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“Quality Managers’ Group” Eric Martindale Quality Manager Microbiology, Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

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1 “Quality Managers’ Group” Eric Martindale Quality Manager Microbiology, Greater Glasgow & Clyde

2 “Bubonic plague…” or “Quality Management …”

3 Summary of QM career: Eric Martindale (anag) Cried at terminal Trained miracle Manic lad … RETIRE!

4 Quality Managers’ Group(s) IBMS SQMDG If time permits: Institute of Quality Assurance (Now CQI) Directorate QM group International contact (S Africa)

5 Quality Quotes “Teams achieve things that individuals cannot. Engage with a team and don’t try to do it on your own. Never be afraid to ask for help.” Sir David Brown, First President of CQI

6 Scottish Microbiology Group Ninewells Fife Inverclyde South Glasgow Golden Jubilee North Glasgow Yorkhill Edinburgh Royal Aberdeen Hairmyres

7 Microbiology issues Anonymised spot tests (Hartlepool) or Repeat testing (Addenbrooks) Quality control (how much?) Q-Pulse / Lab Passport Audit of waste to destruction Diagnostic devices, CE marking (media?) Quality management systems & CPA

8 SQMDG Committee Eric Martindale (Chair) Glasgow, Micro Donna Galloway (Sec) Dundee, Multi Olga Greenan (Treasurer) Kirkcaldy, Micro Caroline Devlin, Glasgow, Genetics Lynne Doverty, Aberdeen, Pathology Bruce Harris, Edinburgh, Multi Chris Hind, Dundee, Haematology Neil Fraser, Aberdeen, BTS Ian Rothnie, Inverness, Biochemistry Betty Kyle, Monklands, Haematology Mark Gilmour, Dumfries, Multi

9 Quality Quotes "There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit" Robert Winship Woodruff, founder of Coca Cola

10 SQMDG Discussion Issues 1 Document control (software) Customer focus (surveys) Audits … how many? Controls … how far? CPA assessments

11 SQMDG Discussion issues 2 Risk management / register Escalation of unresolved NCs Plans & Objectives, AMR Training, competence, KSF Analysis & Improvement Difficult people

12 Quality Quotes “That quality at the end of the day is a human commitment” W E Deming

13 SQMDG overview Meets in May (informal) & November Delegate database 80+ (60 – 80 attend) IBMS accredited (funding / CPD) CPA recognised Appears to be “Fit for Purpose” GOOGLED!

14 Lecture Topics e.g. Document control Incident / Error reporting Audit / Audit training Agenda for Change (JD for QM) QM education CPA, PAC, Regional Assessors Behaviour

15 Staff - “Our best asset” Annual joint review Hassle free workplace (CANDO) Seek ideas (Q-Pulse, Initiatives) “Open door approach” Staff questionnaire (JIS) When did you last surprise your staff? “Get a raging epidemic of enthusiasm”

16 Best asset? (IIP) TRUISM Our best asset Customer focused REALITY 2/3 Are non-engaged Majority have no connection

17 The “Quality Way” Confrontation Independent Qualified Quotas ‘Atmosphere’ Cooperation Interdependent Competent Satisfied customers Relaxed

18 SQMDG Next event Quality: Luxury or Expectation Professional portfolio for the QM The Risk revolution Litigation – a sign of the times Customer surveys – an electronic approach

19 Successes? Standardisation of: Methods, templates, checklists, schedules. Professional recognition Network. Training Officers (spin-off) Web page: Presentations, reports, book reviews, questionnaire analyses, events Sharing GLP

20 Clinical audit Positive B/C results phoned to ward: Of 118 calls only 72 were recorded in case notes. Calls to nursing and medical staff which were NOT recorded were 61% and 39% resp. In 12% advice on management was not followed with no reason or record of the advice recorded in case notes. Results forwarded to Risk Management

21 Quality Quotes "In God we trust - all others supply data" W E Deming

22 SQMDG Improvement Better directions to event Dietary considerations (gluten free etc) Audibility Independent equal access “Increase the frequency of these events” More discussion time!

23 Quality Quotes "To be successful, all you have to do is work half days; you can either work the first twelve hours or the second twelve"

24 SQMDG May Perth Royal Infirmary Conference Suite One guest speaker (hot topic) Discipline specific discussion groups Lunch Discipline specific discussion groups Plenary session (for all) Committee: Assessment & actions

25 Referred to CPA There shall be separate storage … (C4.1) How separate is separate? Must we time & date receipt of samples (E5.1c)? CPA had suggested auditing. Referral labs and CPA status etc (E6.1e). If lab is CPA accredited can we assume EQA & turnaround time are acceptable?

26 SQMDG November Glasgow (17 th Nov) Evening meal (previous night) Three presentations Lunch Two presentations Plenary session Committee: Assessment & actions

27 SQMDG review Committee meeting How did we do? Review questionnaires Formulate actions Electronic presentations IBMS webmaster, Alex Cochrane

28 Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) Kwik Fit (Tom Farmer) “Critical friends” (Educationalists) EQ - The emotional quotient Customer focus Leadership (Peter Lederer, Tourist Board) Motivation for change (Jack Black) IIP

29 Quality World (IQA) What makes a good document? BSI, LRQA, DNV: Readily accessible Concise, clear & unambiguous Account for competence Not set in stone, amend/improve (dynamic) Consider flowcharts, hyperlinks

30 NG Directorate QM Group Biochemistry (Vi Gibbons) Haematology (Graham Walker) Tissue typing/Immunology (Paul Foley) BTS (Robert Boyd) Microbiology (Eric Martindale) Nursing (John Stuart) Pathology (Linda Mackinnon) Risk management (Julie McQueen) Virology (Ian Howe)

31 Directorate issues Specimen (labelling / transport/ delivery) User group questionnaire(s) CPA accreditation Order Comms (electronic requests) Clinical Risk Management (error reporting) Library for JBL (discipline availability) IT & Q-Pulse (new version) Waste disposal audit to destruction

32 User Group Questionnaire Multi-disciplinary … 2006 One A4 page questionnaire On coloured paper (addressed envelope) Scoring system to allow comparison Give feedback from previous questionnaire Analyse. Learn & improve. Report results (good & bad) to all lab staff.

33 Quality Quotes "Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night" Leo Aikman

34 S. African experience 23 labs in KwaZulu Natal Audited against ISO 15189 Areas of NC: Processes and written SOPs at variance No evidence of management involvement Corrective but not preventive action Lacking trend analysis / improvements

35 Quality Quotes God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed; Give us the courage to change what should be changed; Give us the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) American theologian.

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