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By: Kirstin Thomas Amy Matthews Kelly Driver Kaitline Reid tggFOL._bL160_.jpg.

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1 By: Kirstin Thomas Amy Matthews Kelly Driver Kaitline Reid http://ecx.images- tggFOL._bL160_.jpg

2  Isaac’s death- doesn’t appear in the book at all, but appears early in the Bible  Jacob and Laban’s meeting- in the Bible, Laban is happy to see Jacob (29: 13), but in the book he is not happy that he is going to be staying with him (pg. 10)  The swap of Rachel and Leah- in book the sisters trick Jacob in thinking that Leah’s Rachel (pg. 31), in the Bible Laban plans to switch out Rachel and Leah (29:23)

3  In the book Jacob wasn’t angry that it was Leah and he only pretended to be mad so he would get Rachel as well, but he didn’t go to Laban until the end of the full week (pgs. 31-36). In the Bible it says that Jacob woke up the very next morning and realized it was Leah and he went to Laban and was angry(29:25).  The red tent- In the book they were all in the same tent, but in the bible they were all in separate tents  Pgs. 117-118 Laban goes into the red tent looking for the household gods, Laban goes into each individual tent looking for the household gods(31:33-35)  Essentially there is NO red tent

4  Isaac’s death- pg. 150- Isaac is alive and living with Rebecca, 28- Isaac dies  The story- book depicts as a love story (pg 190), but the bible depicts it as a rape (34:2)  34:31 is the last mention of Dinah in the bible, first mention is 30:21  As Jacob’s dying, he isn’t in the right mind/has no clue what he’s talking about (pgs. 311- 312),in the bible Jacob is in his right mind as he’s dying (48-50)

5  **The author points out that “ The Red Tent is not a translation but a work of fiction. Its perspective and focus – by and about the female characters – distinguishes it from the biblical account in which women are usually peripheral and often totally silent. By giving Dinah a voice and providing texture and content to the sketchy biblical descriptions, my books is a radical departure from the historical text.”

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7  The Red Tent reconstructs the life of Dinah that we don't hear in the Bible and the life of the other women. It tells about her childhood up until the "rape" that the Bible mentions. It then tells what happened after that all the way up to her death, which the Bible never says anything more about her after the rape incident.

8  What the women were thinking because they don't speak in the Bible. The author seems to put words into their mouths in the book.  The Red Tent reconstructs Genesis by filling in the gaps that the Hebrew bible leaves out. It also fills in the gaps of the women (Leah, Rachel & Dinah).  The author, Diamant, wrote the book through Dinah's point of view to get an idea of what life was like during that time period.

9  Joseph's story in Genesis 37:1 - 49 doesn't talk about Dinah, but The Red Tent recounts parts of Joseph's story into the description of Dinah's life in Egypt. In Egypt Re-mose (Dinah's son) tries to kill Joseph because he thinks that Joseph killed his father Shalem.  The story of Re-mose and Joseph is similar to Laban and Jacob's fight. This is another way The Red Tent reconstructs Genesis.

10 Story of Dinah being raped p-content/uploads/2009/01/rape- of-dinah.jpg

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