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2 Time management PKT (Motivation) – 5 minutes (Two minute for pictures)
Content Introduction/ Summary- 3 minutes. Presentation- 7 minutes Group activities- 7 minutes Students response- 10 minutes Home Assignment- 3 minutes Total- 35 Minutes

3 General Objectives To develop interest in English language literature reading and writing. To enrich the vocabulary. To make English prose enjoyable to the students.

4 Specific objectives To develop the quality of working in groups. To develop kindness, mercy and compassion to those who are different. To enable the students to read and write English.

5 PK Testing Do you like different kinds of dresses ? Which dress do you like most? Which color would you like to chose for your dress? How do we judge the people around us? Have you heard about polish immigrants

6 Presentation Polish immigrants came from Poland to America. It was a very poor community and was discriminated for their style in United States. Today we are going to read the chapter The Hundred Dresses. This story is written in It is a sensitive account of how a poor girl is judged by her classmates. The name of the girl is Wanda Petronski. She is a young polish girl who goes to school with other Americans in an American town. These other children see Wanda different in many ways such as, she was poor, she was from another country, she has a funny name, she doesn’t have mother, she always wears the same faded dress. But when asked, how many dresses do you have Wanda? She will always answer, A hundred all lined up.

7 Model Reading Today, Monday, Wanda Petronski was not in her seat. But nobody, not even Peggy and Madeline, the girls who started all the fun, noticed her absence. Usually Wanda sat in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in room 13. She sat in the corner of the room where the rough boys who did not make good marks sat, the corner of the room where there was most scuffling of feet, most roars of laughter when anything funny was said, and most mud and dirt on the floor. Wanda did not sit there because she was rough and noisy. On the contrary, she was very quiet and rarely said anything at all. And nobody had ever heard her laugh out loud. Sometimes she twisted her mouth into a crooked sort of smile, but that was all. Nobody knew exactly why wanda sat In that seat, unless it was because she came all the way from Boggins Heights and her feet were usually caked with dry mud. But no one really thought much about Wanda Petronski, once she sat in the corner of the room.

8 Division of Class into groups
Group 1 : Search/meanings of words from dictionary. Scuffling of feet – Noisy dragging movement of feet. Rough – Rude in behavior. Twisted – Bent Caked with – covered with. Contrary – Opposite to that Group 2 :- Search noun, verb, adjectives. Group 3 :- Comprehension passage questions. What was the number of their classroom Where does Wanda sit? Why does she sit in the last row? Who are the main character in this paragraph? Where does Wanda live

9 Accomplishment of task by students.
The leader of all the groups will provide their list of responses and the same will be displayed on the Blackboard by the teacher. The teacher will explain and whole class will pronounce subsequently- All the students will write the work done by other groups. Home Assignment:- Collect pictures of different designs from newspaper and magazines. Tell your brothers sisters and friends not to make fun of others even when they are different in anyway. Try to find out on the world map where America and Poland situated.


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