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October 2014 Administration HSA/Mod-HSA Online Administration 1 Tameka L. Payton Assessment Specialist Office of Achievement and Accountability September.

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1 October 2014 Administration HSA/Mod-HSA Online Administration 1 Tameka L. Payton Assessment Specialist Office of Achievement and Accountability September 2014

2 Agenda 2 Testing Platform  Learn the platform  Before Testing  During Testing  After Testing  Explore the platform  Practice site  Create Practice Session  Create a make up session  Proctor cache a session  Start a session  Run System Check for TestNav  Operational Site

3 Objectives By the end of this session participants will be able to:  Understand and perform Proctor cache functions  Navigate both practice and operational sites  Be familiar with common error messages  Perform critical steps needed to deliver school wide administration of HSA.  Schedule and deliver meaningful professional development sessions to pertinent school-based personnel.  Adhere to all state and district mandates 3

4 Table of Contents 4 ContentSlides Number(s) General Information5 - 14 Prior to Test Administration- Online Testing15 - 23 During Test Administration –Online Testing24- 28 After Test Administration –Online Testing29 - 37 Other Important Information43- 46 Exploring the Platform47-49

5 Online Testing Prior to Test Administration 5

6 Online Terminology Administrative workstations refers to computers used by teachers, test administrators, test monitors, etc., to perform test administration functions Test Delivery workstations refers to computers used to deliver tests to students. Students access the tests within PearsonAccess by means of a web-based application. Test delivery workstations must have an active connection to the Internet. If you intend to test 10 students, you will need 11 computers! 6

7 Terminology for Online Testing User Authorization Email refers to a document that users will receive via email. This Authorization Email will provide the user with a user ID and password to log into PearsonAccess. Proctor Caching Proctor Caching pre-caches test content, which accelerates the delivery of test content to students and reduces the amount of bandwidth required for online testing.(*Available Sept. 29, 2014) Student Authorization Tickets refers to the documents printed by the STC or Test Examiner that provide each student with information needed to log in to the online testing system. Each student must have a Student Authorization Ticket to take either the HSA or Mod-HSA online. 7

8 8

9 Systems Check Running the system check tool will allow you to determine 9

10 Accessing Online Assessment Generate Access for Test Examiners and Technical Staff  Go to the Administrative Management area in PearsonAccess. From here, you can create a new user, select backup users, or assign a new password. 10

11 11

12 Generating Access for Users 12 DO THEY NEED ACCESS?

13 Managing Users 13 Use the person’s network log-in-

14 Proctor Cache the Session Students will not be able to access the test contents for the test session if the session has not been proctor cached. Test Examiners do not have permission to proctor cache, this must be done by the STC Proctor Caching is available September 29, 2014 14

15 Proctor Cache the Session 15

16 Student Groups Registered Groups Sessions Students must be enrolled in a school before they can be assigned to any test session. Students must be assigned to a group before a test can be assigned. “ School Bus” From Student Registration screen assign the student to a test. “Classroom/Testing Room ” 16

17 Creating Practice Students for Practice Sessions 17

18 Creating Practice Students for Practice Sessions 18 4 digit field- ALG1

19 Registering Students 19 Student Data Area  Add students  Review students  Search for students

20 Test Management Search Registered and unregistered Students Three Tabs 1. Register Student Record 2. Assigned Group 3. Assigned Test Registering Students 20

21 Creating Sessions 1. Navigate to Test Management. 2.The click Manage Test Sessions. 3. Create New Session 21 1 2 3


23 Selecting Sessions 23

24 Managing Test Sessions 24

25 Authorization Ticket and Roster 25

26 Online Testing During Test Administration 26

27 Test Session Status 27 Test Session Status Description ReadyThe student has not yet started taking the test. *ActiveThe student has logged in and started the test. The student will remain in active status if responses are not uploaded successfully to PearsonAccess. *ExcitedThe student has exited TestNav, but has not submitted the answers. *ResumedThe student have been authorized to resume the test *Resumed-uploadThe student has been authorized to resume the test and any response saved locally have been uploaded/ CompletedThe student submitted the test and the submitted test data have been uploaded and processed successfully.

28 Distribute Testing Materials On the morning of testing:  Start the Test  Test Examiner’s Manual  Student Authorization Tickets  Seal Codes  Student Tracking Form  Test Session Roster  Proctor Authorization Tickets (for Read-Aloud sessions only)  HSA and Mod-HSA Algebra/Data Analysis Formulas Sheet (Algebra/Data Analysis testing only) 28

29 Seal Codes 29 Seal Codes have two functions :  (1) to prevent students from continuing to the next Part until permitted  (2) to prevent students from accessing a previous Part once that Part of the test has been completed.  Important! Seal Codes must be kept secure and should only be given to students when the Test Examiner is prompted by the explicit instructions in the Test Examiner’s Manual to provide each individual Seal Code to students during the online test administration. Failure to maintain security of Seal Codes may result in invalidation of student tests and personal consequences to the Test Examiner

30 Accessing Seal Codes To access your Seal Codes for all Parts of the test, select the Authorizations button on the Session Details screen and then select Seal Codes. 30

31 Starting a Testing Session 1. Navigate to Test Management. 2.The click Manage Test Sessions. 3. Select Session 31 1 2 3

32 Start Test 32

33 Managing Test Sessions 33

34 Move/Remove Students 34

35 Invalidating an Online Test In the event that a test needs to be invalidated, the STC should  Fill out the Request to Mark Complete or Invalidate and Online Test form Appendix U of the TACM. Send the request to OAA electronically.  All invalidation request must be submitted to OAA by Thursday, October, 16 th. 35

36 Online Testing Irregularities If a student becomes ill or needs to leave due to an emergency  Suspend testing for that one student by exiting him/her from TestNav. DO NOT submit the responses for that student and record the amount of time remaining in that test part.  Notify the STC and the school nurse and wait for someone to escort student out of the room.  If the student is unable to return to finish the test later in the test before the close of the testing window the STC must complete a Request to Mark Complete or Invalidate an Online Test form- Appendix U. 36

37 Common Error Messages Msg #MessageRecommendation *7004Unable to Start Test- Your login information is not recognized. Please try again The combination of login, and test code did not match any examinee or proctor credentials (information entered incorrectly). *8627AUnable to communicate with the testing serversClose TestNav. After communication with the testing server is restored, the student can log in again and resume testing 7008Unable to Start Test The session has not been started The test session has not been started. The test examiner must start session before examinees in the session will be able to take the test. 7014Unable to Start Test Your test assignment must be resumed before you can log back in. Please contact your test proctor. Examinee’s test is either exited or still in progress. Resume examinee’s test assignment. 7016 TestNav has detected that another application attempted to become the active window. *Occurs when students attempt to open another browser or window. (Verify that it was not a “pop up” window. These should be turned off). Resume examinee’s test. 7018Unable to Start TestResume examinee, log in again 37

38 SRF Can Not be Located 38

39 Handling Technical Emergencies Tests initiated online must be completed online. If a school encounters a technical issue that cannot be resolved in time to allow students to finish testing during the testing window, the STC should contact OAA. Never “Submit” or “Mark Complete” student responses because of a technical issue without first receiving directions from Pearson or MSDE. If student tests need to be invalidated because of a technical problem, contact OAA. If you experience a warning screen stating that the testing server is not available, follow the instructions provided in the TestNav Early Warning System Reference Manual. In the event of a system-wide issue affecting many users, please call 1-866-881- 2802 for technical support. 39

40 Online Testing After Test Administration Online Testing After Test Administration 40

41 Collecting Materials STCs MUST Collect:  Student Authorization Tickets  Seal Codes  Student Tracking Forms  Test Examiner Manuals  used scratch paper and used graph paper (if applicable)  used Algebra/Data Analysis Formulas Sheets (if applicable) 41 Items must be returned to the STC as soon as possible after the end of the testing session, but no later than the end of the same school day on which the test was administered.

42 Secure Materials Non Secure Material Secure materials- used Algebra/Data Analysis Formulas Sheets, used scratch paper, and used graph paper  Can be returned to vendor  Can be destroyed locally Non Secure materials-used student authorization tickets, Seal codes, and Test Examiner Manuals  Can be destroyed locally Packing Materials 42

43 Other Important Information 43

44 Test Archive: Student Tracking Forms All schools MUST maintain and submit Student Tracking Forms.  Schools administering the test online may use the session roster or a locally created document to record, student signatures, and examiner signatures.  Forms must be retained in a secure location at the school for six years. 44

45 Score Reports Score are scheduled to be posted on the week of November 17 th. Scores will be placed on Principals’ Dashboard Government are scheduled to be posted December 22 Home Reports and Score Labels are to be sent out to schools All contents will be sent the week of January 19 th 45

46 Using MSDE Docushare 46 LoginPassword lea30highA630HSApass lea30midA530MSApasss lea30charter30HSApass lea30elema130MSApass Check Docushare Daily For Important Updates

47 Exploring the Platforms 47

48 Your Turn- Task 1- As the STC……… Run the System Check for TestNav ( Hint: See slide ) In the Practice site: Create an account for another user from your building (Hint: See slides 12-13)  Create 99 new students for Government (Hint: See slide 17-18 )  Manage Test Sessions  Create a new test session for Government that is NOT an audio session  Create a new test session for Government for your SWD students that is an audio session  Proctor Cache either of the test sessions  Start one of your test sessions  Managing Students (Hint: See slide 34 )  Move 2 “new” students from your Government test session that is NOT an audio session to your Government test session for SWD students that is audio  Remove a student from a session 48

49 Your Turn- Task 2-As a student….. Use the student ticket you were given  login to  Answer 1-5 questions  Before answering number 6, open another browser in internet explorer  Hint: I should know when you have completed this step 49

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