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قال الرسول الكريم: المؤمن مرآة أخيه. رحم الله من أهدى إليّ عيوبي.

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1 قال الرسول الكريم: المؤمن مرآة أخيه

2 رحم الله من أهدى إليّ عيوبي


4 PREGNANCY Medico legal aspects

5 Medico-legal importance: 1.In cases of rape. 2.When a woman is committed to death 3.In cases of divorce 4.widow may allege to be pregnant 5.Married women living apart from their husbands

6 Diagnosis of pregnancy Probable signs of pregnancy:   Breast signs   Abdominal wall signs   Vulva signs   Vaginal signs   Uterine signs

7 breast abdominal vaginal vulva Uterine

8 Sure signs of pregnancy: 1.Inspection of fetal movements after the 4th month. 2.Palpation of fetal parts after the 4-month. 3.Auscultation of the fetal heart beats between the 4 th and 5 th month.

9 Size of the uterus: 1.small orange 2.large orange 3.size of fetal head  umbilicus at the end of the 6th month  reaching the xiphoid at the end 9th M



12 4- Radiography of the fetus after the 5 th month 5- Ultra-sonography 6-The immunological test

13 Estimation of gestational period in livings: palpating the level of the fundus sonography.

14 Estimation of gestational period in dead Hess formula length Before the 5th month = (month) 2 After 5th month = month x 5

15 2- DELIVERY  Medico-legal importance of delivery 1.when a widow alleges that she gave birth to an infant 2.when a murdered newly born infant is found 3.Interchange of infants

16 Signs of recent delivery 1.General signs of exhaustion 2.Breasts 3.Abdominal wall: 4.External genitals: 5. Lochia

17 6-External cervical os: 7-Ovaries: 8- Uterus a)Immediately after delivery b)One week after delivery c)Two weeks after delivery d)Six weeks after delivery


19 Five Day Post-partum Uterus

20 Signs of remote delivery in living  Breasts:.  Abdominal wall: Lax abdominal wall with linea albicantes.  Perineum: Scars of old perineal tears.  Vagina: Smooth, dilated  Cervix: External cervical os is transverse (slit- shaped)

21 ABORTION  Definition   ML conditions in which a female is examined for sings of abortion 1. 1.After a blow in a fight 2.Medical man gave abortifacient drugs 3.conceal abortion after being charged with it


23 Types of abortion 1-Spontaneous abortion  Diseases of the mother  Diseases of the fetus

24 2-Induced abortion: A)Therapeutic (lawful) abortion Precautions before performance of therapeutic abortion

25 Methods A) A)D&C B) B)Suction aspiration: C) C)hysterotomy

26 B) Criminal (unlawful) abortion

27 Methods of induction of criminal abortion 1.General violence 2.Local violence 3.Abortifacient drugs

28 Dangers of abortion 1- Neurogenic shock 2- Hemorrhage: 3- Embolism: a)Air embolism: passage of air opened placental sinuses. b) Soap or glycerin embolisms. c) Thrombo-embolism:

29 4- Acute poisoning. 5- Sepsis.

30 DIAGNOSIS OF ABORTION  Patient ’s consent  Signs of pregnancy  Signs of general violence  Signs of local violence  Laboratory investigations  Products of abortion

31 Person Subject-of-a-life Birth Viability Fetus Embryo Zygote-implantation Egg


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