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Scale Drawings & Scale Models

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1 Scale Drawings & Scale Models
Created by: Mrs. Dube

2 Vocabulary Scale drawing – a proportional two-dimensional drawing of an object Scale factor – the ratio used to enlarge or reduce similar figures Scale model – a proportional three-dimensional model of an object Scale – the ratio between two sets of objects

3 Finding a Scale Factor Create a ratio comparing the figures
Next, simplify the ratio Ex. Use either lengths or heights to create the ratio to find the scale factor : 11/132 or 5.5/66 Simplify: ÷ by 11: 1/12 or 1/12 Race Car Model Length (in.) 132 11 Height (in.) 66 5.5

4 Using Scale Factor Set up a proportion using the scale factor to find the unknown length Cross multiply and then divide

5 Using Scale Factor A photograph has dimensions 5.4 cm and 4 cm. The scale factor is 1/15. Find the size of the actual painting: photo/painting = 1/15 5.4/l = 1/ or 4/w= 1/15 l = 81 cm w = 60 cm Dimensions of actual painting: 81cm x 60 cm

6 Measurement Application
Using scale factor to find distance Set up proportion using scale factor and cross multiply and then divide to find missing distance

7 Scale Factor and Distance
The distance on a map between two cities is 10.5cm. The map scale is 3 cm = 128 km. 3/128 = 10.5/d 3d = Divide both sides by 3 d = 448 km

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