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4 2.1. INSPIRATION Dedicated (adj): devoted to a task or purpose:
a team of dedicated doctors

5 2.1. INSPIRATION inspirational (adj): making you feel full of hope or encouraged: He gave an inspirational reading of his own poems.

6 2.1. INSPIRATION Kind(adj): generous,
helpful, and thinking about other people's feelings: Syn: polite She's a very kind and thoughtful person. It's really kind of you to help us.

7 2.1. INSPIRATION Patient (adj): able to accept delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious Dinner will be ready in half an hour - just be patient!

8 2.1. INSPIRATION Proud (adj):  feeling that you are better and more important than other people Admit you're wrong and don't be so proud.

9 2.1. INSPIRATION talented (adj.): having a natural or skill for something: a talented young musician

10 2.1. INSPIRATION Why are these people famous?

11 2.1. INSPIRATION 1a-look at the photo on page 14, and read the newspaper heading. What do you think is the story about? 2-read the text again and answer the questions. 3a-listen to an interview with Chimokel after the race and tick the topics she talks about. 3b- put these events in order of time (1-8) then listen and check.

12 2.1. INSPIRATION Vocabulary 4b- choose the best adjectives. Grammar
5a-match the beginnings and endings of these sentences. 5b- complete the grammar notes with the verbs in exercise 5a. 6-complete the interview using the correct form of the verbs in the box.

13 2.1. INSPIRATION Use the time expressions in exercise 7a and make true sentences about you. 7b- ask your partner about these things starting When did you last ______________? Ex: when did you last cook a meal?

14 2.1. INSPIRATION Speaking: Look at the photo Do you know this person?
What did she do in her life? 8b- work with your partner to complete her life story.

15 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES Creative (adj): producing or using original and unusual ideas: a creative person/ artist/ designer/ programmer creative talents/ powers/ abilities creative thinking

16 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES Are you creative? Can you draw, paint, dance?
Which famous people do you know or like?

17 Whose paintings are these?

18 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES Read the text about Frida Kahlo quickly
Write down 2 interesting things you remember. 2b. Are these sentences true, false, or not mentioned? 2c. Find words in the text that mean…

19 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES What do you think of Frida Kahlo?
Would you like to know more about her? Would you like to see more of her paintings? Why? Why not?

20 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES Think of some important events in your life.
What happened? Did they change your life?

21 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES 5. complete the texts using past continuous or past simple verbs and Write the missing names. Then listen and check.

22 2.2. CREATIVE LIVES 8a-You are going to invite a famous person from the past or present to dinner. Listen to the example and complete the sentences 8b- work with a partner, who would you invite? Make some notes under the headings: His/her life His/her abilities Personality Influence Two questions you would like to ask him/her.

23 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Do you live with your parents? Do you share a flat with friends?

24 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Chatty(adj): liking to talk a lot in a friendly, informal way the driver was very chatty

25 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Cheerful (adj): happy and positive: He's usually fairly cheerful. You're in a cheerful mood this morning.

26 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Clever (adj): having or showing the ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily: Judy has never been very clever, but she tries hard. Fiona is very clever at physics.

27 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Confident (adj): feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one’s abilities or qualities: she was a confident girl

28 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Sociable (Adj): describes someone who likes to meet and spend time with other people: Rob's very sociable - he likes his parties.

29 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Quiet(adj): making little or no noise: the car has a quiet, economical engine Be quiet the baby is sleeping.

30 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Miserable(adj): unhappy or uncomfortable: their happiness made Anne feel even more miserable

31 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Shy(adj): uncomfortable with other people: He was too shy to speak in front of the class.

32 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Rude(adj):  impolite or bad-mannered: he had been rude to her boss

33 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Activity 1b Activity 2

34 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Pronunciation Do the exercises 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d Situation: listen and do the exercises 4a &4b

35 2.3. SCENARIO: Sharing a Flat
Listen and do the exercises 5a, 5b, 5c and 5d. Task: choosing a flatmate: 6a & 6b

Linkers Afterwards: later at first: firstly at the moment: now Then: later Until: up to (a specific time) Now do the activity 6 on page 21. Note for teachers: Do the extra activity by clicking on the star icon.


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