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The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia

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1 The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia
People and Events

2 GPS SS8H2b Evaluate the Trustee Period of Georgia’s colonial history, emphasizing the role of the Salzburgers, Highland Scots, malcontents, and the Spanish threat from Florida.

3 Essential questions? Other than founder, James Oglethorpe, what other individuals influenced the establishment and development of Georgia’s colonial society? Which cultural groups affected the Georgia colony and what were their contributions?


5 I. Artisans (craftsmen)
Reason—land and new opportunity (few were Debtors) From – England Contributions– **most of first settlers, prepared Savannah by clearing land, cutting down trees, and helping to build permanent homes **started a variety of businesses in colony

6 Questions from Georgia Stories Video
What tasks did the colonist have to do? What attracted individuals to come to Georgia? What hardships did the first colonists have to endure?

7 II. Highland Scots Purpose– obtain land and opportunities
From—Scotland Contributions– founded town of Darien; Fought bravely at Battle of Bloody Marsh; Most were involved with Malcontents (opposed the rule of Trustees)

8 Questions from Video on Highland Scots
Who owned the land that the Scots worked on when they lived in Scotland? How were the Highlander fighters similar to Native American warriors? What were the roles that women played when their husbands left the colony to fight the Spanish?

9 III. Jews Purpose– religious freedom From– Portugal
Contributions– one member, Dr. Sam Nunis, helped heal colonists suffering from malaria; provide more men for depleted militia; oldest congregation in Georgia

10 Questions from video on the Jewish Congregation
What options were given to the Jews in Spain and Portugal? What choices did the Jewish people make? Why did the Jews arrive in Savannah “just in time?”

11 IV. Africans Purpose—forced, enslaved
From– western coast and interior of Africa Contributions– carried African culture to New World; incorporated knowledge into tools, stories, and songs;

12 Questions on video on Africans?
Even though they struggled being slaves, what did Africans pass onto the next generations? What were some of the skills from Africa? What part of Africa were most slaves in Georgia originally from? What did African slaves used in place of drums that were forbidden by their owners?

13 V. Salzburgers Purpose– Religious freedom From– Austria
Contributions– built first settlement outside of Savannah (New Ebenezer) opposed slavery

14 Questions from video clip on Salzburgers
How did the Salzburgers make it from Austria to Georgia? How did they first view Georgia when they first arrived? What opportunities did the Salzburgers realized they had in Georgia and not in their own country? What events ruined the town of New Ebenezer?

15 V. Moravians Purpose– missionary work, convert Native Americans
From– Bohemia (present-day Czech Republic) Contribution– allowed women to be ministers and hold religious offices

16 Malcontents Blamed economic problems on regulations of Trustees
Saw prosperity of South Carolina and wished to have large tracts of land (over 500 acres), rum, and slaves Colonists divided and many left the colony From 1743 to 1752, James Oglethorpe did not return and regulations were repealed

17 War of Jenkins's Ear Oglethorpe led force of 2,000 settlers and Native Americans into Florida 1740 beaten back at St. Augustine Fort Frederica July 1742 Battle of Bloody Marsh

18 What were the accomplishments and failures during the Trustees period
What were the accomplishments and failures during the Trustees period? ( see page 128) Accomplishments Failures

19 Review SS8H2 Why was Georgia different from other colonies?
How did Georgia help the English colonies? Evaluate James Oglethorpe’s leadership What were some of the colonies struggles? Why did the trustees eventually lose their charter?

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