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‘On-the-Ground’ Test Execution Challenges

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0 Data Test Automation Solution - Cognizant
Data Testing Centre of Excellence

1 ‘On-the-Ground’ Test Execution Challenges
While performing Database/Data Migration/Reconciliation/Conversion or ETL testing etc. a Test Analyst experiences many ‘On-the-Ground’ challenges as depicted below Heterogeneous data sources like disparate file formats, databases etc. Redundant & Incompatible data Data Quality Ensuring Clean, Consistent & Uniform Data Loss of data during ETL, Data Migration/ Conversion High Operational cost & time overhead due to manual testing Increasing data volumes resulting in inadequate test coverage

2 Data Test Professional : Salient Features
‘Data Test Professional’ is a cost-effective, optimized software suite for E2E data validation Encompasses a wide variety of data testing areas such as data migration, database upgrade, ETL & data warehouse and data center/platform migration Supports legacy data file structures including XML, XLS, TXT and all JDBC complaint databases Platform Independent- Product runs in Windows, UNIX and MAC environments Supports reusability of SQL queries (Scripts, Stored procedures) and data format Templates Supports data validation in an unattended batch mode (Scheduler) in addition to an intuitive GUI Achieve seamless integration using command driven runs Quick Insights into test results through both summary & detailed HTML and XLS report formats

3 Data Test Professional : Work-Flow
Define Analyze Test Scenarios for Data Transformation Rules Summary and Detailed Test Result 2 Step 4 Step 1 Step 3 Step Configure Schedule Source & Target Data Storage and Execute Test Scenarios

4 Data Test Professional : Business Benefits
Improved productivity with reduction in cost and maintenance efforts Three pillars of Scalability, Flexibility and Performance help enterprises build agile data environments Quicker time to market enabled by faster test execution cycles Regression Testing using scheduler for execution in batches Agility Shorten time to market Business Benefits Eliminates sample based manual tests & enhances multi-fold test coverage with an automated suite of data tests Superior quality of processed data in terms of accuracy & consistency Tests to compare large sets of data Shields defect leakage improving quality of testing Optimize test execution effort with reusable SQL queries and data format templates Reliability & Reusability Improve Test Coverage Reduce Technology dependency Command Line Execution of test cases Supports Data Validation in an unattended mode which helps in scheduling Test Execution

5 Case Study - Leading Insurance Company in North America
Voluminous data Lack of test automation Insufficient data testing Challenges faced by Client About the Client The client offers wide variety of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs to numerous types of business, organizations and individuals Magnitude of Data Validation 1.5 GB of transactional data 1200+ ETL transformations Data Test Professional Business Benefits Regression cycle shrunk to 5 months against 18 months of manual efforts, saving ~80% costs and enabling faster time-to-market Automation enhanced test coverage to 85% Automated data validations helped to reduce testing effort Data validations over high volume data improved client confidence Helped in shielding defect leakages and improved Quality of Testing

6 Testimonials We have been working with the BB&T account on Salesforce Data Integration for over a few months now and are delighted with the work carried out so far. BB&T intends to integrate all the downstream applications with Salesforce and this change requires a number of data integrations to be validated and all data testing needs to be of the highest quality, which is what we got by using DataTestPro developed by the QE&A CoE team. Using the tool we performed Data testing that spanned across varied transformation logic like string operations, numerical operations, logical(if/then) transformations .The Organisation understands the high standards that our company have and the DataTestPro tool is very efficient in delivering well within time limits. It helped improve our data testing productivity and realize significant cost and effort savings. I would highly recommend using DataTestPro as a data test automation solution - Esakki Muthu Doss Ramiah, BB&T Testing Manager Our client is amidst major data migration project where millions of revenue worth of data is being migrated from legacy system to a newly built platform. Each migration has tens of thousands of data tables each having hundreds of field. These were initially checked by spot checking which were leading to defects as well as lower confidence levels in testing as the testing was not exhaustive. With the addition of Data Test Professional, the testing has been extremely thorough and has cut down our repeat testing efforts by half. The client is extremely happy with tool and is now looking to expand its use out of our current implementation to other domains of data testing. - Shital Hegde and Subbiah Jagatheesan, Dow Jones Testing Manager \ 6


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