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The Night Markets In Kaohsiung Taiwan. The night markets map in Kaohsiung.

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1 The Night Markets In Kaohsiung Taiwan

2 The night markets map in Kaohsiung

3 All about the night markets in Kaohsiung We have many night markets in Kaohsiung Taiwan. There are a lot of diverse special snacks, and the booth of different forms are compelling, It is showing the inheritance and innovation.

4 Liuhe Night Market

5 All about the Liuhe Night Market

6 Ruifeng Night Market The things about Rueifong Night Market

7 Delicious snacks in Kaohsiung Taiwan

8 S t i n k y t o f u < 3 We often used way of eating deep-fried in Taiwan. We often used to with pickled cabbage, because we want to relieve stinky tofu's greasy. Fried stinky tofu is common cuisine in traditional Taiwanese,whether it is in night market or in a part of restaurant, you always can see the stinky tofu.

9 T o f u - p u d d i n g < 3 We always eat tofu-pudding with syrup or brown sugar.We usually eat ice tofu- pudding in summer, but we add hot syrup in winter.In recent years, also appeared in the tofu-pudding into the freezer for ice to form frozen tofu-pudding. Some people also add ginger juice in the syrup to fend off the cold, or add fruit, green beans, red beans, or rice balls to taste.

10 P i g ’ s b l o o d c a k e < 3 Rice blood pudding, and some food stands called pig's blood cake, while others are called peanut pig's blood cake, It's coated with sauce, and then according to customer needs only add sweet chili sauce or hot sauce, or coupled with thick peanut flour and a little parsley, then plug in the bamboo, direct in our hands to eat, the pig's blood cake is a indispensable night market snacks in Taiwan.

11 A b e r d e e n t u b e c a k e s < 3 Aberdeen tube cakes are common sticky rice class of snacks, it cooks ​​ in bamboo tube,according to legend in Su's "Chou Chi notes",the book have been aberdeen tube cakes documented.When you making Aberdeen tube rice cakes.The first of all to saute together with sticky rice,mushrooms, red onion, soy sauce, salt, wine and oil,and the cut the spiced corned egg meat into the aberdeen tube,then steamed it, after cooked, pour it on a plate, topped with sweet sauce and parsley, and the aberdeen tube cakes finish.

12 O y s t e r o m e l e t < 3 Oyster omelet's first step is to put the oil in pan, and then put the oysters, stirred eggs, vegetables and then topped with cornstarch water, when the oyster omelet is well-cooked, put it to a dish, and then topped with special sauce, then you can enjoy the food. Almost every night market can find stands that sell oyster omelets in Taiwan.

13 P e a r l m i l k t e a < 3 Pearl milk tea, also known as tapioca milk tea, Boba tea, tea culture is a pearl, the pearls add mellow milk tea, there are also "pearl tea", "pearl tea" different teas, because taste special, so loved by everyone, has become one of Taiwan's most representative drinks.



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