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Best Practices in Peer Tutoring presented in partnership by Learning Together To hear this webinar you will need to choose your audio mode. Go to the control.

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1 Best Practices in Peer Tutoring presented in partnership by Learning Together To hear this webinar you will need to choose your audio mode. Go to the control panel in the upper right corner of your screen and click the button of how you will be listening. Your choices: Use telephone Use mic & speakers If using mic & speakers make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear If using the telephone Dial: Access Code: Audio PIN: unique PIN shown in audio control panel on screen Technical difficulties? Contact (518) All participants are on mute.

2 Webinar Guidelines All participants are on mute during the entire webinar. Presentation portion will be 45 minutes Questions and Answers portion will be 15 minutes To ask a question type it in the question control panel in the upper right corner of your screen. Content questions will be answered in the order they were received at the end of the webinar presentation. We will send you a follow up with the PowerPoint presentation and helpful resources

3 Dr. Julie Smith, Vice President of District Development Alexandra Lemke, District Development Specialist Best Practice: Cross-age tutoring

4 R E A D I N G and M A T H The gifts of are being shared between students in districts around the nation

5 Todays Outcomes Methodology and supporting research Successful implementation models Results from partner districts Our commitment to you

6 Peer Learning Cross Age Tutoring and Mentoring Research Driven Brain Research Best Teaching Practices State Standards Rigorous Curriculum Academic Power Stds Structured Scripted Relationships Social and Emotional Growth Community Involvement Support Network Metacognition Self-Efficacy Building Lifelong Learning Acceptance of Responsibility Transformation

7 Question # 1 Do you currently use cross age peer tutoring in your schools?

8 Learning Together is… Cross age peer learnin g 2 struggling students Both grow: academically socially emotionally

9 The tutor/tutee relationship is Engaging Empowering Effective Learning Together is… the power of 2

10 Research Based Some studies have even shown the effects for peer tutors are greater than for learners…the effects were strongest for students who were younger, in inner city schools, from poor families or members of minority groups.

11 An effect size of d = 1.0 indicates an increase of one standard deviation on the outcome. A one standard deviation increase is typically associated with advancing childrens achievement by two to three years. Hattie, 2009

12 The Effects of Peer Tutoring Cross-age tutors (d = 0.79) were more effective than same-age peers (d = 0.52) and adult tutors (d = 0.54) The magnitude of peer-tutoring effects did not differ according to whether special needs or non-special needs students acted as tutors or were doing the teaching Hattie, 2009

13 13 High Cost Low Cost High Student Performance Low Student Performance C AB Efficiency Effectiveness Sustainable Solutions

14 Each kit serves two students and includes all materials Reading Together Math Together Learning Together is… comprehensive and affordable

15 What is Learning Together ? Methodology Systematic, scripted peer-to-peer tutoring Researched based, aligned with state standards Intervention Supplemental and remedial reading and math Response to intervention Support Comprehensive tools enabling older students to effectively tutor younger students Results Benefits for tutors, tutees, teachers Impacts academic, social, emotional, leadership growth Accelerates academic achievement

16 Rigor and Relevance Framework A CD B Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Application Comprehension Knowledge KNOWLEDGE TAXONOMY APPLICATION MODEL Apply in disciplines Apply across disciplines Apply to real-world predictable situations Apply to real-world unpredictable situations Assimilation Application Adaptation Acquisition Knowledge in one discipline

17 Modeling: positive attitudes, values and skills Interacting: sharing, helping, empathizing Influencing: achievement, behavior, self- esteem Developing: identity and autonomy Creating: a safe, trusting learning environment Relationship Based

18 Question # 2 Do you currently use a RTI- Response to Intervention model in your schools?

19 19 Pyramid of Interventions Tier One (80-90%) UNIVERSAL High quality instruction and assessments, positive behavior supports for all students Tier 2 (5-15%) TARGETED Specific prevention, remediation interventions, diagnostic assessments for students whose academic performance/behavior lag behind the norm for their grade and educational setting Tier 3 (1-7%) INTENSIVE Individualized interventions, intensive assessments for students with insufficient response to evidence-based interventions

20 Learning Together is… customized implementation Before, during or after school Flexible tutor/tutee models Class-to-class Elementary peer-to-peer Middle school to elementary High school to elementary, middle College or adult to elementary, middle

21 Leadership Academy (tutor training) Tutor preparation before each tutorial 30 tutorial lessons Debriefing after each tutorial Learning Together is… structured to succeed

22 22 Format for Reading and Math Pre-implementation tutor training Tutor Preparation (45-60 minutes) before each lesson 30 Tutorial Lessons (30-45 minutes) Add 15-minute debriefing for tutors

23 Who Are The Tutees? Bubble students who benefit from extra time Intermediate or advanced ELL students Decoders who struggle with comprehension Low third-grade level or below in math Poor test results and low self esteem Teacher recommended Response to intervention

24 Students Two grade levels or more above tut ees Reading at fourth-grade level Students who would benefit from reinforcement Intermediate or advanced ELL Adults Read at fourth-grade level Willing to commit for 30 lessons Who are the tutors?

25 Learning Together is… proven and effective Academic rigor Best teaching practices Reading Math Aligned with state standards

26 2010 Independent Research Study C.P. Squires Elementary, Clark County, NV Matched non-participants: 100% Free and Reduced Lunch; majority LEP Participants outperformed on CRT and DIBELS Participants were more engaged; averaged nearly one more week attendance Many 2008 second-tier students advanced to proficiency in 2009 Fewer participants eligible for IEP, LEP

27 C. P. Squires Elementary PAS S Non-participants Reading Together 12% higher CRT scores in reading Clark County, NV

28 C.P. Squires Elementary PAS S Non-participants Math Together 7.5% higher CRT scores in math Clark County, NV

29 Approaches standard Percent Meeting CRT Standards R2 TUTEES Matched nonparticipants 3 rd Grade CRT Performance Levels Meets standard

30 Approaches standard Percent Meeting CRT Standards R2 TUTORS Matched nonparticipants 4 th and 5 th Grade CRT Performance Levels Meets standard

31 Emerging Percent DIBELS Proficiency Levels R2 TUTEES Matched nonparticipants 2 nd and 3 rd Grade Tutees On track

32 Emerging Percent DIBELS Proficiency Levels R2 TUTORS Matched nonparticipants 4 th and 5 th Grade Tutors On track

33 Academic Achievement Reading Together Fluency Comprehension Vocabulary Students began 1 to 1.5 years below grade level Gains on the QRI Cherry Creek, Colorado

34 Results Gr. 2 tutees 2.6 grade levels in accuracy, 2.2 in comprehension Gr. 4 tutors 2.5 levels in both measures Gr. 3 tutees 2 levels in accuracy, 1.5 in comprehension Gr. 5 tutors 4 levels in accuracy, 3 in comprehension Reading Together, Cherry Creek, CO

35 Tutees Achievement for tutors and tutees DIBELS Scores, Paradise Valley, AZ Tutors Pre R2 Post R2 Tutor benefit from extra instruction during lesson prep

36 Percentage Gains on Proficiency Test Grade 2 Students Prince Georges County, Maryland Reading Together Control Especially Effective for ELL Students

37 Achievement on TAKS R2 students exceeded district passing rates on the TAKS Most were ELL students taking their first TAKS in English Irving, TX Percent Passing TAKS

38 Math Together Fact mastery Problem solving Critical thinking CRCT, Gwinnett County, GA Academic Achievement

39 Reading Together participants are making greater gains than the general population Gains are maintained over 2.5 years between pretest and TAKS administration Policy Studies Associates, Inc. Lasting Achievement An independent longitudinal study in Irving ISD indicates:

40 Social and Emotional Growth Leadership Communication Long-term motivation Developmental assets SAFE schools SERVE, Inc.

41 Impacts tutees and tutors Motivates students to make the effort to learn Bolsters self-esteem and social development Improves school dynamics Fifth-grade Reading Together tutor The tutoring bond

42 Each kit serves two students: Library of quality books Writing and Graphic Activities T-Shirts Tutee Activity Book Tutor Guidebook Tutor Journal Coordinator Materials Grade 2 Grade 3 Intermediate Reading Together

43 Reading Objectives Comprehension Fluency Strategy instruction Paired/shared reading Tutor thinks aloud Best practices: predicting, activating prior knowledge, rereading, retelling, questioning, making connections, written responses

44 The structure of Phase I lessons: Warm-up chat Predicting Modeled reading Guided oral reading Rereading of passage Retelling Literal and higher-level comprehension questions Related writing & game activities Tutor debriefing with coordinator 30 lessons Phase 1: tutors model fluent reading and direct instruction Phase 2: tutees takes on more responsibility, reading is shared Phase 3: tutees select materials and read independently Gradual Release of Responsibility

45 Award-winning trade books

46 Intentional thinking, active engagement Praise and motivation Best-practice comprehension strategies: Predicting, Rereading, Retelling, Questioning, Making text connections Scripted. Rigorous. Comprehensive. Reading Together


48 Grades 3 through middle school Each kit includes: Lessons focus on: Problem solving, critical thinking word problems, fact maste ry Tutor guidebooks, activity books Math Tool Kit T-Shirts Integrated language arts and social studies activities Math Together

49 Interdisciplinary: Math Reading Writing U.S. History Math Together

50 Pre-algebra, pre- geometry Beyond computation Extending universal mathematical concepts Integrating vocabulary, thinking skills, writing Unique interdisciplinary approach Objectives Understanding concepts Comprehending text Critical thinking Problem solving Fact mastery Math vocabulary Written responses Math Together

51 Lesson structure Warm-up chat Math fact practice Launch activities Read passage SOLVE problems Write problems Guided journal

52 Leveled passages Tutor script SOLVE paradigm Study the problem Organize the facts Line up the plan Verify your plan Examine your answer Tutor answer keys Guided journal Math Together

53 53 Literacy skills Shared reading Guided writing Vocabulary Summarizing Synthesizing

54 Comprehensive Support: Planning, logistics, grant writing Comprehensive Coordinators Manual Training, Refresher DVD, Resource CD Professional Development, online forums Resources. Training. Flexibility. Debriefings, evaluations, surveys Support. Every Step of the Way.

55 Professional Development Teachers gain additional skills: Successful comprehension strategies Effective coaching techniques Structured best-practice models Reinforce problem-solving abilities Opportunities to share practices that work Success. For Everyone.

56 Resource Downloads

57 Connecting to Families Recruitment fliers Orientation presentations Permission letters Program surveys School posters Take-home letters Progress reports

58 High expectations Academic results Rigorous structure Comprehensive support Leverage resources Our Promise to You Significant gains Social, emotional growth Custom implementation Fully guaranteed Sustainable results

59 Rigorous Sustainable Replicable Measurable Learning Together Summary

60 ICLE – Learning Together Partners in disseminating best-practices to continuously improving schools Collaborations –research –studies –white papers –pilots in selected model schools –incorporating into school assistance projects Find out more

61 Question # 3 Would you like to learn more about Learning Together?

62 How to Learn More? White Paper Consultation DVD Example Middle School Elementary

63 Questions and Answers with Julie and Alexandra This is the end of the presentation portion. Submit questions at this time and stay on to hear the answers. If you are logging off, thank you for attending and we will you with follow-up information. For more information

64 Resources ICLE – Rigor, Relevance and Relationships Leadership coaching and advisement Supporting/enhancing the instructional effectiveness/capacity of teachers Curriculum-standards-assessment alignment Developing and implementing a school-wide RTI programs Meeting the needs of ALL learners Enhancing student engagement Identifying and addressing your schools needs

65 October 22-24, 2010 Washington DC K-12 School Reinvention Symposium Where Best Practices Meet Next Practices EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

66 Number of Tutors Materials (Including S & H) (One Coordinator) Training* (On-site: divided among schools and/or districts) Year Two + (Including S & H) (Same Coordinator) 5 (10 students total) $1,620 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $1, (20 students total) $2,941 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $2, (30 students total) $4,211 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $3,240 Math Together: Estimated Costs

67 Number of Tutors Materials (Including S & H) (One Coordinator) Training* (On-site: divided among schools and/or districts) Year Two + (Including S & H) (Same Coordinator) 5 (10 students total) $2,160 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $ (20 students total) $3,995 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $1, (30 students total) $5,831 $500 Phone Training or $3,350 On-site* $2,366 Reading Together: Estimated Costs

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