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Class-10 Sub.-English Time:35 Minutes Two Stories about Flying

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1 Class-10 Sub.-English Time:35 Minutes Two Stories about Flying
His First Flight By Liam O’Flaherty Prepared By : 1Gulab Singh Mehta Lect. in English GSSS Duttnagar S, Rampur 2.Tilak Raj Lect. in English GSSS Bhalei , Chamba . 3 Sunil Kumar Lect. In English GSSS Raipur ,Chamba. Prepared By : 1. Mr. Gulab Singh Mehta Lect. in English GSSS Duttnagar, Rampur 2. Mr. Tilak Raj Lect. in English GSSS Bhalei , Chamba . 3 Mr. Sunil Dutt Lect. In English GSSS Raipur , Chamba Mr. Nikhilesh Thakur Lect. In English GSSS Bhangrotu (Mandi)

2 General Objectives 1To make students enjoy and appreciate the English prose. 2 To encourage them to express their ideas and feelings. 3 To develop the imaginative power and enrich their vocabulary. 4 To enable the students to speak and write correct English.

3 Specific Objectives To help the students to understand feelings of fear , hesitation, thrill and excitement before starting a new activity. To acquaint them with the activities of seagull and his family. To enable them to read the lesson aloud with correct pronunciation.

4 Motivation By putting easy questions and praising the students for correct responses. By showing them necessary audio-visual aids. By giving examples related to our daily life experiences. By comparing and contrasting the old and new knowledge.

5 Previous Knowledge Testing
1 Name the birds you have seen. 2 Do you know any bird that lives on sea? 3 Have you ever heard about Seagull? 4 Do you like to watch a video or picture of Seagull?

6 Seagull in Flight Seagull in Flight

7 Introduction Seagull is a medium to large sized bird found near seas ,size about 12 to 30 inches. Gray or white with black markings on head and wings with longish bill ,webbed feats, carnivore ,eats crabs and fish ,lives up to 49 years . Like human beings seagull lives in a family. It is the most important event in the life of a seagull when he is to take his first flight ,most vital for his survival .


9 Summary of the text The seagull is to fly for the 1st time . He is scared to take off. His two brothers and sister have already done their 1st flight . The seagull is encouraged by the family in many ways . He watches his family flying , hunting and enjoying flying but fails to join them . He lacks confidence . He is scared of height . He feels that his wings are not strong enough to make him fly . This is a natural reaction while doing any activity for the first time . Ultimately, it is a trick played by his mother that he launches into his maiden flight. She deliberately lets the food fall down in front of seagull to tempt him to catch it . In order to catch it he makes his maiden attempt to fly.

10 Thoughts and Feelings of Seagull on his First Flight




14 Group Activity The students will be divided into four groups:
1st group will locate difficult words and consult dictionary to find meanings and pronunciation. 2nd group will write few sentences on the pictures shown to them. 3rd group will frame questions on the basis of four stanzas. 4th group will identify different parts of speech , classify them and tell about the tenses used in the stanzas.

15 Student’s Responses The leader of the first group will provide the list of difficult words with their meanings . The words will be written on the black board ,explained and pronounced loudly by the whole class subsequently. The 2nd group will provide sentences on seagull. The 3rd group will pose questions based on the text. The teacher will suggest some more questions later on . The students will come up with replies . The 4th group will present the list of important verbs and phrasal verbs relevant to the chapter.

16 Home Assignment Write about the feelings of the seagull before he leaves his abode to catch a fish offered by his mother. Use phrasal verbs in your own sentences. 1 to muster up courage 2 to take a plunge Write about the feelings and emotions you experienced while doing something important for the first time in about 50 words.

17 Time Management P.K. Testing -2Minutes
Introduction of the Chapter -3 Minutes Summary of the Text Minutes Display of Pictures Minutes Student’s Reactions Minutes Group Activity Minutes Students Responses Minutes Teacher’s Reinforcement Teacher’s Recapitulation and Home Assignment Minutes Time Management P.K. Testing-2Minutes Introduction of the Chapter-5 Minutes Story Telling Through Pictures -3Minutes Group Activity-10 Minutes Students Responses Minutes Teacher’s Reinforcement Teacher’s Recapitulation and Home Assignment-2 Minutes


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