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Army Investigative Enterprise Solution (AIES) Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) 2010 Worldwide Security Conference.

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1 Army Investigative Enterprise Solution (AIES) Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) 2010 Worldwide Security Conference

2 Objectives Program Introduction Responsibilities Personnel Security Investigations Portal (PSIP) PSIP Process Deployment

3 AIES Background What is it? The Army Investigative Enterprise Solution is a holistic, end-to-end service and quality approach to security investigations that allows for: –Centralization –Quality Control –Standardization –Significant increase in the speed and success of investigations –Significant increase in the quality of investigation submission packages What does it mean for you? –Relief of administrative burden tied to completing security packages –Faster results, allowing for applicants to be cleared and working faster –Subject matter experts available to assist applicants through the process Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) –Located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD –Established to centralize and streamline the investigative submission process

4 Simple, standardized, efficient, automated Requests Investigations (Clearance & Suitability) Manages Tasks Completes Forms, Attachments, & Fingerprints Checks Quality, Submits to OPM Supports Subjects and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Investigates AIES Front-End Process *Front end = identification of a PSI requirement for a particular individual until OPM schedules that investigation

5 1600 Offices Army-wide = 1600 Process Variations Army Average: 300+ Days, 27% Errors, 8% Rejects days 200 days days 65 days Request (Army) Initiate (Army) Investigate (OPM) Adjudicate (Army) AIES Average: 78 Days, 1% Errors, 0.0% Rejects One Center-of-Excellence = One Standard Repeatable Process Improvement in the front-end of the process, leads to improvement in the rest of the process Comparison of Statistics

6 Requester Responsibilities Provide complete and accurate information in the portal Ensure the subject is available at least one week after request submission to complete the SF8X form Take fingerprints or provide subject with fingerprinting location/instructions Submit OF306 and resume/application, as required Make or coordinate interim collateral determination

7 Make or coordinate suitability determination, as applicable Take ownership of subject in JPAS Post interim decision in JPAS Report OF79A suitability determination as necessary Take appropriate action when termination is received Notify the CoE if investigation is no longer needed Requester Responsibilities (cont.)

8 Applicant Responsibilities Complete fingerprint capture as required Complete e-QIP within 5 calendar days Return signature pages/releases to CoE Provide OF306 or necessary information (contractors using SF85)

9 PSI-CoE Responsibilities Validate need for each request Notify requester throughout the process Provide call center support to both subjects and requesters Notify subject of fingerprint requirement Create JPAS records if required Provide completed forms to the requester Provide completed forms for interim SCI determination to CCF Provide completed forms to the Linguist Security Office Post PSQ sent date in JPAS Cancel request/investigation as required

10 Personnel Security Investigation Portal (PSIP) The “portal” is the tool used to request an investigation The PSI-CoE uses the entered information to initiate the e- QIP with OPM An advance system is used to track the status of the package portal initiation to submission to OPM

11 Applicant Information Information required for a successful PSIP submission –Level of clearance / investigation –IT level (if applicable) –Full name –SSN –Citizenship verification / eligibility to work (I-9) –Organization name and UIC –Place of birth (city, state, country) –Additional accesses required (and justification) –Expedite / Interim (and justification) –If fingerprints have been submitted, and date –Supervisor (plus contact information) –Requester (plus contact information) –Location of records

12 Opening Screen

13 Login

14 Logged In

15 New User w/o Profile

16 New User Add Profile

17 New User Save Profile

18 New User Approved

19 New User Profile

20 Initiation: Military TS

21 Initiation: Military Secret

22 Initiation- Civilian TS

23 Initiation- Civilian Secret

24 Initiation- Contractor

25 Identification

26 Investigation

27 Contact

28 Contact (Cont.)

29 Comments: Errors

30 Comments: No Errors

31 Successful Submit

32 Submit: Save Warning

33 Feedback

34 Help: FAQs

35 What Happens Next? PSI CoE 1.Checks JPAS and SII for previous/current investigations 2.If the requested investigation is not needed, notifies requester via e- mail 3.If the requested investigation is appropriate, initiates the subject in e- QIP 4.Notifies subject via of the need to complete e-QIP with a cc: on the going to the requester 5.Sends escalation s if subject does not complete e-QIP in 5 calendar days 6.Reviews what subjects submit in e-QIP and ensures defects are corrected 7.Ensures all required releases and other documentation is signed 8.Submits e-QIP form, releases, other documentation and fingerprints, as required to OPM

36 What Happens Next? Subjects 1.Be fingerprinted, if necessary 2.Receive instructional from the PSI-CoE 3.Enter e-QIP website ( and create Golden Questions/Answers 4.Complete applicable electronic form in e-QIP, contacting the PSI-CoE call center with any questions 5.Receive escalation s if not completed in 5 calendar days 6.Release completed form to the PSI-CoE 7.Correct e-QIP form as directed by the PSI-CoE 8.Sign all required releases and prepare other required documentation 9.Provide releases and other documentation to the PSI-CoE (Fax to or DSN ) 10.Give original releases to requester

37 What About the Requester? The Requester 1.Fingerprints subjects as necessary (or makes arrangements so that they may have prints taken) 2.Is notified by the PSI-CoE when each step of the process is completed or not completed 3.May call the PSI-CoE ( or DSN ) with questions on the PSI process or to provide the status of investigations requested 4.Is given feedback on data accuracy and quality of submissions 5.Retains original release forms until after the completion of the investigation

38 Fingerprints Use digital fingerprints when possible –Army now has IPAC exclusively for electronic fingerprints: DA-EFP –We have a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) that should cover all fingerprint machines on FBIs acceptable list When only hardcopy fingerprints are possible, send them to: Dept of the Army PSI Center of Excellence B3240/2201 Aberdeen Blvd Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD IMPORTANT: The above address is ONLY for those using the AIES process

39 Interim Clearances Collateral Secret –After review and submission of SF86 to OPM, PSI-CoE will send an electronic copy of the SF86 to the requester Collateral Top Secret –After review and submission of SF86 to OPM, PSI-CoE will send an electronic copy of the SF86 to the requester –A previous favorable NAC, ENTNAC, NACLC, or other type of investigation Otherwise, must wait for completion of NAC SCI –Packet electronically forwarded to CCF –Organizations still need to submit compelling need request Note: All packages are returned to the requester for review based on the Army’s “whole person” concept.

40 Local records checks are no longer a required element for the submission or request of an initial or periodic background investigation or reinvestigation. Interim security clearances/exception appointments –A local records check is not required for a “new civilian employee” or “applicant” –Commanders may conduct a local records check of personnel, base military police, medical, and local/command security records, as applicable –Local records checks are restricted to those activities on a military installation, post, camp or station- NCIC, local law enforcement, courthouse or credit report checks are not authorized for interim clearances The conduct of a local records check in support of an interim security clearance/exception appointment will be conducted separate from the background investigation submission process and will not delay or impede the submission/request of a background investigation Local Records Checks: Interim Security Clearances

41 Deployment * It is recommended that security offices and remaining installations start transitioning before September 2010 to allow time for the deployment team to work out any questions or concerns. PhaseActivityGoal 1CPAC sites and their supporting security offices April Active Army (remaining security offices and installations)* September Accessions community (including National Guard and Reserves Accessions March National Guard and Reserves (PR & Upgrades) July 2011

42 Questions?

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