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…inspired by the Camphill movement KINGSTON. Mosaic  M eaningful  O pportunities  S ocial  A wareness  I nclusive  C ulture KINGSTON …inspired by.

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Presentation on theme: "…inspired by the Camphill movement KINGSTON. Mosaic  M eaningful  O pportunities  S ocial  A wareness  I nclusive  C ulture KINGSTON …inspired by."— Presentation transcript:

1 …inspired by the Camphill movement KINGSTON

2 Mosaic  M eaningful  O pportunities  S ocial  A wareness  I nclusive  C ulture KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

3 Our Mission Statement  The Kingston Mosaic Group's mission is to create Mosaic School: a holistic (education, medical, arts, spirituality & agriculture) program of care, curative education and vocational training for children and youth with developmental disabilities.  The school will be built within the context of a social therapeutic community setting, according to the principles and ideals of Waldorf Education and the Camphill Movement. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

4 A Few Definitions:  Curative Education:  Curative education means healing education and it is an inter-disciplinary task in which different professions and functions work together. It includes remedial teachers, medical practitioners, teachers, parents, therapists and artists. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

5  Waldorf Education:  In a Waldorf School, dramatic, visual, musical, and movement arts, along with practical skills such as woodworking, weaving, sewing, and gardening, are integrated with traditional academic subjects. This is why Waldorf schools, including Camphill Special School, are known for educating the whole human being – head, heart, and hands. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

6  Camphill Movement:  Camphill involves residential and day program communities and schools for adults and children with developmental disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs. They provide services, work, learning and daily living based on the principles of Waldorf education.  The International Camphill Movement is an innovative leader in the fields of disabilities and intentional communities for seventy years, and fifty years in North America.  There are 119 Camphill communities in 23 countries in Europe, North America, Southern Africa and Asia. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

7  Camphill is dedicated to creating communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment and recognition of each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society. The result is an offering to all community members a life of accomplishment, celebration and meaning.  Camphill Special School in Beaver Run, Pennsylvania is currently the only Camphill-based school in North America for young children and youth.  When MOSAIC School opens, it will be the first one of its kind in Canada. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

8 How it all Started…  Karl König (25 September 1902 – 27 March 1966) was an Austrian pediatrician who founded the Camphill Movement in 1939 near Aberdeen, Scotland. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

9 Our Vision  After visiting Camphill Special School, we realized the wish for our son and other children with special needs to have access to education that is therapeutic to all senses: a holistic, wholesome and healing environment in a practical and arts based education and life. To be a part of a community where they will grow, heal and learn to find and contribute their own special gifts. KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

10 What does Camphill look like?  Camphill Special School is located in Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1963 and is a cutting -edge educational community, serving children and youth with mild to severe developmental disabilities.  It consists of a residential and day academic and prevocational programs as well as therapeutic care for children in kindergarten through grade 12. The transition program for young people ages 18-21 is located at a nearby farm.

11  Camphill Special School is located on 88 acres situated on sprawling hills lined with apple trees and surrounded by creeks and forests. There is a barn with horses, main farm and garden with nine lovely residential homes where currently 55 students reside with their house parents.  There is the kindergarten house which offers a fully inclusive program for typically developing and some have special needs. No matter their level of ability, all of the students care about and appreciate one another for who they are.

12  The main school-where the Eurythmy and main therapy room is- is central to the homes and the woodworking room, pottery room, grocery store, bakery, weaving room and main theatre.

13 Eurythmy Room  Eurythmy: created in 1912 (Rudolph Steiner); a form of artistic expression and a means to support healthy development in children.  Therapeutic eurythmy involves modified gestures that are intensified. Repeated practice stimulates healing life forces, restores balance, and can correct constitutional problems.

14 Main Theatre

15 Pottery Room

16 Where Are We Now?  Kingston MOSAIC Group was founded in January 2014 and consists of 8 founding members who meet bi-weekly. Our meeting on the first Tuesday of each month is open to the public.  Our group is comprised of people with different expertise, among them parents of special needs children, teachers, artists, doctors, administrators. We currently have two teachers with a lot of experience and training in drama and working with special needs children who will instruct for our theatre group.  Kingston MOSAIC Group is working with a lawyer to finalize incorporation documents and register as a non-profit & charitable organization. …inspired by the Camphill movement KINGSTON

17 Where Are We Now? SHORT TERM GOALS Establish an urban presence & programming: Early years program Theatre program Inclusive play group Parent support Summer Programming →→→→ LONGER TERM GOALS Establish a rural centre A main school Woodworking, pottery, weaving room Grocery store, bakery and main theatre Therapies: conventional PT, OT & Speech; horseback riding, art, music, massage, eurythmy, coloured-light therapy Eventual residential homes KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

18 What’s Next?  Build community to support and carry the initiative forward – parents, teachers, therapists, volunteers & establish cooperative partnerships with relevant organizations.  Fundraising  Start with weekly programming:  Theatre group  Play group  Parent support group …inspired by the Camphill movement KINGSTON

19 Camphill is an impulse for social renewal and an evolving social organism. "Let us not do it in words, but in deeds. To serve and not to rule; to help and not to force; to love and not to harm will be our task." -Karl König KINGSTON …inspired by the Camphill movement

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