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Nan Hua High School CnME(PC) 2012 Term 1 Nan Hua Values: Courtesy.

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1 Nan Hua High School CnME(PC) 2012 Term 1 Nan Hua Values: Courtesy

2 Courtesy Task 1: Watch the video clip. Class Discussion 1. How do you think the pumpkin feels? 2. Why does the pumpkin feel this way? 3. The orange should have been ______.

3 Courtesy Do you know? In the 2006 The Reader's Digest (R.D.) survey on politeness Singapore was ranked bottom five among thirty five cities. The survey made headlines which read "N.Y. very polite, Asia quite rude“ * Refer to the Additional Reading Article 1 about RD survey.

4 Courtesy The five least courteous cities: 31 Singapore (42%) 32 Seoul, South Korea (40%) 33 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (37%) 34 Bucharest, Romania (35%) 35 Mumbai, India (32%)

5 Courtesy The top four most courteous cities: 1 New York, USA (80%) 2 Zurich, Switzerland (77%) 3 Toronto, Canada (70%) 4 Berlin, Germany (68%) San Paulo, Brazil (68%) Zagreb, Croatia (68%)

6 Courtesy Task 2: Class Discussion In what ways do Singaporeans lack courtesy? Watch the video clip 1. Have you ever pondered about the irony of STOMP- ing 2. Why do people STOMP? 3. What kind of things do people usually STOMP about?

7 Courtesy Task 3: Listen to the audio clip as you read the transcript of the National Day Rally Speech 2011. Class Discussion What are the learning points for: - Service Staff - Public

8 Courtesy Task 4: Class Discussion After watching the various video clips, reading the news articles and listening to the PM’s speech, What is YOUR idea of COURTESY?

9 Courtesy The standard acceptable meaning of politeness may have three dimensions: (1) polite as civil or socially correct, (2) polite as kind or friendly, (3) polite as tactful or diplomatic. In the opinion of some scholars, politeness is a matter of social adequacy.

10 Courtesy The National Courtesy Campaign was launched in 1979. Objective: “We must teach children and adults to be courteous to each other. We want to be courteous because life will be better for all.” (PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the launch of the National Courtesy campaign, 1979) * Refer to the Additional Reading Article 2 on Courtesy Campaign.

11 Courtesy The Courtesy Campaign logo

12 Courtesy Poster for Courtesy Campaign

13 Courtesy On 1 March 2001, the National Courtesy Campaign was officially subsumed under the Singapore Kindness Movement. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a positive commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities.

14 Courtesy Singapore Kindness Movement logo

15 Courtesy Task 5: Class Discussion Let’s think of ways to be courteous towards: - Family members - Friends - Teachers - Strangers Provide examples.

16 Courtesy Task 6: We have looked at how to be courteous as a Singaporean, family member, friend and even stranger. Let’s now think about how we would show courtesy as a Nan Huarian.

17 Courtesy In groups of five, design a simple poster on one of our school values, ‘Courtesy’. Your poster must include a logo and a slogan. Your logo and slogan must focus the School Mission: To nurture cultured students. The poster will be your class poster reflecting that courtesy is one of your class values.


19 Courtesy Vote for the best poster and the best slogan which represents your class best. Put up all the posters and mark the voted one with a star.

20 Courtesy Task 7: On your handout, pledge to carry out three acts of kindness towards three varied (relationship to you, gender, age, etc.) people over the course of the week. Ensure you carry them out!

21 Courtesy Learning points: Nan Huarians show courtesy by: Respecting school rules. Respecting the privacy of other people. Not offending the people around them. Greeting their school leaders, teachers, peers and non-teaching staff with respect. Using a polite tone at all times. Being kind, humble and sincere.

22 Courtesy You may wish to know more about the National Courtesy Campaign and the Singapore Kindness Movement.Visit: You can also like the courtesy campaign on facebook:

23 Courtesy THANK YOU!

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