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Your Memory At Work Chapter 14. Pre-Reading! We are going to do 2 memory tests.

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1 Your Memory At Work Chapter 14

2 Pre-Reading! We are going to do 2 memory tests.

3 You will see a picture for 30 seconds. Try to remember as many objects from the picture as you can.

4 Write the objects you remember. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS

5 You will see a group of letters for 5 seconds. After the letters disappear, write the letters you remember on your worksheet. U M T Z L D K X C E J O A V C Y I S E H L B F Q R P M A U X Z Q E C T B U M O N R V Check your answers! U M T Z L D K X C E J O A V C Y I S E H L B F Q R P M A U X Z Q E C T B U M O N R V

6 FAST READING You have 3 minutes to read the story. Remember, you do not need to worry about words you don’t know. Just try to understand the topic and main ideas.

7 What is the topic of the reading? A.We store very little information in our long-term memory. B.What type of information gets stored in our long- term memory. D C.How to improve your memory. D.How our short- and long- term memories work.

8 Work with a partner to match the main ideas to the paragraphs. 1234567812345678 A.How the brain deals with new information B.Types of memory C.Weak connections among brain cells D.Building strong connections among brain cells E.What short-term memory does F.“tip of the tongue” experiences G.Getting information from short-term to long-term memory

9 4 TEAMS Choose 1 writer. You will see a number. With your team, write 1 sentence about that paragraph topic. You should use the information from the reading, but your own words. The fastest team with a correct sentence gets a point. Winners get chocolate!

10 Write a sentence about paragraph topic… 3 5 2 1 4 7 6

11 New Vocabulary

12 Term noun a period or amount of time Collocations: short-, long-, often used to talk about school I am not planning to work here for a long time. This is only a short-term job. This is my last term of prep-school!

13 Emotions noun feelings like sad, happy, angry, etc. I know you are sad, but don’t let your emotions affect your studies.

14 That is… transitional phrase use to give an explanation (same meaning as in other words) Collocations: …to say Dance is a very aesthetically pleasing activity. That is, it looks nice.

15 Upset adjective emotional, usually sad or angry He was very upset when his girlfriend dumped him. The students were upset that the midterm was difficult.

16 Concern verb relate to, have to do with, deal with, interest Collocations: concerned with, followed by a noun or noun phrase If your question doesn’t concern class, you shouldn’t ask it.

17 Connections noun links or relationships Collocations: …to, …with, …among I made connections with many new friends at university.

18 Region noun area or part Collocations: …of Antepians are from a region of Turkey famous for pistachios and baklava.

19 Closet noun a very small room used to keep things you are not using My closet is completely full of clothes and shoes!

20 Anymore adverb no longer, used to talk about something that has stopped happening Collocations: comes at the end of a sentence I don’t eat pizza anymore. I’m on a diet.

21 Weak adjective the opposite of strong My coffee is too weak; it has no flavor! She became weak when she stopped going to the gym.

22 Review verb to look at again, to study I should review my lessons before I teach them. You should review your notes after class.

23 Notes noun things you write down so that you can remember them later The student lost his notes, so he did not do well on his exam.

24 Lecture noun when a teacher talks for the entire class That teacher’s lectures are boring!

25 Unfortunately adverb use to talk about something that is bad or unlucky Unfortunately, I spilled my coffee this morning. Unfortunately, I am going to keep you 10 minutes late today.

26 Applies verb relates to, concerns, to be about Collocations: …to English is a skill that applies to many careers. My suggestion that you take notes in class applies to all of your lessons, not only this one.

27 CLOSE READING Now, find specific information and try to understand the reading better!

28 Complete the Summary The two basic types of memory are _________ and __________. Information stays in the short-term memory for __________. Then, if it is not important, the information _________. When information is important to remember, it has to enter __________. That is where new ___________ are formed among brain cells. You make them stronger each time you ___________ the information.

29 Fast Reading Tic-Tac-Toe Draw a tic-tac-toe board on the board 2 teams…1 X and 1 O Team X will choose a space on the board. The teacher will read the question for the chosen space. BOTH TEAMS will race to give the correct answer. The faster team gets their mark on that space. Team O will choose a space on the board. Repeat!

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