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Unit 2 Vocabulary.

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1 Unit 2 Vocabulary

2 Adroit Pronunciation (adj.) Skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind Synonyms: Clever, deft, dexterous, slick Antonyms: Clumsy, inept, all thumbs The members of the Carolina Crown Drum Line are extremely adroit while playing.

3 Amicable Pronunciation (adj.) peaceable, friendly Synonyms: congenial, neighborly, cordial Antonyms: hostile, antagonistic

4 He has always been averse to eating healthy food.
Pronunciation (adj.) opposed, unwilling; having a deep-seated distaste Synonyms: disinclined, loath Antonyms: favorably disposed, eager, keen He has always been averse to eating healthy food.

5 Belligerent Synonyms: assertive, truculent, pugnacious
Pronunciation (adj.) given to fighting, warlike; combative, aggressive; (n.) one at war, one engaged in war Synonyms: assertive, truculent, pugnacious Antonyms: peaceful, conciliatory, placid

6 Benevolent Pronunciation (adj.) Kindly, charitable Synonyms: benign, well-meaning Antonyms: malicious, spiteful, malevolent

7 Cursory Pronunciation (adj.) hasty, not thorough Synonyms: quick, superficial, perfunctory Antonyms: thorough, painstaking, careful

8 Duplicity Pronunciation (n.) treachery, deceitfulness Synonyms: fraud, double-dealing, chicanery We found it difficult to believe that our good friend could be capable of such duplicity.

9 Extol Pronunciation (v.) to praise extravagantly Synonyms: glorify, applaud, acclaim, hail Antonyms: criticize, belittle, disparage

10 Feasible Pronunciation (adj.) possible, able to be done Synonyms: workable, practicable, viable Antonyms: unworkable, impractical Is this feasible?

11 Grimace Synonyms: pained expression, facial contortion
Pronunciation (n.) a wry face, facial distortion; (v.) to make a wry face Synonyms: pained expression, facial contortion Antonyms: (n.) smile, grin; (v.) beam

12 Holocaust Pronunciation (n.) a large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering Synonyms: conflagration, devastation, annihilation Antonyms: deluge, inundation

13 Impervious Pronunciation (adj.) not affected or hurt by; admitting of no passage or entrance Synonyms: impenetrable, resistant, proof against Antonyms: porous, permeable, vulnerable

14 Impetus (n.) a moving force, impulse, stimulus
Pronunciation (n.) a moving force, impulse, stimulus Synonyms: impulse, incentive, spur Antonyms: curb, hindrance, impediment, constraint Saving the elephants should get the same impetus as the “save the whales” movement!

15 (n.) danger Synonyms: risk, hazard, peril Antonyms: safety, security
Jeopardy Pronunciation (n.) danger Synonyms: risk, hazard, peril Antonyms: safety, security

16 Meticulous Synonyms: fussy, painstaking, fastidious
Pronunciation (adj.) extremely careful; particular about details Synonyms: fussy, painstaking, fastidious Antonyms: careless, negligent, sloppy The old man was meticulous when it came to his lawn.

17 Nostalgia Pronunciation (n.) a longing for something past; homesickness Looking at old scrapbooks and reading old letters can bring on a vague sense of nostalgia for days gone by and friends no longer near.

18 Quintessence Pronunciation (v.) the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example Synonyms: paragon, exemplar Risking one’s own life to save lives of others is considered the quintessence of a selfless hero.

19 Retrogress Pronunciation (v.) to move backward; to return to an earlier condition Synonyms: revert, degenerate, decline Antonyms: advance, evolve, progress

20 Scrutinize Pronunciation (v.) to examine closely Synonyms: inspect, pore over Antonyms: skim, scan, glance at

21 Tepid Pronunciation (adj.) lukewarm, unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest Synonyms: insipid, halfhearted, wish-washy Antonyms: heated, excited, enthusiastic The water is tepid.

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