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Fort Mose An original Power Point presentation by David Knapp.

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1 Fort Mose An original Power Point presentation by David Knapp

2 1687: St. Augustine begins harboring escaped slaves from Charleston. 1 st recorded group is eight men, two women, and a three year-old child arrived by boat

3 1711 and 1714 Slave revolts begin in Charleston. Slaves and Yamassee Natives outnumber white colonist 2 to 1. English settlement barely succeeds in putting down revolt.

4 1724 - 1726 Fransisco Menendez, 9 other escaped slaves and Yamassee natives arrive in St. Augustine. Fransisco Menendez is put in charge of the slave militia.

5 1728 Slave Militia and native tribesmen play large role in St. Augustine’s successful defense against English Colonel John Palmer’s raid. Francisco Menendez receives award.

6 1738 Govenor Montiano establishes Real de Santa Teresa de Mose`. The freed slaves pledge to defend St. Augustine for Spain.

7 1740 English Governor of Georgia James Oglethorpe invades Florida, taking Fort Mose. Free black militia helps regain fort with native allies. During bloody battle Fort Mose is burned down.

8 1740-1752 Freed slaves live in St. Augustine after Fort Mose burned down. Francisco Menendez is captured in the Caribbean and put back into slavery.

9 1752 Fort Mose rebuilt and prospers. Francisco Menendez escapes and ends up back at Fort Mose. Farming and aquaculture support Fort Mose.

10 1763 The Spanish lose Florida to the British in a treaty. Spanish Evacuate to Cuba. Francisco Menendez is among those who evacuate to Cuba.

11 The End Fort Mose park is located just north of St. Augustine. Website is http://www.oldcity.c om/mose

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