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Dr: Abeer Abdelwahab Sharaf Eldin

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1 Dr: Abeer Abdelwahab Sharaf Eldin
Sexual Offences By Dr: Abeer Abdelwahab Sharaf Eldin Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

2 Types of Sexual Offences
I- Natural Sexual Offences: Rape. Adultery. Indecent assault. II.Unnatural Sexual Offences: Homosexual Offences Incest. 3. Necrophilia Pedophilia. 5. Sadism and Masochism. 6. Indecent exposure.

3 Rape Definition Unlawful sexual intercourse by a man with a women against her will or without her consent , by force, fear, fraud.


5 Conditions of Valid Consent
Women above 18 years. San. Conscious. She must not under effect of narcotics, anesthetics or alcoholic. She must not be under a threat, fear or fraud.


7 Medical Examination of Rape The doctor’s duty in the examination of rape
Immediate care to substance overdose, any injury or serious wounds. The doctor should start the examination as soon as possible. In order to say that rape occurred, the doctor should provide information on the following: Continued

8 Was the women virgin ? Has there been sexual intercourse (recent or distant past). Are there general injuries suggesting a struggle or restraint? Are there injuries in the genital organs? If present, are they consistent with consenting or indicative of sexual intercourse.

9 Examination of Victims
Consent. A full record of the examination. History. Physical examination (general and local). Evidences in rape. Forensic laboratory analysis.

10 Evidences in Rape Blood stains. Semen. Foreign hair.
Photographing of teeth marks. Saliva. Skin tags or blood under the finger nails of the victim. A venous blood samples. A vaginal swab for microbiological culture. Pregnancy. Clothes.


12 Rape Kits

13 Examination of Accused
Consent. General examination. Local (genital examination). Trace evidence. The pubic hair should be combed. Samples of pubic hair, head and moustache or bread. Blood samples for grouping, alcohol, DNA and venereal infection.

14 Medico-legal reasons for diagnosis of virginity: Alleged rape.
Alleged impotence of a husband. Alleged non-virginity of a wife.

15 Evidences of Virginity
Intact hymen. Intact posterior commissure. Narrow vagina. Firm and rounded labia majora, it completely closes the vaginal orifices which remains close in lithotomy position Firm hemisphere breasts with small nipples surrounded by rosy areola.

16 Hymen Definition: the hymen is a thin membrane which partially closes the vaginal orifice in the vagina. Types: 1- semilunar Annular Dental. 4- Fimbriate Cribriform Septate. 7-Imperforate .

17 Evidence of hymenal rupture
Recent rupture Old rupture Redness tenderness tearing bleeding edema. No tenderness – no redness or bleeding . Tears reach the vaginal wall which show scar on illumination.



20 Homosexual offences 1- Lesbianism. 2- sodomy, buggery or pederasty.
Homosexual acts between males where the active partner in anal intercourse is said to commit sodomy. Buggery is the penile penetration of anus of a man, women, or animal.

21 Examination of Active Partner
May have some lubricant on the penis or adjacent skin and fecal material under the prepuce which can be recovered with a swab.

22 Examination of Passive Partner Acute Sodomy
Fissures and tears of the mucosa. Anal pain. Anal hemorrhage. Two swabs should be taken before examination ( external anal swab from perianal area- from the lower rectum). Presence of semen in the anus or rectum is evidence of alleged sodomy.

23 Examination of Passive Partner Chronic Sodomy
Funnel- shaped anus. Permanently dilated anus. Visible inner mucosa. Easily exposure of rectal mucosa on separation of buttocks. Weak or lost anal sphincter.

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