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Validata TestCloud ™ The end of testing as we know it!

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1 Validata TestCloud ™ The end of testing as we know it!

2 Validata TestCloud™ Validata Testing Approach Validata Testing Methodology Product Overview 1 2 3 4 5 Benefits 6 Business Challenges

3 All organizations are under pressure to reduce costs and improve quality, whilst keeping pace with new technologies and practices. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud are emerging to become the predominant business models and creating disruption in the testing tools market. The traditional focus has been to test same specific activities (load, stress, functional, regression). Economic conditions and pressure to improve time to market are placing increased emphasis on productivity and moving away from the shadow of shrink-wrapped software and towards the future of Cloud & SaaS models. With poor software quality leading to user dissatisfaction as well as increased development and maintenance costs, good quality assurance is an essential but costly process. Therefore, having a well-defined testing software tool and practices to drive software quality will positively affect the overall bottom line of the business.

4 Unlike traditional tools, Validata SAS validates Core Banking systems, aligns testing to business requirements whilst improving productivity and automation coverage, and achieves reduced test cycle times in all phases of testing. Service offerings and flexible pricing schemes are all part of the unique offering of TestCloud™. TestCloud™ is a standardized Test ‘Utility’ solution with well-defined best practices, test automation, re-usable test assets and standards, robust defect and change management processes, and enhanced ROI. TestCloud™ enables customers to move away from unstable environments, limited centralized governance and high costs of quality, and establish their own test environment in the cloud leveraging pre-built test cases and Validata SAS automated solution that can reduce test effort by a factor of as much as ten to one.

5 Instant testing from everywhere Low risk commitment Ease of use Pay per use model (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc) Instant access to pre-built test case library including Country Models and Islamic Banking

6 The only true Pay-per-use model for Temenos T24™. Optimize IT spending and reduce hardware and license costs. Shift from capital expenses (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX) model to free capital for more strategic investments. Manual and Automation Testing-as-a- Service Unit Testing, Early functional Testing and System Integration testing Planning & strategy for T24 customization, implementation, maintenance & upgrade programs Support or completion of User Acceptance Testing Data Quality Testing Custom Reporting via SLA’s and defect management Skilled testing resources with deep knowledge of Temenos T24™ Maintenance and archival of the organization's test environment Performance testing, Regression Testing, Parallel Testing

7  Due Diligence  Gap Analysis  Test Quality Analysis  Test Case Design  Manual execution Phase 1 – On Going  Test Automation  Environment preparation  Dry Run Phase 2 – Set Up  Impact Analysis  New Test Case design  New Test automation  Environment preparation  Run 3 Test cycles Phase 3 – Run Phases 1 and 2 are one off Phase 3 is replicated for each type of testing (Functional, System, Integration etc.) taking advantage of reusable assets from previous phases and executions

8 Automation Test Suite Process Flow Business Requirement Gathering Validata Setup (Typical creation as per Version of T24 to be Tested) Define ProjectMap Resources Set Up EnvironmentSelect Adapters Requirement Definition Test case Creation Generate test cases Input Statistic Data Link test cases via calculation Execution of Test Cases Defect Management T24 One Time Setup for any Project Reusable for any Geographic release with minor modification Test Case estimation / Effort Estimation

9 Access to a library of pre-built reusable test cases and business workflows, which enable you to jumpstart your testing projects and substantially reduce the effort of testing. These test cases are the foundation for end-to-end automated testing of the complete Temenos T24™ stack from Country Model Bank, to ISB and Local Code. Extend your test coverage with Validata SAS!

10  Validata SAS acquires appropriate information from the software application under test using our unique adaptor technology  Our adapters enable the mapping between Validata objects and system under test objects  No development / scripting is required An Adapter is a component which connects Validata SAS to external systems and data sources to enable quality automated testing: T24 OFS Adapter T24 Web Adapter Globus Desktop Adapter MS Project Adapter SOA Adapter SWIFT Adapter ISO-8583 Adapter SOAP Adapter Generic Adapters SQL Adapter Performance Adapter

11 Consistent defined Quality for each Release Reduced defect leakage across the testing lifecycle Team optimization by utilizing shared services Predictable service delivery Business – IT aligned approach to testing Low risk commitment Effortlessly Scalable and Easy to Deploy Improved productivity and standardized processes Efficient reporting and metrics Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Up to 60% reduction in testing execution effort 40% reduction in knowledge transition effort

12  Higher system quality achievable trough structured operating model with predictable repeatable delivery process  Better planning though more accurate effort estimation  Rigorous metrics collection across projects supports continuous process improvement TestCloud™ Benefits  Reduced effort through reuse of common frameworks, templates and data repositories  Maximized test automation  Optimize tool licensing requirements  Lower labor costs through optimization utilization of offshore resources  Dedicated team builds expertise over time  Consolidated knowledge repository lowers risks associated with loss of institutional knowledge  Ability to leverage cross- project understanding yields more complete testing Standard Processes Common Tools & Infrastructure Resources Knowledge Repository

13 Manual Testing # of Test Cycles Total Effort Per Approach (Hours) (Assumption: 35 Business Processes) 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 12345678910 Aggregated Effort (hours) Traditional Automation ROI within 6 test cycles Validata Automation Testing Suite (ATS) Validata ATS ROI within 2 test cycles Typically Three Test Cycles within Upgrade

14 Manual Functional Testing Systems Integration Testing Continuous Regression Testing Performance Testing -30% Faster on test case creation -60% Faster than manual -40% Due to Test data and scenarios reusability -70% less effort by reusing the test artifacts from SIT -60% less effort by reusing the test artifacts from SIT Limitations  No Low level testing.  Lack of Knowledge and Complex test transactions and enquiries.  No qualitative test cases.  No reusability With Accelerators Highest Automation Required:  Enquires  Advanced Enquiries  Test Data  Automatic Business Rules  Comparison Rules Highest Automation Required:  Enquires  Advanced Enquiries  Comparison Rules  Automatic Business Rules Highest Automation Required:  Automatic Business Rules

15 Manual Functional Testing Systems Integration Testing Continuous Regression Testing Performance Testing -70% Faster in any cycle -60% Faster on every cycle -80% Faster on every cycle No comparison to manual as it is only automatic Same Effort for all Cycles Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3

16 Automation – RUN 1 Infrastructure On boarding Test Case Creation Automation Design Run TestCloud™ % Reusability Automation - RUN 2 Infrastructure Test Case Creation Automation Design Run TestCloud™ % Reusability Automation – RUN 3 Infrastructure Test Case Creation Automation Design Run TestCloud™ % Reusability C O S T $$ C O S T $$ C O S T $$

17 We would be happy to help. Do You Have Any Questions?

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