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Volunteer Training Welcome!! Matsunaga Elementary School and Longview School October 2013.

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1 Volunteer Training Welcome!! Matsunaga Elementary School and Longview School October 2013

2 MCPS PHILOSOPHY FOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS One of the Board’s 7 academic priorities is to strengthen family-school relationships and continue to expand civic, business, and community partnerships that support improved student achievement. This priority recognizes that parent, student and community volunteer involvement are essential to improved academic success for students.

3 W HAT DO I DO WHEN I ARRIVE ? Parking −Longview/Bus Parking Lot (cleared by 3:00pm) −Main Visitor Parking Lot Swipe Driver’s License in scanner Take a volunteer nametag/sticker Report to supervising teacher

4 WHAT WILL I BE DOING? Photocopying and Laminating Filing students’ schoolwork Reading with students Making die cut shapes (Ellison machine) Paper cutting Helping in Computer Lab Helping students with assignments

5 WHAT’S EXPECTED OF ME? Respect the confidentiality of the students and school matters Comply with school system policies and regulations Lockdown & Shelter in Place

6 ROOM PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES Halloween & Valentine’s Day Parties Grade Level Baskets

7 HALLOWEEN PARTIES DATES K, 1 & 2 – Wednesday, October 30 3, 4 & 5 – Thursday, October 31. TIMES Parade from 1:30pm– 1:50pm Parties from 2:00pm – 3:00pm NOTE: Bus parking lot MUST BE CLEAR BY 3:05pm.

8 CLASSROOM PARTIES Bo Park and Stacy Steinberg are Classroom Party coordinators They will collect money for each classroom and distribute reimbursements. The full amount collected should be used. Reimbursements will be given in the office immediately following your party. You can only collect reimbursements from Bo and Stacy. If you are unable to collect your reimbursement on the day of the party contact Bo Park.


10 CLASSROOM PARTY TIPS Discuss your plan with the teacher Meet and include other parents in your class. Assign various responsibilities but make sure they submit receipts to you. MCPS requires all food items be store bought. Make sure to account for food allergies. Discuss with the teacher in advance.

11 GRADE LEVEL BASKETS Each grade will have a special theme for its basket. Last year’s themes included sports, entertainment, games and holiday themes. Room parents are asked to solicit donations and collect money, and then purchase items on the theme. Remember to set some money aside for the basket/container and wrap as each grade is responsible assembling the basket and wrapping it.

12 WE NEED YOUR HELP  Email Families  Work with other Room Parents to coordinate  Collect Donations  Purchase Item(s)  Create Basket

13 R ESOURCES PTA Website: School Website: MCPS Website: PTA VP of Volunteers: –Lori Forcey

14 Thank you! Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.


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