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Taiwanese Eating Culture– Cuisine Presented by Tina Shen.

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1 Taiwanese Eating Culture– Cuisine Presented by Tina Shen

2 Ingredient Agriculture products– rice, corn, tea Seafood– tuna, sardines, squid, tiny fish, cuttlefish, crab… Poultry– Pork, chicken Seasoning– soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil… Fruits– banana, pineapple, papaya, tomato…

3 Typical Dishes Ingredients are often rice, meat, egg, and some seasoning such as soy sauce, ginger, vinegar, cilantro, basil (nine-story tower)… They are common that we can often order them in restaurants. They are also main dishes that Taiwanese people have for meals.

4 Oily Rice Minced Pork Rice Containing savory oils and pork meat. Minced fatty pork served on rice.

5 Turkey Rice Bowl Pork Ball Strip turkey with braised pork. [Cha-yi] Often eaten in soup. [Chin-chu]

6 Oyster Noodles Tan Tzai Noodles Oyster + pig intestines + thin noodles + cilantro + vinegar Originated in Tainan with marinated eggs and some minced pork

7 Three-cup Chicken Pork Knuckles Fried Chicken with wine, sesame oil and soy Sauce The most famous one is Pin-tong pork knuckles. The common cooking way is braised with soy sauce.

8 Night Market Dishes or Snacks “Night market” is a very special feature of Taiwanese eating culture. Foods in night market are made of common Taiwanese food ingredients but added with some varieties and creativity when they are cooked.

9 Double Layer Roll Sausages Small sausage in large sausage. [Shi- ling night market] Taiwanese sausages with many flavors. [Everywhere]

10 Meat Circle Pork Thick Soup Sticky gelatinous dough filled with pork, bamboo shoots, shiitake, and served with a savory sweet sauce Pork made into long shape and cooked in thick soup. [Keelong]

11 Cuttlefish Soup Shawarma Thickened soup with cuttlefish wrapped in fish paste. Brought over from Turkey decades ago. Chicken, cabbage, tomato, onions, ketchup, and mayonnaise in leavened bun.

12 Grilled Corn Grilled Squid A more recent appearance on the night market scene Put on a stick and often marinated, then grilled

13 Stinky Tofu Oyster Omelet Fermented tofu with special smell. Eaten with pickle. Made with egg, oyster, cilantro and vegetable. Eaten with sweet mildly spicy sauce and topped with cilanto.

14 Fried Chicken Pieces Pork Blood Cake Small chunks of chicken sprinkled with peppers and basil flavor Made form pork blood and rice. Cut into rectangular and topped with peanut paste, hot sauce, and cilantro

15 Coffin Bread Scallion Pancake Flour pancake with many thin layers, made with scallions. Thick cut bread fried with egg and filled with savory fillings.

16 Desserts Ingredients are mostly fruits and something made from taro or yam. Some ingredients are healthy with certain function.

17 Taiwanese Crepes Candied Crabapples wheat-based wrapper filled with a variety of choices, such as seafood, vegetable and dried tofu... Crabapples are stuffed with preserved plums, and then candied

18 Pearl Milk Tea Milk tea black tapioca pearls visible at the bottom of the cup. Taiwanese original drink and is famous in the world.

19 Grass Jelly Jelly Fig Gelatinous desserts which are healthy to human bodies. Both of them can calm our internal heat.

20 Fruits or Beans Smoothies Shaved Ice Milk or ice is blended on the spot with fresh papaya, mango, watermelon, red bean, or green bean Shaved ice with various toppings to choose from: red beans, green beans, pineapple, condensed milk, grass jelly, lychees, peanuts, rice balls, etc.

21 Taro Cake / Ice A dessert made of frozen taro root paste, and there’re many different kinds of form.

22 Conclusion Taiwanese people value eating very much. That’s why there are night markets, which allows people to eat anytime! There are many ways to cook dishes, and the use of seasoning is quite important. Now, there’s not only traditional Taiwanese food, but many cooking methods and ingredients used are affected by foreign dishes.

23 Reference Wikipedia Yahoo Picture Search

24 The End Thank You for Your Attention

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