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Condition Management Programme Rhaglen Reoli Cyflwr.

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1 Condition Management Programme Rhaglen Reoli Cyflwr

2 What is CMP? Pathways to Work –Health ‘bit’ of Pathways –Jobcentre Plus refer to us –Voluntary referral Not linked to benefit entitlement Not assessing capacity for work

3 option for people claiming Incapacity benefit or Employment Support Allowance team of qualified NHS health professionals and support staff What is CMP?

4 CMP and PPI Client centred approach Focus on the person not the condition helps individuals understand and manage their health condition better

5 CMP and PPI Allow the person to have more control over their health and work Help the person achieve a better quality of life and the goal of getting back to work, now or in the future

6 What happens at the end? Planning for the future Reflecting on personal progress Not thinking of health condition as a barrier A chance to tell CMP how it really was!

7 CMP and Evaluation Strong focus on evaluation & service improvement Customer stories Independent evaluation: Cardiff University Annual Objective-Setting

8 Customer Contact Development Officer Main role is to speak to prospective clients regarding my experience of CMP Obtain feedback on how to improve the service Digital Stories!

9 Customer Contact Development Officer Speak at events to heighten awareness of CMP Building a network of past service users Help implement PPI ideas within the team

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