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Berni Mundy, Working Age Benefits Division (Policy) Jobcentre Plus 20 April 2011 Reassessing Incapacity Benefits.

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1 Berni Mundy, Working Age Benefits Division (Policy) Jobcentre Plus 20 April 2011 Reassessing Incapacity Benefits

2 Jobcentre Plus 2 The trial for the reassessment of Incapacity Benefit customers in Aberdeen and Burnley started October last year. Since October 2010 and through to Spring 2014 customers who receive Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance and Income Support paid on the grounds of illness or disability will be assessed for Employment and Support Allowance. Those assessed fully capable of work will be invited to make a claim to Jobseeker’s Allowance, be able to claim Income Support (if they are entitled under a different condition of entitlement) or will move off benefit. Those who cannot work or have limited capability to work will move to Employment and Support Allowance. Background

3 The first stage of reassessment began in October 2010 with a Trial involving 1,700 customers in and around Burnley and Aberdeen. The Trial has tested a new process providing a number of additional support measures for customers as they go through their reassessment journey. Over 1,500 customers have now been informed of the outcome of their reassessment. The trial has provided information on customer and staff experiences and which has helped inform national roll-out. Incapacity benefits reassessment Trial

4 Customer journey Someone calls me to give further information and advice, find out if I need extra help with the process Someone calls me to arrange a WCA WRAG Support Group I attend the WFI Appeals I write a letter / call to appeal* I receive a letter informing me that changes are about to commence and advising me on the next steps The Jobcentre contacts me to arrange a WFI I attend the WCA with Atos I receive a letter with my ESA award notification Atos call me to arrange & conduct a WFHRA~ ALLOWED Someone calls to gather any missing information and explain the next steps (this TP only applies to customers with missing information) I receive a medical questionnaire to fill out I become aware about forthcoming changes to my benefits I receive a letter informing me of benefit disallowance and the WCA outcome DISALLOWED 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 11 12 13 14 15 Someone calls to inform me of the entitlement decision and advises me of my options. If I wish to claim JSA I am transferred to someone who takes my claim details 7 I receive a letter with my JSA award notification 17 *if customer calls they will be told appeal needs to be in writing Someone calls to advise on ESA entitlement and next steps in the ESA regime Someone calls to confirm information for reconsideration^ 16 8 10 08/09/10 Version: 4.0 ~WFHRAs have been suspended for 2 years from 19/07/2010

5 Working with Stakeholders External stakeholders have been involved throughout the design of the reassessment of incapacity benefits. National stakeholders were consulted on plans at an event in July 2010 and another event in March 2011 In Aberdeen and Burnley Jobcentre Plus external relations teams trialled presentations for use with local stakeholders on reassessment. Tested our communications products with local customer representative groups in Burnley and Aberdeen. –Overall the findings were positive, with CRGs reporting they had enough information to advise customers and were aware of our products –Specific comments have been impacted against our comms products External relations teams nationwide undertook presentations with local stakeholders

6 Trial findings: Outcomes As of the 22 nd March, 1,626 decisions on whether a customer’s claim qualifies for conversion to Employment and Support Allowance had been made. Of these: 526 individuals (32%) were found fit for work and so not entitled to Employment and Support Allowance 484 (30%) were placed in the Support Group 616 (38%) were placed in the Work Related Activity Group

7 –General enquiries received by Contact Centres and in Jobcentres below expected volumes –Process is working well: Initial notification and letter well-received and understood and customers appreciate the initial phone contact Number of customers failing to return their medical questionnaires and failing to attend medical assessment below expectations –Outbound call emphasised the importance of completing the medical questionnaire and encouraged customers to complete this as soon as possible –Have made changes some improvements to the process as a result of trial findings Trial findings: Process

8 At the end of February Jobcentre Plus began a limited introductory phase, assessing around 1,000 cases a week. In April, full national reassessment began, with the number of cases reaching around 7,000 a week. From May we will be processing the full caseload of around 11,000 cases per week. Reassessment is on track to complete by Spring 2014 National Implementation

9 Continue to learn valuable lessons as more customers are involved in more areas across the country Implement the findings from Professor Harrington’s review Next steps

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