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Shred-a-thon Nov. 10, 2012. A-frame signs directed traffic.

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1 Shred-a-thon Nov. 10, 2012


3 A-frame signs directed traffic

4 Shred-It and Marana Community Food Bank worked with SACEA to make the shred-a-thon take place

5 Shred-a-thon was held at Oro Valley Marketplace at the foot of the Catalina mountains

6 Windblown volunteers wore maroon SACEA t-shirts to be instantly recognizable to arriving taxpayers

7 Drivers pulled in next to the shredding truck to unload

8 Some individuals brought full truckloads of documents to shred


10 Each driver received a tax organizer with information on Arizona tax credits and records retention guidelines

11 SACEA volunteers cheerfully unloaded boxes for drivers


13 Boxes of all sizes and shapes were hoisted into the Shred-It truck


15 Shred-It staffer dumped full boxes into the shredding machine's hopper


17 The powerful shredder made quick confetti of documents, devouring a box of papers in about 30 seconds

18 The Community Food Bank accepted both money and canned donations

19 SACEA encouraged financial donations because they qualify for the Arizona tax credit

20 The food bank emptied two receipt books for money donations from those who had paper shredded

21 SACEA members enthusiastically volunteered

22 Lorry Quihuis, Chet Ware and Keith Cuvelier convene a meeting before the next car arrives


24 The Results Marana Community Food Bank collected  165 pounds of food  $741 in money donations  Each dollar donated purchases $8.75 of food  Effective donations were $6,484  Will provide 3,382 meals


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