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Jacob and Joseph Genesis 26 - 50.

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1 Jacob and Joseph Genesis

2 Jacob, son of Isaac God had renewed the covenant with Isaac
Isaac’s sons – Jacob and Esau Jacob – Israelites Esau - Edomites Rebekah, Isaac’s wife, helped her son Jacob trick Esau (twin brother) out of his inheritance Esau was terribly upset and planned to kill Jacob, so Jacob had to leave

3 On the way, he stopped at Bethel
Rebekah asked Isaac to send Jacob away to find a wife from near Haran. (Laban) On the way, he stopped at Bethel Dream of ladder with angels between Jacob and God Renewal of the covenant with Jacob Bethel later became significant religious center

4 Jacob lived with his uncle Laban Wanted to marry Rachel – his cousin
Didn’t have enough money to “buy” her Agreed to work 7 years After 7 yrs Laban tricked him and gave him Leah, her older sister, instead He had to agree to work another 7 years He married Rachel a week later but still worked the 7 extra years Worked another 7 yrs for flocks & herds - wealthy The deceiver had met his match

5 Jacob and his family left Haran without telling Laban
12 sons; 1 daughter Laban caught up at Mizpah (“watch tower”) Made a pact – “May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another” Didn’t trust each other – may the Lord keep an eye on you while I can’t, lest you harm me. The night before Jacob got home, he dreaded meeting his brother Esau

6 Jacob was now known as “Israel”
That night he “wrestled” in his sleep with a “man” – a messenger from God, but the next day he was sore The experience had an impact on him Thought I have wrestled with God The next day he reconciled with his brother Went separate ways Jacob was now known as “Israel” Jacob – the deceiver Israel – he strives with God

7 The story now focuses on Joseph
Jacob showed favoritism toward Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel Gave his a special coat Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers in which they bowed down to him 37:4 – “They hated him and could not speak peaceably with him.” Sold him to merchants traveling to Egypt and told their father a wild animal had killed him

8 Joseph is a slave in Potiphar’s house, a military official
Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, but he refuses – ran away She lied and said he tried to molest her Joseph is imprisoned Rose to a prominent position in prison Interprets dreams of the Pharaoh's baker and butler Later the butler told Pharaoh about Joseph who could interpret his own dreams

9 Predicted 7 years of good crops and 7 yrs of famine
Pharaoh appointed Joseph to store grain for the famine and to distribute it during the famine Egyptians had a deep-seated prejudice against the Asiatics Yet Joseph rose to a prominent position

10 From 1700-1550 BCE Egypt was not ruled by Egyptians, but by the Hyksos
Invaders from the east Later they were kicked out and native Egyptians ruled again This is when Joseph’s family was later kicked out of Egypt During the famine Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food Egypt was fertile – annual flooding of Nile

11 Joseph recognized his brothers
Clothing, position, language kept them from recognizing him He played tricks on them Sat them at a meal according to age Hid his own silver cup in Benjamin's sack Joseph said Benjamin had to stay in Egypt Finally identified himself to his brothers They were fearful of revenge But he said “God sent me before you to save you.” Providence of God

12 They went home to get Jacob
The whole family moved to Egypt Settled in Goshen, very fertile area The family lived there for many Generations

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