daily living A person with physical health is generally described as fit as opposed to unfit.

6 Social Health A person’s ability to successfully interact with others and build meaningful relationships A person with social health is generally described as involved as opposed to lonely

7 Spiritual Health Ability to develop a values system and act on that system of beliefs. Ability to seek meaning and purpose in everyday living A person with spiritual health is generally described as fulfilled as opposed to unfulfilled.

8 Assignment: Personal Wellness Model
Create a model that represents your level of wellness in each of the 5 Dimensions of Health. Your model can be any shape or design you choose. Include words/pictures to represent at least 3 things that you do (or would like to do) to keep yourself healthy in each dimension. Design your model to show how balanced the 5 Dimensions of Health are in your life right now. Assignment is worth 20 points: 5 areas represented, 3 examples in each= 15 points 5 points for creative design, spelling, neatness, visual appeal

9 For Example: Mental Health: I talk to my friends/family
I take time for relaxation I stay organized and plan Physical Health: I exercise regularly I eat a healthy diet I get regular checkups from a doctor Spiritual Health: I attend church I read inspirational books I set goals that are meaningful to me Intellectual Health: I continually research topics that interest me I learn new skills every year I practice skills that are challenging for me Social Health: I spend time with friends/family I connect with friends that live far away on a regular basis I belong to several communities of people with similar interests as me.

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