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Unit 2 Vocabulary Level E. Do you want to see my nun chuck skills? Im so ADROIT with the nun chucks! adroit DEF = (adj.) skillful, expert in the use of.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 2 Vocabulary Level E. Do you want to see my nun chuck skills? Im so ADROIT with the nun chucks! adroit DEF = (adj.) skillful, expert in the use of."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 2 Vocabulary Level E

2 Do you want to see my nun chuck skills? Im so ADROIT with the nun chucks! adroit DEF = (adj.) skillful, expert in the use of hands or mind SYN = clever, deft, dexterous, slick ANT = clumsy, inept, all thumbs WORD CONNECTION: MAD-roit skills My ADROIT mind is always thinking of new equations…E =…

3 amicable DEF = (adj.) peaceable, friendly SYN = congenial, neighborly, cordial ANT = hostile, antagonistic Spanish CONNECTION: AMIGO = friend in Spanish It was clear from the friendly way they greeted each other, that the women had an AMICABLE relationship.

4 averse DEF = (adj.) having a deep-seated distaste; opposed, unwilling SYN = disinclined, loathe ANT = favorably disposed, eager, keen WORD CONNECTION: If youre averse to something, you avoid it.

5 belligerent DEF = (adj.) given to fighting, warlike; combative, aggressive; (n.) one at war, one engaged in war SYN = assertive, truculent, pugnacious ANT = peaceful, conciliatory, placid Alliterative Connection: The Boxers were Belligerent.

6 benevolent DEF = (adj.) kindly, charitable SYN = benign, well-meaning ANT = malicious, spiteful, malevolent WORD CONNECTION: A benevolent person benefits those around them. A benevolent person gives to others.

7 cursory DEF = (adj.) hasty, not thorough SYN = quick, superficial, perfunctory ANT = thorough, painstaking, careful WORD CONNECTION: You can scroll the computer cursor quickly down the page to take a cursory look at the website. His CURSORY glance in my direction was as QUICK as a wink.

8 duplicity DEF = (n.) treachery, deceitfulness SYN = fraud, double-dealing, chicanery WORD CONNECTION: The person who was a victim of duplicity was duped (tricked). My grandmother was a victim of DUPLICITY when she fell for an email SCAM. Stabbing someone in the back is an act of DUPLICITY!

9 extol DEF = (v.) to praise extravagantly SYN = glorify, applaud, acclaim, hail ANT = criticize, belittle, disparage WORD CONNECTION: EXtol the EXcellence Wayne and Garth say Were not worthy!! to EXTOL their favorite musicians.

10 feasible DEF = (adj.) possible, able to be done SYN = workable, practicable, viable ANT = unworkable, impractical WORD CONNECTION: If its feasible, its possible. A feasible math problem is 2 + 2 = ?

11 grimace DEF = (n.) a wry face, facial distortion; (v.) to make a wry face SYN = pained expression, facial contortion ANT = smile, grin, beam WORD CONNECTION: As he was grimacing, the mans face twisted into a grimace.

12 extolamicablecursory belligerentfeasible 1. We will have to develop a _____________ plan if we want to be successful in our business endeavor. 2. Unfortunately, I only gave my notes a ___________ glance last night, and so I failed my history quiz this morning. 3. Even though the business partners parted ways and formed separate companies, they still maintain a(n) ____________ relationship. 4. There is no way one sentence could ever be enough to __________ the many virtues of an important person like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 5. I know youre upset, but theres no need to become ________________. Fighting always makes a situation worse!

13 duplicityadroitbenevolent aversegrimace 1. Although John claimed to like his mother-in-laws lasagna, his ___________gave away his true feelings. 2. It was a shocking case of ________when the CEO of the company was discovered to have been embezzling money for years. 3. The painters hands were so _________that she could capture the exact expression on her subjects faces. 4. Because of my past experiences with painful needles, I am __________to voluntarily getting a flu shot. 5. A retired teacher who volunteers her time at local schools to work with struggling students is truly ________.

14 holocaust DEF= (n.) a large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering SYN = conflagration, devastation, annihilation ANT = deluge, inundation WORD CONNECTION: The COST of the HOLOCAUST was millions of destroyed lives.

15 impervious DEF = (adj.) not affected or hurt by; admitting of no passage or entrance SYN = impenetrable, resistant, proof against ANT = porous, permeable, vulnerable WORD CONNECTION: The imPERvious item was always in PERfect condition. Superman is IMPERVIOUS to bullets.

16 impetus DEF = (n.) a moving force, impulse, stimulus SYN = impulse, incentive, spur ANT = curb, hindrance, impediment, constraint Striking the match was the IMPETUS for the fire.

17 jeopardy DEF = (n.) danger SYN = risk, hazard, peril ANT = safety, security When people drive too fast in bad weather, they put their lives in JEOPARDY!

18 meticulous DEF = (adj.) extremely careful; particular about details SYN = fastidious, painstaking, fussy ANT = careless, negligent, sloppy WORD CONNECTION: A metiCULous person is very partiCULar about having everything in the right place.

19 nostalgia DEF = (n.) a longing for something past; homesickness Phrase CONNECTION: Ahhh..remember the good old days… I wish I could go home…

20 quintessence DEF = (n.) the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example SYN = paragon, exemplar = purest form of water The smiling baby was the QUINTESSENCE of life. She hadnt yet been corrupted by the world.

21 retrogress DEF = (v.) to move backward; to return to an earlier condition SYN = revert, degenerate, decline ANT = advance, evolve, progress WORD CONNECTION: To dress retro means to dress in a way that people dressed in an earlier time. After his shoulder surgery, the pitcher throwing ability had RETROGRESSED.

22 scrutinize DEF = (v.) to examine closely SYN = inspect, pore over ANT = skim, scan, glance at WORD CONNECTION: If you scrutinIZE a document, you stare at it with your eyes.

23 tepid DEF = (adj.) lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest SYN = insipid, halfhearted, wishy-washy ANT = heated, excited, enthusiastic WORD CONNECTION: A tepid temperate is a room temperature. The students TEPID response to the new project showed me they were NOT INTERESTED!

24 jeopardymeticulousretrogress holocausttepid 1. The _____________ water coming from our broken water heater did not make taking a bath very pleasant. 2. I really hope we can have a mature conversation and avoid _____________ into immature name-calling. 3. Although my house may be a bit unorganized, when it come to personal hygiene, I am very __________. 4. What started with two careless campers not putting out their campfire, grew into a(n) ___________that destroyed hundreds of homes and took three lives. 5. It is truly amazing to me when soldiers put themselves in ___________ to defend the security of our nation.

25 quintessencenostalgiascrutinize impetusimpervious 1. The legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are a _______of what true gentlemen should be. 2. Before purchasing a home, Jill hired a home inspector to ___________the potential real estate. 3. Seans self-confidence was so strong that he was _____to any insults from unkind people. 4. My great grandmother has lived in the United States for 60 years, but she is still occasionally overcome with a sense of ___________for Germany. 5. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a _______that helped start World War I.

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