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Proportion Test Intervention Fix your test for half credit!

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1 Proportion Test Intervention Fix your test for half credit!


3 Dan created a map of the state of Ohio using a scale factor of 2 centimeters: 25 miles. The actual distance of Cleveland to Columbus is 142 miles. About how far apart are Cleveland and Columbus on Dan’s map? A.5.7 cm B.11.4 cm C.71.0 cm D.1,775.0 cm

4 Manny surveyed 24 of his classmates about their vacation plans. The bar graph shows the results. Manny’s class is representative of the entire school. What is a reasonable estimate for how many of the 300 students in the school have no vacation plans? A.50 students B.75 students C.100 students D.125 students

5 Rani has determined that 10 beans weigh 0.25 ounces. About how many beans are their in a bag that weighs 12 ounces? 1.48 2.120 3.400 4.480

6 A microwave oven costs $92. It is on sale for 15% off. Which proportion can be used to find the final price (n) of the microwave oven? Things to consider… $92 is the whole original price A 15% discount means you will pay (100-15)% of the original price

7 Dave wants to estimate the distance from Harrisburg to Jonestown. The distance on the map is about 13 inches. The scale on the map indicates that 2.5 inches = 6 miles. About how many miles is it from Harrisburg to Jonestown? A.5 miles B.15 miles C.31 miles D.39 miles

8 At the start of each soccer season, Lucy uses the diagram shown to help her put lines on the soccer field. Her diagram is torn and part of the key is missing. She knows that the actual soccer field is 110 yards long. What should the key say? 1.1 inch = 5 yards 2.1 inch = 11 yards 3.1 inch = 22 yards 4.1 inch = 110 yards

9 A.8.40 B.8.42 C.9.41 D.8.00 1.Cross multiply 2.Then divide


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