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perpetuate (Verb) to make permanent or long lasting Ex: Starbucks and other coffee shops help perpetuate (continue, preserve, prolong indefinitely) a.

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2 perpetuate (Verb) to make permanent or long lasting Ex: Starbucks and other coffee shops help perpetuate (continue, preserve, prolong indefinitely) a culture of coffee-drinking in America. Example of the antonyms: It would be terrible if America abolished (discontinued, abolished, abandoned) the drinking of coffee!!! Margaret Hallock

3 precedent (Noun) an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action When you are babysitting for the first time, it is important to set a good precedent (guide, tradition, model) by putting the children to bed on time; otherwise, they will expect to stay up and party every time you come! Margaret Hallock

4 Virginia Cheij feasible (f ē ’ z ə b ə l) (adj.) possible, able to be done SYNONYMS: workable, practicable, viable ANTONYMS: unworkable, impracticable Is it feasible (workable, practicable, viable) to get that amount of homework done in so little time?

5 GRIMACE (grim’ ə s) (n.) a wry face, facial distortion (v.) to make a wry face SYNONYMS: (n.) a pained expresion, facial contortion ANTONYMS: (n.) smile, grin (v.) beam It is rude to grimace at the taste of the host’s dinner. The baby showed a grimace on his face as he bit into the lemon.

6 Cursory By: Taylor Roach  The mayor gave a final cursory (quick, superficial, perfunctory) glance at the text of her speech before mounting the podium.  Cursory is used as an adjective.  The mayor gave a final thorough (painstaking, careful) glance at the text of her speech before mounting the podium.  The definition of cursory is: hasty, not through  The syllable stressed in the word cursory is…  Ker’ se re

7 Benevolent By: Taylor Roach  The newcomers had nothing but benevolent (benign, well- meaning) feelings towards their neighbors.  Benevolent is used as an adjective.  The newcomers had nothing but malicious (spiteful, malevolent) feelings towards their neighbors.  The definition of benevolent is: kindly, or charitable.  The syllable that is stressed for the word benevolent is…  Be nev’ o lent

8 Scrutinize (v) to examine closely Lawyers are paid to scrutinize (inspect, pore over) legal papers and explain the fine print to their clients. I am inclined to (skim, scan, glance at) the fine print. - Imaru Agholor

9 Tepid (adj.) lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest A cup of tepid (insipid, halfhearted, wishy- washy) tea will not warm you up on a chilly morning. A cup of (heated, excited, enthusiastic) tea will warm you up on a chilly morning. Imaru Agholor

10 Harass Sentence from the vocabulary book: The judge repeatedly cautioned the prosecuting attorney not to harass (annoy, pester, bedevil, beleaguer) the witness. Marjolaine Legros-Hoffner (v.) to disturb, worry; to trouble be repeated attacks Synonyms: annoy, pester, bedevil, beleaguer George harassed (annoyed, pestered, bedeviled, beleaguered) a girl on the bus. Sentence made by myself:

11 Inclement Sentence from the vocabulary book: During inclement (blustery, tempestuous, implacable) New England Weather, heavy snowfalls may bring highway traffic to a standstill. Marjolaine Legros-Hoffner (adj.) stormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action Synonyms: blustery, tempestuous, implacable

12 When she screamed during a lockdown, she put our lives in jeopardy (danger, risk, hazard, peril). It is a rule that you must remain silent during a lockdown for your safety. Caroline Glen

13 Never having anything to do gave me an impetus (impulse, incentive, spur) to try new things. I had a hindrance (curb, impediment, constraint) to trying new things. Caroline Glen

14 Synonym: Sister says I need to keep up my studies or I might retrogress ( revert, degenerate, decline) into mediocrity. Antonym: During the school year we progress (advance, evolve, progress) in our studies. By: Kaitlyn Fair

15 Synonym: Paula Deen makes the quintessence (paragon, exemplar) of southern cooking. Antonym: Sewer water is not the most quintessential (not the purest) of waters. By: Kaitlyn Fair

16 DELETE DEFINITION: (v) to erase, wipe out, cut out SYNONYMS: remove, cancel, expunge ANTONYMS: insert, add, retain, include SENTENCE: I had to delete (remove, cancel, expunge) the words that didn’t make sense in the sentence. By: Cecilia Romo

17 DEMISE DEFINITION: a death, especially of a person in a lofty position. SYNONYMS: decease, passing away ANTONYMS: birth, beginning, commencement SENTENCE: When I was 5, I mourned the demise (decease, passing away) of my pet gerbil. By: Cecilia Romo

18 Punitive (adj.) inflicting or aiming at punishment The general led a punitive (penalizing, retaliatory) expedition against the rebel forces. By: Shelby Mire

19 Redress (verb) to set right, remedy An apology can go a long way to redress (to rectify, correct, mitigate) the hurt feelings caused by an insensitive comment or a thoughtless act. (noun) relief from wrong or injury The accident victims will seek redress for the injuries they suffered in the train crash. By: Shelby Mire

20 Meticulous By: Caitlin Sowney ● (Adj.) extremely careful; particular about details ● If you have a full time job outside the home, you may find it exceeding difficult to be a meticulous (fastidious, painstaking, fussy) housekeeper. ● If you have a job outside the home, and have several children, it is possible that you will seem to be a (careless, negligent, sloppy) housekeeper.

21 Nostalgia By: Caitlin Sowney ● (Noun) a longing for something past; homesickness ● - Looking at old scrapbooks and reading old letters can bring on a vague sense of nostalgia (syn. None) for days gone by and friends no longer near.

22 Adversary By: Lizzie Rohricht (noun) an enemy, opponent Synonyms: antagonist, rival, foe Antonyms: friend, ally, supporter, confederate Synonym Sentence: We got really frustrated with our adversary (antagonist, rival, foe) on the volleyball court when they got the point. Antonym Sentence: On the weekends, I hang out with my friend (ally, supporter, confederate).

23 Alienate By: Lizzie Rohricht (verb) to turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey When someone is mean to me, they alienate (separate, drive apart, estrange) us. When someone smells really good, they attract (befriend, captivate, reconcile) other people.

24 Holocaust (noun) a large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering The survivors of the holocaust (conflagration, devastation, annihilation) are often asked to tell their story. By: Eileen Kile

25 Artifice Skillful or ingenious device ;a clever trick; a clever skill; trickery

26 coerce To compel,force

27 sources ww/UMGxnCXNp4I/AAAAAAAAQ8Y/p10hB8e4iVk/s1600/Being+fo rced+to+work+in+order+to+collect+private+bank+notes+just+to+s urvive+is+called+slavery.jpg content/uploads/2012/09/LeBron-James.jpg

28 Verbatim Definition-(adj.,adv.) word for word; exactly as written or spoken Synonyms- When tommy made his speech, he (verbatim, exactly, precisely) copied his friend Jims speech. Antonyms- Making sure not to plagiarize Susie (paraphrased) the paragraph of information, then cited it.

29 Warily Definition- (adv.) cautiously, with great care Synonyms- The skateboarder (warily, carefully, prudently, gingerly) did his trick so he wouldn’t fall off and break a bone. Antonyms- The race car drive (recklessly, heedlessly, incautiously) was driving, therefore he swerved and his another car.

30 Augment  When Puffer fish augment (Enlarge, Supplement, amplify), they aren’t happy!  Russian dolls do not augment (decrease, diminish) at all. By: Andrea Ricker Class:4

31 * Bereft * Individuals who live to be very old may eventually find themselves completely bereft (bereaved) of friends and family. George Vanderbilt berefted (replete, well provided) his family.


33 (n.) How long was you sojourn ( a temporary stay) to Paris? (n.) Living in Pairs is very different then living in the United States (v.) I sojourned (to stay for a time) to Spain for the summer. (v.)When I departed from Spain was very hard. Sojourn (n.) a temporary stay (v.) to stay for a time

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36 First bullet point here Second bullet point here Third bullet point here Group AGroup B Class 18285 Class 27688 Class 38490 Two Content Layout with Table

37 Task 1 Task 2 Group A Task 1 Task 2 Group B Task 1 Group C First bullet point here Second bullet point here Third bullet point here Two Content Layout with SmartArt

38 Vocab so FAB! By Sanielle Townsend

39 Opulent To be wealthy, luxurious. Synonyms: rich, lavish, plentiful, abundant Antonyms: poverty-stricken, wretched, destitute

40 Pliable Easily bent, flexible Synonym: supple, adaptable, resilient Antonyms: rigid, inflexible, recalcitrant

41 (adj.) having a deep-seated distaste; opposed, unwilling  You are not likely to become a marathon runner if you are (disinclined, loath) to strenuous exercise.  If you are( favorably disposed, eager, keen) to take tests than you were more than likely dropped on your head when you were a child.

42 (Adj.) given to fighting, warlike; combative, aggressive; (n.) one at war, one engaged in war  I did not expect such a (assertive, truculent, pugnacious) answer to my request for directions.  I never realized how (peaceful, conciliatory, placid) listening to classical music can be.

43 Vocab PowerPoint Bella Parlette

44 Exhilarate (v.) We need to exhilarate (enliven, cheer, liveliness, stimulate, excite, gladden.) the crowd during the basketball game tonight.

45 Fallow (v. n. adj.) V. The farmer needs to fallow the land over there. N. The fallow land is so unpleasant to see. Adj. I pass fallow (unproductive, dormant, inert.) land everyday to school.

46 *All pictures were from Google Images*

47 adulterate By: Adreanna Parlette

48 Ambidextrous By: Adreanna Parlette

49 Synonyms & Antonyms Antonyms The woman in the class is (right-handed/left- handed/dextral) only. Synonyms The girl was (deceitful/deceptive/hypocritic al) in writing things.

50 Picture This shows a picture of a girl who is able to write with her two hands. She is ambidextrous

51 Antonyms & Synonyms Antonyms The filter in the water bottle is there to (purify/purge/expurgate) the tap water. Synonyms The oil (contaminates/pollutes/sullies /) the water in the ocean.

52 PICTURE This is a picture of poison being injected in the tomato. The tomato is being corrupted with something of lesser value, in this case the poison.

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