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“The Cremation of Sam McGee”

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1 “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

2 Learning Target Analyze characteristics of different forms of poetry - Ballad. Analyze how meaning is conveyed in poetry through word choice, poetic devices (rhyme, rhythm, repetition, refrain) and figurative language.

3 Need to know! Hyperbole An exaggeration that is beyond realistic.

4 Finish these sentences in your notes…
It was so cold… It rained so hard… The snow was so deep…

5 Need to know!!! Alliteration
Repetition of consonant sounds in words close together in a line or lines in a poem. (Think about tongue twisters.)

6 Need to know! Imagery Imagery are words that describe what the senses experience. The use of words that describe what we see, feel, smell, touch, and taste are all examples of imagery. The cloud in the sky… vs. The fluffy, grey cloud in the clear, blue sky…

7 Need to know! Word meanings…
Denotation – Denotation refers to the actual intended meaning/definition of a word. Connotation – Connotation refers to the suggested word meaning that surround the word. It is the feelings behind the word. Example – Think of colors. Yellow is the color of lemons and sunshine, but we often associate it with feeling happy. What is red? What feelings or suggestions are behind the meaning of red?

8 Need to Know!!! MOOD The overall feeling of a work of literature. (Also sometimes referred to as “atmosphere”) Can often be described in one or two adjectives such as scary, happy, sad, or nostalgic. A writer produces mood by using imagery and using word choices that convey a certain feeling. The setting can also contribute to the mood. Example: “The hot sun beating down on the workers” vs. “The warm sun glowing at the workers” creates a different mood.

9 Practice - Mood Look over the lyrics of “The Edmund Fitzgerald”
What word choices does the author use that have meanings that create the mood? (Connotations) What is the setting of the poem? What mood is created as a result of the word choices and setting? Remember to use 1 or 2 adjectives.

10 “The Cremation of Sam McGee”
Set in the Yukon (Canada) or land of the midnight sun. Sam is cold and asks the ballad’s speaker, his partner “Cap” to cremate him when he dies. Cap makes a promise to do so.

11 Cremation and Prospecting
A cremation is the burning of a body to ashes. When someone dies and is cremated, they put the body in a large furnace that has high temperatures to make it so the body turns to ashes. Prospecting is where men go in search of gold in the Yukon Territory where the temperatures fall to minus 68 degrees at night.

12 Page 636 Follow along as we read “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert W. Service

13 Upload Graphic Organizer
Go to my webpage Go to “Poetry” Click on the poem on my page and open that in Notability as well Click on “The Cremation of Sam McGee” Graphic Organizer and upload it to Notability. Complete the graphic organizer.

14 In your notes… What type of poem is this and how do you know? (Look back at your notes. Find specific examples.) What is the refrain of this poem? Who are the characters? What do we know about them? In line 58, the author writes, “he wore a smile you could see a mile…” What type of figurative language is this and what effect does it have? Write a summary with a topic sentence, at least four events in CHRONOLOGICAL order from the time they happen, and a concluding sentence. (Share this paragraph in Google Drive.)

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