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小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 小马公开课 4.19 托福写作机经点题 陈俊桦.

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Presentation on theme: "小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 小马公开课 4.19 托福写作机经点题 陈俊桦."— Presentation transcript:

1 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 小马公开课 4.19 托福写作机经点题 陈俊桦

2 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 题型面面观 绝对词 对比类 隐藏绝对词类

3 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 1.Is there a good reason to be impolite(rude) to another person? We should never be impolite to another person. 化干戈为玉帛 VS 化骨绵掌

4 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 文章结构1 开头段: Disagree 段一: Under no circumstances should we be rude to another person for the reason that the only thing being rude leads to is a worse situation. When someone stepped on my feet, I give him a gentle smile. 段二 : As students, treating your classmates in a polite and good manner can help you cultivate healthy relationship that is conducive to your academic performance. 段三: As young workers, do not be arrogant only if you have an omnipotent father. If not, being polite is a good policy. It will help you expand your social network, which will lead you to future career success. 结尾段: Restate your proposition.

5 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 文章结构2 开头: Agree. There are some extreme circumstances in which being rude is acceptable and even advisable. 段一: When a marriage or relation breaks down, those hurt have good reason to be impolite. 段二: When the employee is always late for work or cannot deliver his/her tasks, the boss has good reason to be barbarous. 段三: When the students always violate the normal order of the class, be careful the teacher will probably hit the ceiling. 结论: I agree.

6 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 对比之:今昔对比 2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The food we eat today is much healthier than in the past.

7 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: A>B 3. Do you agree or disagree? The car has had a greater effect on society than the airplane has.

8 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 结构1 开头:同意 段一: The car has a longer history and benefits a wider range of individuals. 段二: The development of automotive industry enormously facilitates short distance transport. 段三: Many commercial successes can be attributed to the development of cars : motor hotels; expansion use of “credit”, installments; drive-in businesses : drive-in restaurants 段四: The car has long been an essential export product for countries such as the UK, Japan, Germany.

9 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 结构 2 开头: Disagree 段一: The development of civil aviation has enormously facilitated long distance transport. As a result, a series of related industries, such as international tourism, overseas study, international express, benefit a great deal. 段二: In terms of disaster relief, it is the helicopters and airplanes that can indeed play a crucial role in alleviating the serious situation in the nick of time. 结尾: Based on the above analysis, I disagree.

10 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that the whole society today expect young people to follow are too strict.

11 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 隐藏 all 1. Movies and television programs should present stories in which good people are rewarded and bad people are punished. 2. Parents should allow children to make mistakes and let them learn from their own mistakes. 3. Professional athletes, such as football and basketball players, do not deserve the high salaries that they are paid.

12 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 绝对词 5. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order for a business to succeed, it must put more money in advertising.

13 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 结构1一边倒 开头: agree 1. big companies 2. medium-sized companies 3. small companies 结论: advertising campaign budget outweigh other investments.

14 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 综合写作 The passage explores the issue that..... The professor in the lecture, however, challenges what have been stated in the reading passage. First of all, the passage maintains that..., which is against by the professor in the listening material. He/she proves that In addition, the author claims that.... However, the speaker casts doubt on the reading passage by saying that.... Finally, it is said that... in the reading material. However, the professor objects to the point in the reading. According to the lecture, it is believed that

15 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 关注微信 编辑信息 “ 课程 + 分数( 5,4,3,2,1 ,最高分 5 分,最低分 1 分) ” (例如:写作 +5 )发送至 “ 小马过河 ” 微信,为老师打分,将有机会获得小马过河送出的精美礼品一份。

16 小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: No cross, no crown ! Good Luck !

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