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A frank discussion on student deportment. Classroom Policy compliance In the first week of class every student signed the following Contract for BUS 411.

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1 A frank discussion on student deportment

2 Classroom Policy compliance In the first week of class every student signed the following Contract for BUS 411 I have read and understand the Contract on Student Behavior, the syllabus for this course and the UMFK Student Academic Integrity Policy and I agree to abide by the terms outlined in the three documents Have you kept your word? When you assume a professional position there will be similar codes of ethics and behavioral policies.

3 From Syllabus As participation is considered essential to a successful educational experience, students may register at most two unexcused class absences before being considered dropped from the course. Excused absences are those for which prior arrangements have been made with the instructor or extenuating circumstances can be clearly documented. Please check with the instructor and make arrangements prior to any planned absences. There will be no makeup exams, students must instead make arrangements with the instructor to take the exam prior to the planned absence or forfeit the opportunity to complete it. Students failing to maintain a passing grade at any point during the semester may be involuntarily dropped from the course through an instructor-initiated withdrawal process. Overall, it is essential to keep the instructor informed of your progress as well as any difficulties you may be experiencing.

4 From Syllabus A student’s work submitted for grading should be their own. Collaboration between students is encouraged except on work products delivered for grading and assessment. Students who produce nearly identical work products will suspected of violation of the UMFK Student Integrity Policy. The creation of student study groups is strongly encouraged. Students who plagiarize published works will receive a score of zero on the plagiarized work upon the first offense. A subsequent offense will warrant failure of the entire course. WebCT will be used to keep students appraised of their progress and as a communication forum for instructor/student and student/student interactions. Its use is mandatory for all students. Assignments are due no later than the beginning of the class on the date assigned. Assignments submitted beyond the due date will receive a twenty-point reduction per day. Assignments submitted on the correct day but beyond the required time will receive a ten-point deduction.

5 From Contract on Class Room Behavior The Business Management, eCommerce and Computer Application programs are preparing students for professional positions where professional behaviors will be expected of them. These behaviors will be reinforced by requiring the students to adopt the rules stated in this contract. Adherence to the rules in this contract will be part of the student’s grade in this class. More serious breeches of student behavior in the classroom will be dealt with through the UMS Student Conduct Code procedures outlined in the conduct code booklet which can be found at the following link.

6 Excerpts from Contract 1. Class begins promptly at the beginning of the class period. You should be in your seat and ready to start participating in class at that time. That same rule also applies to me – I should be ready at the start of class, which means having the technology operational. 9. I expect to have your attention for the full class period. This means: a. Avoid conversations with people sitting around you. It’s a small room – even if you whisper, please realize that other people can certainly see you, and that’s distracting to them (and to me.) b. Do not start zipping up your backpack and rustling papers before the end of the class period. There’s sufficient time for you to get to your next class to another without disrupting the last few minutes of this class. If one person does it, it seems to trigger others to do it, and it makes the last few minutes (when announcements are often made) less than optimal for everyone.

7 Excerpts from Contract 13. Being courteous in class does not mean that you have to agree with everything that is being said. However, you will rarely get your way with anybody in life by being rude, overly aggressive or just plain hostile. If you disagree with me (or I with you) it is a good idea to wait and discuss the situation when you are not angry. All interaction with your professor and other students in the class must be of a positive nature. Disrespectful and rude behavior towards the professor or fellow students will not be tolerated and any student that consistently violates this rule will be asked not to return to the classroom

8 Excerpts from Contract 17. Individual and Group assessment of student performance is a critical component of an effective educational system. In order for assessment to be accurate, the work delivered for assessment (grading) must reflect the student or group’s own efforts. The determination of what is group work or individual work is at the discretion of the professor and not the student. A good rule of thumb is that if the assignment has not been specifically identified as a group assignment than it is an individual assignment. It is for these and other reasons that I rigidly enforce the UMFK Student Academic Integrity Policy in this class. Any evidence of student submitting work that is not there own or receiving or giving assistance on graded assignments will result in a formal charge of cheating. The First LINE of Assignment Five This is NOT group work. Every student should turn in there own analysis.

9 The Big Questions What kind of score do you think you will get for Professional conduct in this class? Do you really think the behaviors some of you have shown in this class would lead the professor of this CAPSTONE class to believe that you, the student, is a professional, mature, ethical, and productive future manager/executive? Would I hire you? Would I recommend you for a professional position? If I don’t believe that you have a future as manager/executive, should I assign a passing grade to you?

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